Speech to Nowhere / 2008

Speech to Nowhere

With Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech out of way it is very clear Bushes agenda will move forward whence Senator John “What Houses?” McCain takes office, and then some. A host of former candidates including “America’s Philanderer” Rudy Giuliani spoke highly of this articulate Junior Governor. King George W. Bush beamed an endorsement for Sarah raising the hair in the back of my neck like an omen. Karl “Above the Law” Rove was almost giddy as he spoke on national TV about this dynamo with good reason. The firing of law enforcement officials, including ex Wasilla Police Chief Irl Stambaugh, must have brought Karl Rove to tears. According to Stambaugh he was fired for stepping on the toes of her campaign contributors and special interests. Firing Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan because he did not fire her ex brother-in-law (Mike Wooton) raised ethical questions as well as legal ones. Ironically, she replaced him with Keni Police Chief Charles M. Kopp. He lasted a couple weeks before it was discovered he was reprimanded for Sexual Harassment previously. Talk about a judgment call eh.

Sarah has proven her oratory skill to woo a crowd with her energized and inspiringly negative speech, via teleprompter. Clearly her agenda is much more right of center than once believed. Palin mastered the art of “Double Speak” in the “Bridge to Nowhere” fiasco (Ketchikan’s Gravina Island Bridge). Again she said she opposed the proposed bridge from the beginning while spinning the story further. Locals claim she was in favor of the bridge when she was running for governor and wanted Ketchikan’s votes. After all, she ran for governor on the “Build-the-Bridge” platform. It was said John McCain was drawn to Sarah because of her stand against the Bridge to Nowhere and used this example of fighting wasteful government spending. But suddenly I am confused. How could John like her anti bridge stance when she was pro bridge? This part is weird since Sarah’s anti bridge story does not hold water either. This whole anti bridge thing is all a big lie. Suddenly it just occurred to me. Sarah IS the perfect running mate for McCain’s after all. She has all the requirements since she is less then credible. And she can tell a crowd what they want to hear.

Eloquent speeches are in these days. With an army of writers and teleprompter, speeches are bound to have dynamic awe inspiring flare. Obama is another master of the teleprompter and it would be good to see him in open forum with no prompter. Talk is cheap as they always say. The media has excused both candidates for lying and lying big time. It’s as if lying to the public is an excepted part of political protocol. And talk about waffling, holay. Both candidates have flip flopped on so many so called key issues it’s hard to tell them apart. Course as we all know there really is no difference these days. After this election is over and we’ve forgotten all the promises that were made it will be business as usual.

Does not matter which political party one may reside. When the cooking is done and the public is fed their political cake they will discover the only thing that really changed is the flavor of the frosting. The cake will be the same old rancid cake we could not swallow before. All that will change are the talking heads. But no one is paying attention anyway.

As for Sen. John “Where am I” McCain’s speech, yawn.

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