Clay Aiken’s Personal Triumph / 2008

Clay Aiken’s Personal Triumph

After reading reams of pro and con responses about Clay Aiken’s revelation about being gay I was repulsed by some of the negative responses. Chances are I will piss-off both sides of this non debate but as usual I just have to say my piece.

It is just plain sad to realize this so-called civilization has not evolved past stupid when it comes to a person’s sexuality. It should never have come to a point in Clay’s life and career that he had to tell anyone about his personal life in the first place. He showed courage in facing down a judgmental world by his personal expose’. Most likely he also extinguished the flame of rumor and gossip mills wanting to make spectacular headlines at the expense of Clay’s dignity.

I’m attracted to Asian and Native gals, so what. Sexuality has no merit as far as the mettle of a human being. I’ve coped with prejudice and ethnic hatred my entire life. Guess that’s what made me the Krusty Native Journalist that I am. So I empathize with the gay community when it comes to prejudice and hatred. Why would anyone give a flying crappola about who a person is attracted to or falls in love with anyway? There is a saying; “What people do in their TiPi is none of our business” How can love be evil between adult human beings anyway? I applaud Clay Aiken for drawing a line in the sand and breaking out of a world filled with lies and making a stand for truth. It’s just too bad this primitive culture we live is so fundamentally flawed. Casting the first stone seems to be the axiom it would appear.

I’ve interviewed people from around the world. What was striking about these interviews was what refugees and immigrants learned about life in American;

“You can’t tell the truth here because people use it against you. To survive in America you have to learn how to lie or the American’s will consume you”

This was an observation by a refugee from the jungles of Burma but it was also an excepted fact of American life from many refugees I’ve met. Truth as a whole has not been America’s strong point as it is. From a Native perspective America is the land of liars. Just ask any one of us fore our oral histories foretell of many broken treaties, lies, rape and wholesale murder of indigenous people. And, as a whole, we could give a flying crappola about a persons personal sexuality anyway, so what. The reality about the spirit world dictates that there is no gender or race. Only here on Earth are we faced with these challenges and basically mankind blew it.

So some pinhead will undoubtedly decide Clay’s sexuality is more important than his artistic ability, excuse me while I vomit. Clay will be better off without the support of judgmental and small minded dolts anyway. In the long run he will gain fans because he is a wonderfully talented human being and that’s all that should matter anyway.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind


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