After thinking about it all. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m over reacting just a bit eh. I better get over it since I should be used to this by now anyway. End Of Times, whatever….

This is not the first time Ma Earth cleansed herself of all that causes her discomfort. So it’s none of this chaos on all levels of existance stuff for me eh. So what if the Pinapple Express will soon shut down when a rush of cold fresh water runs off the melting polar caps into the oceans. Just cause this event alone will alter the weather patterns for thousands of years and bring civilization to it’s knees with another Ice Age.

And ah, don’t worry about them Polar Bears. They will soon ajust to eating frozen meat since we will be like snack treats in the tundra. Mom and Popcicles so to speak.

On a positive note. Scientists discovered the advent of an Ice Age comes much swifter than once believed. Once it was thought Ice Ages came into being over thousands of years. Well, the fact Wooly Mamoths still had food in their mouths when a big chill froze them in their tracks showed it happened almost at once. Imagine, the starving Russians in Siberia were eating Mamoth meat back in the dayz of the Gulag Archapeligo and it was quick frozen to retain freshness. Yummy.

Just imagine, 20,000 years from now. Little Rudy Zimmerman will be playing in the back yard when he discovers a mummified frozen human body in the snow. And it will be clutching a Wendy’s Cheeseburger. Most likely Wal-Mart Bags will be found around the body as well as an old New York Times. Give or take a few empty cans of Sprite.

The Headlines will read, “Bush Finally Convicted Of Crimes Against Humanity”

But in small print it will read, “But It’s To Late To Save Civilization”

Ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan…

Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Bang, Ba Da Boom…


Your “Everything Is Rosey” Devil’s Advocate
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As modern day travelers are stuck at airports and bus depots do to blizzards across the US a band of Lakota People ride into history. Following in the footsteps of Chief Big Foot 44 Lakota’s retraced the 287 mile ride from Standing Rock to Wounded Knee. The contingent of riders has grown to over 100 as they faced conditions their ancestors did before being murdered in cold blood by US Troops in the now infamous Wounded Knee Massacre. The ride began on December the 15th, the anniversary of Sitting Bulls assignation and will conclude on December the 29th. The ride began while the Lakota Nation was still indentured and living as a conquered people. Upon their arrival they will be a free people.

Hopefully with the eyes of the world on these brave people the end of the ride will be a new beginning for this impoverished nation. It is my contention that with enough world wide attention this ride or their bid for freedom will not end in a blood bath like it did 127 years ago.

Included is the press release I just received.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Dec 27, 2007


13 Day Ride Began Under Bonds of U.S. Treaty, Ends on December 29th with Free Nation 21st Annual Ride and returns Life to a Free Lakota People at Wounded Knee, Lakota (formerly South Dakota). Thirteen days and 287 miles ago, 44 people mounted horses and began the Memorial Chief Big Foot Ride in honor of Si Tanka (Chief Big Foot) and his unarmed band of Mniconjou and Hunkpapa refuges that were slaughtered by U.S. Calvary in 1890 at Wounded Knee.

But while these 44 riders began their journey under the shadow of U.S. Treaty, their numbers swelled to over 100 and will end under the protection of a free and sovereign Lakota Nation. The ride began on December 15th in Standing Rock, the anniversary of Sitting Bull’s death, and has traveled through fierce snowstorm and cold, the same conditions faced by the 357 mostly women, children and elder men at Wounded Knee Creek 127 years ago.

“The purpose of the ride is to ride the spirit trail of Chief Big Foot,” said Tegihya Kte also known as Garry Rowland, leader of the riders and recent delegate of the Lakota Freedom effort in Washington D.C.. “The Tree of Life died in Wounded Knee in 1890, and the ride was begun to mend the Sacred Hoop.”

Riders ranging in age from 10 to 65 travel the footsteps of their Ancestors, along the way offering prayer for the women, children, the Elders, and the conditions the Lakota people are forced to live under today. For the children, the ride is also a powerful introduction to the sacred relationship between the Lakota and the horse and the courage their Ancestors took during their 13 day walk from the site of Sitting Bull’s assassination to Wounded Knee.

“My sons and now my grandsons have participated in the ride,” shared Tegihya Kte. “They ride for our future and the self-determination of our people.”

The self-determination of the Lakota now takes on powerful meeting as the Lakota Freedom Delegation traveled to Washington D.C. and withdrew the Lakota from their treaties with the United States Government. The ride becomes an outward expression of sovereign Lakota rights and spirituality.

Tegihya Kte said, “We don’t want the government telling us what to do, we want to be free.”

Lakota Freedom delegate and Cante Tenza leader Canupa Gluha Mani (Duane Martin Sr.) agreed, “The Lakota withdrawal in Washington D.C. brings real protection for our people today, exactly the real protection Big Foot sought for his people then.”

We are the freedom loving Lakota from the Sioux Indian reservations of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana who have withdrawn from the constitutionally mandated treaties to become a free and independent country. We are alerting the Family of Nations we have now reassumed our freedom and independence with the backing of Natural, International, and United States law. For more information, please visit our new website at;

Media queries;

Garry Rowland, Leader Chief Big Foot Riders;
(865) 242-2199 or (605) 867-2852

Lakota Freedom Inquires, contact;
Naomi Archer, Lakota Freedom Liaison;
(828) 230-1404

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While you were sleeping, again, some mucky muck politician managed to pass into federal law a mandate you might like to know about. If you bought a car after September 2007 you will notice you also have a spiffy little gadget on your dash that informs you if you have a low tire. It’s called the “Tire Pressure Monitoring System” or TPMS. Kewl a nice and shiny light and or gage that warns you if you are to dumb to notice your tire is flat or low, gawd. Gosh it’s a wonderful idea that can save lives you say. In all probability the law maker who passed this new requirement has interest in the company that makes these new gizmos.

This reminds me of the first smog device law. A senator in California passed the new smog law back in the day. It just so happened he had interest in a company who manufactured the first smog device. No one questioned why a company would manufacture such a device before there was a demand. I was just a poop butt kid and it still sounded twisted to me. After it was all said and done and billions was spent on these devices over the years all we managed to do is convert the toxic gasses into something more vial, from carbon monoxide to sulfur dioxide, the seed of acid rain. Gads, do you remember when Motor City informed the general public that they were going to start adding plastic to their new cars? The pitch was to make cars more affordable, ha, ha, ha. Ultimately, cars got as expensive as a house, plastic and all. Yea, whatever.

So now the federal government is going to save America from tire blow outs. Paleeeeeeeze! It will be the financial gift that keeps on giving. You’re going to love this one eh. Little known to the general public is the fact these computer chips that will be affixed to the valve stems will require special tools when a tire needs to be fixed or replaced. In essence, these devices will cost the public billions and line the pockets of Corporate America in the long run. The cost of a new set of tires will double in price. A simple tire repair will cost near $100. Why? Because of the labor/tools these frail devices will require. Some auto manufacturers claim tires will need to be replaced by the dealers only and at a staggering price in some cases. One estimate was as high as $150 per wheel and that does not include the tire, holay. And did I mention these devices will require batteries so it can transmit this vital air pressure information to the master computer on the dash? Oh yeah eh, not only will you be charged the big bucks to change or repair a tire. You will be charged the big bucks to replace this tiny $3 battery as well. Oh boy….

Of course the feds and states are utilizing this mandate to garner more tax payers funds through penalties and fines if these devices are non functional or missing. I believe the feds may impose fines as high as $10,000 per violating wheel and surely the states will want to cash in on this new source of revenue, you bet’cha!

Ah but who cares, you probably are the absolute minority in this nation who is making the big bucks in the stock market with the Magellan fund. You would be in good company with most of the political leadership in both parties. Nothing like a war based economy to keep us afloat eh. So this increase will mean nothing to you since you will sell the car before you wear out the first set of tires anyway. But whoa to the used car buyer since all of these electronic gizmos will self destruct on your shift. Has technology made this culture so stupid they can’t tell if their tire is low on air? If the federal government was truly concerned for our safety they should have issued all car owners a manual and a tire gage. But since America is asleep at the wheel I guess we reap what we sow. How far beyond stupid have we become that we can’t read a tire gage, a simple $5 tool. It’s all about the money anyway, Capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

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While on my sabbatical of sorts, I interviewed many people on my journey. Recently while traveling in Nebraska I stopped at the Shoemaker Truck Stop along I-80. It was a classic truck stop and it was obvious to see it’s been around for many moons. The trucker was still revered in this vintage haunt. The walls were covered with pictures depicting the golden age of trucking, farming, Ole Route 66, and other forgotten or ignored aspects of humble USA history. Curios of a wide variety filled the shelves, all depicting Americana from the early years to the present. From trucking to farming this place had history and memories for all to see.

As I sat in the drivers lounge I could not help but listen to the drivers and other travelers discuss their personal plights. The primary subject was the steady rise of fuel costs. Drivers complained about the unfairness of rail road owned trucking firms and all the subsidies they got from the government. The land that once expounded and personified the “rugged individual” now turned on these independent truckers making it all but impossible for them to operate against the corporate owned firms. One driver told us that when he finally ran out of money to operate he was simply going to but a sign on his truck, “Out Of Fuel” and walk away. Others hoped America would take notice of their situation if the rally and protest in Washington D.C. got any media attention at all. Sadly I heard barely a peep about this demonstration. Fact is, the media poked fun at these desperate American’s.

The farmer faced an equally daunting challenge with these corporate farms as well. The price of fuel has placed them on the endangered species list. It took fuel to turn the soil, plant the seed, harvest the crops then ship to market. Sadly, speculators have entered the arena of produce futures and will soon devastate this industry as well. As we all know, speculators, not supply and demand has dictated the steady rise of fuel costs and food is on its way up also. The farmer does not see a dime of the inflated prices, investors do. The corporate farm buys fuel in such bulk the little farms have no competitive edge what so ever. The American Dream has turned into the American Nightmare as farms belly up erasing a once proud and competitive industry. Like dominos, small town after small town across America fill with tumbleweeds as coops and cottage industries fold up in the wake of corporate greed. It reminds me of when the government decided to build the interstate system. With no regard for the townships that made their bread and butter along all these trucking lanes, super highways were built. Eventually all that remained was the skeletal remains of townships that once flourished. All that remained where stories of Route 66 and other highways. Sure the interstate system streamlined commerce but they should have included the Americans who made their living along the older route. Ah what the hell, it was all about the money and progress eh. One should have asked, “Progress for whom?” for it was not for the people, it was for budding corporations and the bottom line. If only we would have heeded the warning. What a fateful sign of things to come a half century later.

Many people have long since died who were overlooked by the federal government back then. But I remember the uproar they made over the destruction of their way of life. The media played it off and their pleas were simply ignored. They simply lost everything they owned while insiders and their cronies bought the property for pennies. Corporatism has been here for a long time.

Like the Romans did, divide and conquer, the USA seems to be at odds with one another these days. Smokers against non smokers, the racial circus, environmental and progressives, the list goes on and on. And here sits the media fanning the flames of dissention. Like the instigator, the media has played up every story to foster hatred. We have declared war on smokers since they can cause cancer with second hand smoke. The sad part of this story is the real culprits of pollution keep on polluting and causing cancer. But boy oh boy we sure got them smokers on the run. Los Angeles has the worse air quality on record. You can get your fill of carcinogens by simply walking down the street. That whiff of a cigarette may be offensive but it surely will not kill you, lets be honest. The real killers are laughing all the way to the bank as we fight amongst ourselves over trite and trivial things. The pharmaceutical companies and their bogus drugs are killing every day. The processed poisoned food industry has been pushing their crappola down our throats causing cancer, diabetes and other deadly ailments. That reminds me, I wonder if the FDA finally weeded out the drug testers who were also being paid by drug companies. Hmm, I wonder. We must realize the media has become the operative of corporations. News stories are strategically places to keep us divided as a people. This is not only an American issue, its world wide. After all, its corporations who are running the show these days.

If only I could take you on a cross country trip. You would hear how American’s from all cultures are dismayed over the American government’s love affair with corporations. Though you might not interview the people along the way, you would listen to the local radio stations. From the Heartland of Nebraska I heard radio shows speaking as if they read my stories. Fact is they were much more radical with their total hatred for the corrupt government we have today than yours truly. From the pork belly and harvest reports to the closure of more local businesses, Americans are up in arms. Divide and conquer has become the axiom of the corporate run government. Keep them at odds with one another and we can do as we wish. Toss in some mind altering drugs like fluoride and there you have it, the perfect corporate stew. Remember the Ka Ka Water story?

The scars of corporate globalization are apparent everywhere. City after city are filled with the skeletal remains of industries that have moved to other countries. They are the industrial ghost towns of hidden America. The new homeless are everywhere and they struggle to maintain their dignity in the face of absolute poverty. Once on the top of their game they find themselves jobless with their unemployment running out. With foreclosure just around the bend they are on an odyssey they never fathomed. Yet an absolute minority is gleeful as their strategically placed stocks rise. We the people listen on the news how the USA is dumping cash in Iraq. But the stark reality is the money is going into the pockets of corporations, not the country as the news alludes to. The money goes into the pockets of Halliburton, Boeing, Big Oil and the like. What ever…

Then there was Lori, a waitress at the truck stop I mentioned. She fed many Americans who’ve lost it all simply because she did not like seeing people go hungry. Ironically she fed people with her tip money, people who’ve looked down their noses at a “mere waitress” at one time. Get over it, you know the deal. People looked down their noses at truck drivers, farmers, waitresses, dock workers and the like for many years now. People have become superficial for the most part and image has become their axiom. “Got to look good”

Lori told me she never had big money nor did she ever consider it. She liked her job since it paid the rent and all her bills. She enjoyed life and appreciated the simple things. She could not bear to see anyone go hungry so she shared her tip money to fill a few bellies. For me, she was a breath of fresh air because she was a genuine human being. I ordered the veggie omelet by the way, and it was to die for. To me, Lori was the epitome of what America used to be, she was a picture of a foregone era. She possessed something called humanity.

Don’t you find it odd our politicians are always finding new and more restrictive laws? Every day we are loosing more and more civil liberties, “for the greater good” This culture has become unforgiving with absolute rule garnished with heavy penalties and no room for forgiveness, for the common man. BUT, if you were one of the elite class you were forgiven or simply censored. Remember our bathroom romance, toe tapping senator (Craig) or the other disgusting and infidelitous antics of the elite class? They get a slap on the hand. Others would have lost their jobs, paid big penalties and incarcerated. Remember the African American kid who won some contest only to have the prize removed because he was busted years back for smoking pot? Quite a double standard, don’t you think? It’s in your face, how arrogant is that eh?

Then there are the politicians who’ve taken to raising speeding tickets and other municipal infractions simply to bolster the cities coffers. I think it is in Virginia where a speeding ticket was raised from $300 to $3000 bucks a pop simply to get more monies from the taxpayer. Some whizz-bang politician in California wants to raise the liquor tax 1400% to offset the states budget crisis. But do we really pay attention to what is actually happening around us. For the most part, naw who cares, it only happens to others. Be forewarned, totalitarian rule has already taken hold. We’ve been divided and conquered. And it’s all about the money Paisan, it’s all about the money, Capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

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Food Shortage Hits American Shores / 2008

Food Shortage Hits American Shores

What was once thought to be an Asia issue, rice shortage, has hit California, New York and New England as shopper’s line up at markets to buy rice. Some stores are considering rationing the commodity as panicked shoppers buys hundreds of pounds of rice at a time. Some call it sticker shock since the looming rice shortage has increased the price of this once cheap food stuff.

Flour is also coming into short supply as feverish shoppers but up this commodity as well. As we all know, corn has taken a major hit since it is now targeted for ethanol fuel. Corn, the staple of feed for livestock, is increasing in value hence the rise in meat costs. Meat has taken a hit do to the rising cost of fuel, fact is all food items have taken a major hit as the corporate world puts a strangle hold on farmer’s and rancher’s pocket book across America and Canada. And there is no question it is affecting farmer’s world wide.

Across the globe food riots are becoming a common occurrence as the hungry struggle to buy food stuffs that are now in short supply. The price of corporate greed is starvation for many within the third world nations. Yet fuel prices break records everyday. The total disregard for the environment from corporations has become the death nil for bread baskets around the world. Climatic change has taken a more virulent role in weather patterns.

Ah but who is paying attention anyway? The rush for rice is on, so what? Well, climatic change is already affecting the lives of millions with failed crops. It’s bound to get worse as time wears on fore this is only the beginning I fear. Mark my words, “There will be a food shortage in your community sooner than you think” It’s only a matter of time.

You have to wonder though. Is this just an elaborate way of ridding the world of pesky poor and indigenous folks? What a diabolical exercise in Eugenics this would be. The advantages would be priceless to the multi national conglomerates (New World Order) that are lusting for the natural resources many of these third world people live on. Corporatists can simply starve to death the annoying indigenous population who hinder their lucrative bottom line. Without wasting precious money on bullets and having to find an “excuse” for killing them, they can reap their bounty. And it’s all about the money Paisan.

Your Devil’s Advocate
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With the realization that most of the urban water supplies are sugar coated with drugs that have passed through the intestines of previous drinkers, I have to laugh. This is way too funny, but the stark reality of the chemicals is not. The reality is that many people are on psycho active drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Thorazine and the like. With chemical companies boasting astronomical figures of their use everyone is being sedated by mind altering drugs. Small wonder King George W. Bush failed to address this issue fore this was known way before these drugs were discovered a few short weeks ago.

Call it the Ka Ka Water Conspiracy if you will. And there is more. Fluoride has been in most municipalities for several generations already. The reasoning for the addition of fluoride was to help fight tooth decay. But knowing the government as it truly is this was a bold faced lie since dental care or any health care clearly was not on their agenda from the start. If so, America would have had socialized medicine long ago.

The realities of fluoride date back to Stalin, Hitler and other totalitarian regimes. Its use in drinking water was not to fight tooth decay but to alter the minds of its drinkers. It’s always been known that it induced lethargy and complacency. It was first used in the drinking water of prisoners for behavior control. Later it was used to control the masses.

With well over 200,000 tons of fluoride added to the current American drinking supply annually as well as all the things on our stores shelves, we’ve become a sedated nation. Add all the psycho active drugs recently discovered and there you have it, the perfect stew for building a complacent and lethargic population. Lab rats became so docile there were no Alpha males anymore. They simply lost their will and had no spirit. In humans, prisoners became so docile they did anything they were told without any questioning or resistance.

Look all around you and see what is going on in this nation as we speak. Things are completely out of control in government while King George throws the Constitution out the window. Criminality by government officials are only news items and quickly forgotten as a medicated society simply says “Oh well”. Then they forget everything that happened the next day. Everyone is complacent and does as they are told regardless of what it is. We do as we are told while the elite class drinks bottled water since ours is poisoned.

Major international conglomerate corporations such as Alcoa, Pharmacia, GE Health Care, Ningbo Yadong Chemical LTD, Excel Water Technologies, and corporations on the Fortune 500 list are in on the fluoride conspiracy. They boast sky rocketing profits from the manufacture and distribution of this mind altering drug in many forms to the world. This also has become the perfect marketing tool since the minds of the consumers have become putty and easily influenced into buying their other products regardless of need or consequence. So why do people buy the things they do? They have no choice since they were told to. Their will to reason and discern has been destroyed or severely altered by the collective use of fluoride in the drinking supplies in America and other nations who have chosen to control the minds of the masses.

I call it the lemming mentality since individuality and the free spirit has been destroyed for the most part. Complacency has become the rule of the day and people just do as they are told. They buy what they are told to and do as corrupt government officials tell them. Of course it’s all about the money and the bottom line when we look at this closely. Rulers can side step the established laws of the land and this is a windfall for the corporate.

Then we come to the Ka Ka Water Conspiracy that was recently uncovered. It was always known that chemicals simply pass through the body and it was always known purification techniques used in the sewage treatment did not remove these pesky chemicals people passed through their bodies. The fact we live in the Prozac nation was a blessing to our corrupt leader King George and he truly benefited from our drugged state. If we were not drugged into complacency he would have been impeached long ago as well as the rest of our corrupt leadership.

Hitler and Stalin would be proud of what this world has come to. Corporatism and its New World Order have the perfect weapon and they are boldly using it in the face of a docile and complacent society.

Boy, am I glad I live up stream in the Rockies eh. At the very least I am drinking water that passed through deer, elk and an occasional moose. Drinking water from the butt’s of millions, what a thought.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind