Space Dudes / 2008

Space Dudes

With revelations about UFO’s and Alien’s from yet another credible witness, an Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar, “Lets Jog on the Moon” Mitchell. How long will it be till the US Government breaks down and informs the public our government is hanging out with space guys?

Maybe that’s what George W. Bush does to world leaders who come for a visit; he introduces them to alien dudes. The leaders go back to their countries freaked out and changed. And I say, “so what the fazul?”

I could give a flying crappola what planet any dude comes from just so they leave me alone. Go buzz around and zip across the sky. No, I don’t want an anal probe nor do I want to live in a bottle. If you’re going to talk to me telepathically, do it on a commercial or during the Conan O’Brian Show. If you can go through walls, get me a soda. And stop that humming, gawd!

Not quite the benevolent higher being with wisdom that spans time and space, naw, not our luck. If they’re chums with ole Bush, than we’re toast. These goons could be the same aliens Hitler was rumored to hang out with. Dare I mention Aleister Crowley’s Lam? As we all know Aleister Crowley was chums with L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology) also known for his deep connection with other entities as well. Come to think of it, so does all the other dogmas of the universe when you think about it eh. Indigenous/traditional people from around the world had space guys and spirits in their folklore, oral history and song since time immemorial. From pilots to policemen, encounters of every kind have occurred and were well documented. Then there are the silent ones who for what ever reason say nothing at all about their relationship with “those guys”. Not everyone runs to the Enquirer or becomes a guru whence they encounter the paranormal.

The sooner you come to the realization we are only one of many life forms both here and in the spirit world, the better. After you stop being all freaked out over a spirit who blew out a candle or some gray dude peering in your window, you can focus on what is really important. Is this joker a good spirit or a bad spirit? No matter what dogma one pursues I believe there is a way within these respective tenets to verify if entities are good or bad. You just got to get over the supernatural thing as well as narrow concepts of spirituality. So get over it. They’ve been here for a long time now.

If and when it is reveled our government is working with space dudes some people will absolutely freak out. It will be all too apparent the spirit world is interfacing with us also. The reality we are hanging out with spirits will soon follow and be hard to ignore. I think it will be kewl. Spirits floating around with people freaking out. Then flying saucers whiz by scooping up a few cows while playing the theme music to Star Wars. And in some back wood Okie town sits my cousin and me on our metal folding chairs looking up into the heavens. The sky will be on fire as geomagnetic storms engulf the Earth. Nothing like a good ole coronal mass ejection to light up the sky I always say. Blazing with colors and patterns rarely seen, the sky will dance in animated bliss. Hopefully it’s not cloudy that day. Maybe I’ll burn some elk on the Barbie, provided there is game.

Then there are those space guys with all them fancy schmancy devices and stuff. Bet the Earth Changes will tighten up their tiny boxers when they go to start their ship and the idiot light goes on. The long and the short of it all is, humans in general need to get a handle on the so called supernatural and the fact us carbon based life forms are not alone in the cosmos or the spirit world. If not, you’ll be putty in the hands of spirits and space dudes who are not so cool.

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