Out With a Bang / 2008

Out With a Bang

As predicted, George W. Bush will leave the presidency with a smile on his face. The reason for his jovial disposition is the fact he’s secured his investments in war based stocks by planting seeds or war and civil unrest around the world. The biggest threat is Russia since GW made it a point to kick sand on the old bear time and time again. The people of Georgia were not so pleased when the US used their homeland to saber rattle. Seems people forget the Cuban Missile Crisis and how the US spanked Russia for planting rockets so close to the US soil.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, well except for GW Bush, so let’s plant rockets all over Europe and see if we can’t piss Russia off. Rekindling the ashes of the Cold War is just what George W. Bush did but it’s all for the better. After all, we’ve managed to become a war based economy. As if playing an elaborate board game, GW and the presidents club has managed to trump democracy and sovereignty for the sake of the “Greater Good” and of course, the corporate bottom line. It’s all a done deal and either Obama plays along or they will have him iced, simple as that. Corporations have grown so powerful they’ve purchased the world, only the general population never got the word.

Wars and civil distress are nothing more than distractions fore the real enemies of democracy have already taken control. Knowing the War in Iraq was based on a lie with bogus information yet purporting its noble cause is as blatant a lie. There is nothing noble about invading a sovereign nation, executing their leader then bombing the place into the Stone Age. There is nothing noble about the callous disregard for collateral damage and casualties as well as bombing allies. The list of “secret wars” is staggering as soldiers come home from a myriad of clandestine missions around the world. Ravaged by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as physical injuries veterans find little help from the military they gave their all to, especially classified assignments.

As George W. Bush makes his case to the future president while making him privy to national secrets I can just imagine what he’s showing Obama. Maybe he’s showing Barack our Alien connection and all the secrets they gave us. That would explain why world leaders seem so physically shaken whence they visited the Oval Office. It would also explain why our country has become so arrogant. Funny how the rest of the world has Alien museums while America is artificially mum on the subject except for Roswell New Mexico and the vicinity of Groom Lake Nevada. Or maybe George just injected them with a micro chip for obedience. “Yes master, I will lead my nation into the New World Order” and the interplanetary alliance. Oy Vey!

On the outside chance we have Alien stewards I’d still have plenty to say to our Alien handlers.

1. If you’re so benevolent why are you giving technology to anyone on this primitive planet? You can’t be so bright if you actually think anyone here is capable of handling super technology eh. We can’t even handle petro chemicals, let alone radiation. So what if you can zip around and zap stuff with your fancy toys. Zap me now since I don’t buy into your crap either and I don’t care if you can go through walls. While your there, hand me a Pepsi.

2. What makes you think you are so advanced that you can push us earth guys around? Seems to me you’re just as punk as the puke you are sharing your technology with. If this is your idea of showing us your advanced civilization, it sucks dude. Alien or no alien you’re just as much a creep as that carbon based low life form called George W. Bush. You know what they say, “Birds of a feather flock together”.

It’s funny how Alien visitations and sightings date back to the beginning of man though. Bet them cave dudes did not get the ole “It’s a weather balloon” or the “It’s just landing lights” routine. The primitive Dogan people of Africa had advanced knowledge of where they came from well before our astronomers had a clue where Sirius B was. Their knowledge of the universe astounded scientists to this day. Where did they get this knowledge? From little blue men who taught them these things thousands of years ago. In my tribe we’ve always known there was both good and bad throughout the universe. Bet ole GW and the Presidents club are banking on this secret ace in the hole.

Hmm, now I wonder, I wonder if Barack is not actually an Alien from Sirius B. Now that would really be a juicy tidbit for the tabloids, “Barack Obama, Dogon from Space”. Now if that were the case would he still be qualified to be president of the USA if he was from Andromeda? But the most important question should be, “Is he a good space guy or a bad one?” From an Indigenous point of view it does not matter where in the universe or spirit world you come from. You are either good or evil, it’s that simple. It was also said that people from throughout the universe would stand in awe of the power of Mother Earth and the Creator during the time of change. So suck it up space guy fore you’re no different than me.

Your Devil’s Advocate
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