Buffalohair: Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

Earth Changes, Paranormalization and Pizza

The time of change really is not a bad thing when you think about it. Cleaning the slate isn’t the best way to describe it but that is what it is. Call it an act of G*D, devil or just pure coincidence one thing is for certain, the Earth is changing radically in all plains of existence not just the physical. The reality of this ebbing cycle will soon dispel the myths of man with the harshest of its reality. Hopefully people will read the signs and seen the tide of change that has permeated every facet of existence or will they? Not everyone is destined to survive the transition but on the other hand not everyone is going to perish when pandemonium reigns across the globe. Survival will take on a new dimension as more and more people interface with elements of the supernatural. Surviving the onslaught of paranormal events will test the sanity of many people who will not be able to cope. If they don’t get a handle on it the paranormal aspect of change will be a cataclysm unto itself.


There is not one event that will be the ultimate cataclysm; rather an accumulation of seemingly unrelated events will grind the gears of civilization to an absolute halt. There is no turning back the clock for mankind is on the final count down to destiny. Personally, I am elated to be living in such a magnificent time in human history. To be a witness to the events that will alter the course of mankind is the ultimate spectator sport for me. To watch as the power of the universe unfolds will be most stupendous indeed. Though my candor is sardonic and darkly humorous I take this era we live very seriously for I know we all will struggle to survive in the transition. But haven’t we been struggling to already? Surely we’ve entered the Dark Ages of Humanity.


Fortunately there is no secret to surviving the time of change. Just read your sacred books and the answer is right in black and white. There are a multitude of customs and traditions within the dogmas of the universe and they are all correct within their respective cultures. Just because a culture or religion has a protocol that that does not meet the criteria of another does not mean it’s wrong, not by a long shot. That is stupid. It was once said the Creator sent messengers to all cultures of the universe to teach of right and wrong as well as good and evil. The notion one religion is better than another is totally contrary to the core tenets of spirituality and true religion as whole. There is no such thing as a “Holy War” yet the world has been plagued by this axiom time after time over thousands of years, in the name of G*D of course. We just got it all wrong even before the time of Constantine but that’s OK. We are about to learn the err of our ways and there is nothing man, his riches or ego can do to stop it. We are all in the same boat and will weather the stormy seas in equal pall. Yet I still look forward to its totality writhe with tumult and the anguish it will bring.


Its not that I look forward to human suffering but its knowing what lay beyond the times of tribulation we must endure that makes me smile in the face of adversity. One must realize that it’s not the end of the world mankind faces but simply the end of a cycle. Maybe for some it would be considered doomsday but for me it would be the end of spell check. Well, I would also miss watching ‘No Reservation’ with Anthony Bourdain and wouldn’t you know it, Conan would be off the air AGAIN. Gads, I would have to learn how to use a pen and paper provided I survived. I stand as good a chance of getting whacked as the next guy because Ma Earth will be very indiscriminant during her ‘season’, if you get my drift. You’ve heard it all, earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes, meteors, and aliens in Bermuda shorts zipping around, yup we are in for some wild times and we got a front row seat. So I’m not going to rant about the events of the physical realm. People I interviewed across the country where surprisingly very savvy and informed on a host of issues both contemporary and paranormal. It was heartening to know others were paying attention.


It is very important we remember the other aspect to the time of change and that is the very real paranormal side. I will keep ranting and raving about this because it is absolutely imperative people knows how to cope with the so called supernatural. I said it before and I’ll say it again. The spirit-world is also in flux and has begun to interface with our plain of existence. So you have to get over the spooks and goblins perception of the paranormal or you will be victimized by unscrupulous bonehead spirits, you know, like in some of those silly ghost hunting shows. Just because they are spirits don’t mean crappola, just remember that. What is important is if they are good or bad and that is where your tradition and custom will assist you. Make sure the spirit is good before you even think of listening to his words. People flip out and let fear take control of their sensibilities inadvertently empowering even the most inert spirit, paleeze. Other folks kill their families then dismember them. Spirits feed on fear. People don’t realize that some ‘voices’ in their heads are that of spirits trying to vey influence. It’s going to get more intense as time goes on, mark my words. You heard the ole, ‘Would you jump off the Empire State Building if someone told you to?’ Sadly the answer would be yes for a vast majority of the population. And there is no doubt spirits will vial intentions will influence people naïve enough to follow their orders. But just remember that not all spirits are bad or evil and not all spirits are the same. I don’t know everything but I do know there are many different spirits. But good or bad is the rule of thumb regardless.


Spirits can play their silly games all they want but I think I am more demented and twisted then they are. Physical apparitions, yeah whatever. Big scary looking dudes with deep oscillating voices don’t cut it either for me. Even UFO dudes don’t flip my cage. I’ve had several incidences that were a bit over the top. Sure it catches me off guard at times but I regain my composure when I experience something out of the contemporary vane. It does take some getting used to and its ongoing for me so don’t feel bad if you wimp out or get the shakes. Besides, I have my custom/tradition at the ready and I make my medicine. If you followed your custom and tradition in earnest you have a most powerful weapon at your disposal. You must have absolute faith within your dogma in order to face down any spirit or obstacle no matter how insurmountable the situation may appear. Just remember that nothing is impossible within the realm of the Creator and all you got to do is ask and he is more than happy to help you out. But when you place your fate in his hands you have to trust and have absolute faith, period. And it don’t matter what your dogma is in the grand scheme of things.


That was not hard so now you are ready to face off spooks and the time of change but in the meantime you had better drop down to the 7-11 for an extra large cup of coffee and hop on the freeway before rush hour. Reason I say that is because you can’t dwell on the time of change either and all its complexities either. You must continue to live your life but be prepared for absolutely anything by simply being open minded about the new things you may experience. A person is not going to change a thing by living in a cave waiting for the end of the world. Being aware places you light-years ahead of the game. And prepare a survival pack for at least two weeks provisions. Don’t expect the Creator to do it all. How far beyond stupid is that? Just remember; on a good day any disaster would pose a serious concern for survival in the stricken areas. Logistically speaking, aid would be days if not a week or so before arriving. So you must be able to depend on yourself to survive, especially if many people are stricken.


You also have a brain and you have to do your part as well. Sure you might get a warning about an impending disaster from a good spirit but he is not going to pack your survival gear, parka and your bunny slippers. It’s not his job, must be a union thing. Lets say you ran out of gas in your car and some guy came along and helped you push your car off the road, would you simply jump in the drivers seat and let the dude do all the work? It’s the same deal paisan, if you ask for help you can’t just sit there and wait for the clouds to part with angels singing, gads. When you ask for help dealing with spirits that are freaking you out you must also be prepared to stand toe to toe with them boneheads no matter what kind of threats or silly spook stuff they try to pull to freak you out. It’s your lack of fear and or courage in spite of your fear that culls their floorshow. Piss’s them off big time because they are neutralized. With absolute faith you know the Creator is watching your back but it’s up to you to stand firm, in their face, and mean it. You just got to get over the foolishness and the total misconception people have ingrained about the spirit world, spirits and the rest of the paranormal stuff. If you don’t, you are screwed.


Umm, and I like pineapple on my pizza.


Your Devil’s Advocate


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