Bees, Trucks and Plows / 2008

Bees, Trucks and Plows

When you look at the big picture it is all too apparent trucks are to commerce like bees are to plants. Hurriedly trucks move from one dock to another spreading the pollen of industry and commerce. Each truck, no matter how small, is moving product to the consumer directly or via warehouses only to be redistributed by other trucks.

Sadly, like the bee, trucking companies are disappearing at an alarming rate. With thousands of independent trucking companies closing their doors and an estimated 250,000 tractor/trailers repossessed in the first quarter this is a grave indicator. Clearly 80% of the communities in the United States and Canada get their goods, fuel and the like via truck exclusively. Will rural America and Canada disappear whence their link to commerce and the outside world ceases to exist?

Einstein once said;

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left.”

I venture to state whence the trucks stop rolling people will only have the food in their pantry to survive on. Could you imagine the panic when people discovered there would be no more deliveries to their favorite markets? It would be combat shopping at its best. Small industries that depend solely on trucks to peddle their goods would simply disappear. Fresh produce and meat would be a thing of the past. Many products would vanish. Milk would be gone as well as other time sensitive food stuffs. Like removing the red blood cell, nothing would get fed or have a vehicle to remove its waste.

If no one noticed, two major food baskets within the United States are in serious peril. Course “speculators” will soon drive up the price of food stuffs just like they did with fuel (Enron Loophole). Governor Schwarzenegger of California recently declared a drought in California do to the lack of water. California is a major agricultural producer for Canadian, US markets and food wholesaler’s world wide. Poof now there is a water shortage in California eh. Wildfires have added to the plight of California. I dread what life will be like in the cities whence rationing begins. Millions of acres of farmland will soon turn to dust. The impact of this catastrophe is immeasurable because of California’s diverse agricultural industry. Industry as a whole will suffer from the lack of water. Wonder if golf courses will be exempt from water restrictions. It will surely have a dynamic impact on some of the heaviest populated places on Earth, there is no question.

In Iowa alone millions of acres of farmland are still underwater from the ravages of flooding. Again, the impact is immeasurable at this juncture since the mid west was also a heavy hitter in the agricultural and industrial market place. Thousands more American’s will be added to the list of “new Homeless” as the flood water recedes. These events are going to affect us all in the very near future. At some juncture money will be worthless fore it will not be able to purchase something that is simply not there. What was once considered a third world problem, food and water shortages, has become a stark reality in the good ole USA.

Ah what the hell, we don’t need them trucks. With no food to transport what’s the point anyway? After all with the Northwest Passage defrosted now, we can get our food from ships. Those folks living in the boonies will just have to move to costal cities. As for those businesses locate in the rural reaches, oh well, we’ll just buy from China. Just one problem puzzles me though. Where will the water come from for the millions of people in the parched cities? “Let them drink scotch”.

The land of milk and honey, hmmm

Your Devil’s Advocate
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