The mayor of Brantford Ontario Canada, Mike Handcock has requested military forces to silence impending Native protests. The issue is the development of sovereign land owned by the Six Nations. Though non Native documents foretell of an agreed land acquisition, Native history disputes this land deal dating back to January 18, 1841. According to Six Nations, back then the chiefs were coerced, deceived and intimidated into signing away the land in question. This has been common practice by settlers since time immemorial. Now, the local government of Brantford wishes to raise the stakes by implementing the use of Canadian military forces.

Imprisonment, violence and death have been the order of the day when Aboriginal issues come to play as it is. After all the aboriginal communities throughout the America’s has been the secret “third world” since conquest. From putrid E-Coli infested drinking water to the wholesale total disregard of treaties and business deals, Native’s have been under siege. Yet like the situation in Burma, the world looks on since this is just an internal matter.

The Métis of Black Tickle, Labrador only wanted clean drinking water and a road to connect them to the Trans Labrador Highway. Their dying community wanted just a piece of the budding tourist trade Canada wants to foster. Their location was a perfect travel, hunting and fishing location that would have improved the quality of this beleaguered fishing community. But Canadian corporate interests have other plans and relocation was the only option that was provided them. Why couldn’t these Natives own and operate hotels, restaurants and other tourist related interests in this pristine location? Now there is not a peep about their plight. Another humble Native community shall disappear from the face of the Earth.

The Western Shoshone are under siege since a gold mining company wants to level a sacred mountain with total disregard for sovereign land and treaties, go figure. A corporate pig farmer wants to build a pig processing plant just outside of the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. With a half million swine producing hundreds of thousands of pounds of crap they will have massive containment ponds within the proximity of a Native school house on the other side of the reservations borders. And what is the deal with Brazil anyway? They used to justify the wholesale destruction of rain forests in order to pay off this bogus World Bank. Untold Native’s were murdered in the process. Now that Brazil has paid off their debt the Native’s are still under siege since now the government wants to build housing tracts in their pristine fishing and hunting land, villages and the like. There is even a dam proposed that will displace thousands of villagers from their native land. This is progress? Ah but who is paying attention anyway.

Well, more people will be imprisoned and even killed in Ontario since the Cavalry will be there to quell the Native problem with bullets. Native’s will die protecting the last scrap of sovereign ground they own and their bones will be crushed by bulldozers as construction of a new condominium and housing tract is built, all in the name of progress. And yuppers folks, it’s all about the money Paisan, it’s all about the money.


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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 2:31 pm    Post subject: Care2 Blog

(1 comments | 0 discussions)— ONTARIO TOWN DECLARES WAR ON NATIVES The mayor of Brantford Ontario Canada, Mike Handcock has requested military forces to silence impending Native protests. The issue is the development of sovereign land owned by the Six Nations. Though non Native…Comment:

Natives have been treated like 5th class citizens for generations, while the Canadian government bends over backwards toadying to third world immigrants for their votes. Hancock is an idiot with no vision. Typical of Brantford to come up with a half-baked idea of calling in the troops. It would never occur to him and his councilmen to sit down and discuss, in a civilized manner, where the boundaries are. Hancock has dollar signs for eyeballs. The thought of all that money coming in for development, is too much to resist. Never mind more farm land will be paved over to make way for ugly houses. The creep who wants to develop the area along the Grand River is now demanding 800,000.00+ from the residents of Brantford via tax dollars because he “will lose that much money” if his crummy houses aren’t built. The land belongs to the Native Canadians.It is part and parcel of the Six Nations Reserve. It was, and still is, theirs. It should be their decision as to what is to be done with their land, and theirs alone. I support them 100%.

Sherri O.
Brantford Ontario, Ontario, Canada


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