The Great American Rip-Off / 2008

The Great American Rip-Off

After listening to George W. Bush rant and rave about this illegal and unconstitutional bail-out I could not help but remember the speech he gave the United Nations earlier. The separation of church, state and industry are clearly defined within the Constitution of the United States, it’s as simple as that. So why was GW promising other countries that he would deliver the 700 billion dollars? Are these world leaders actually a part of this One World Order? Even the United Nations got into the One World act this week.

With Americans as well as Europeans out of work and loosing benefits to the corporate bottom line surely you see a major trend don’t you? Using the ole “Guilty by Association” technique it is not hard to see a clear picture of absolute corruption in all the nations who’s leadership snuggled up to GW. Seems King George has loyal subject that control the purse strings of Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. I know the good people of France are not having a good day. The news that mortgage lender Bradford and Bingley of Great Britain is trimming their work force should be a red flag indeed. I just find it coincidental that nations George W. Bush has courted are in a similar fix as us. Opps, Washington Mutual just went under, poof. I hate it when a bank closes shop before I’m done with a story, very annoying eh.

Why weren’t the American people included in all his behind the door chicanery, business deals, war making, selling of sovereignty and a host of absolutely criminal behavior. It’s plain to see he and other world leaders have or-castrated the greatest fraud against the people of their individual nations. They have conspired to keelhaul the current world economical system, basically sabotage the free market system and usher in a One World Economy. In essence they will have taken over the world. When King George was speaking to the United Nations, he was talking to partners in crime assuring them the payoff was in the bag. With both the Democrats and Republicans vying for a Good Bail-Out it’s obvious no party cares if this action was constitutional or legal. If they pull off this caper it could very well be the straw that broke the camels back for the American public. Then again, it’s been “In-Your-Face” corrupt politics all along. It is old news the hierarchy of both sides of the political arena are heavily invested in all these corporations. A Bail-Out would secure their fortunes, you know, that 20 to 35% loss you took on your investments this year. That money did not just disappear, it lined pockets.

From Paris France to Pittsburg Pennsylvania the corporate bottom line has prevailed at the expense of employee benefits, wages and working conditions. Humanity and the environment have taken a major hit as well. National leaders who’ve fallen for GW’s line have sent their nations into an economical tail spin while plotting a course to the New World Order. Nothing more than corporate minions, Gordon Brown as well as France’s Nicolas Sarokzy dutifully navigated their countries economical sovereignty to the brink of financial pandemonium. Through fear and extortion the only solution for this terrible situation is to form a One World Economical System, what a coincidence. Guess the new currency will be the Bush Buck eh. Imagine a dollar bill with GW’s mug on it. In any event we have a ring side seat and the show has only begun. There is no easy way out of this game. No matter which way this situation goes financial chaos will surely ensue. The only difference would be in the conclusion by who weathers the storm, us or corporate thugs who’ve already squandered trillions from the nations they represent.

Frantically Gordon Brown of the UK is struggling to show face to financial institutions of England as Bush’s game of extortion begins to come unraveled. I venture to state there will be more visits from other corrupt world leaders who come forward to beg for more of American Tax Payer Dollars. Eventually the people of the world will see clearly the scam that is being played in favor of the New World Order. From my perspective it’s as clear as a cold winter day. A select group of world leaders and an army of the largest corporations in the world are making their move and trying to get this One World Order started. Extortion and fear are their tactics now as they manipulate the media and even an election. Just so the world knows, we the people of America were never given a chance to vote on or agree with George W. Bush’s New World Order. And I know the people of Europe, South America, Asia or Africa did not have a say either.

The only cure for absolute corruption is to tighten out belts and let these thugs take their medicine. We’ve already lost our homes, jobs and retirement so that threat is meaningless to most of us by now. In third world countries people are systematically murdered for standing in the way of corporate greed. Their land denuded of all resources. We need to starve off the disease that has poisoned the planet with corporate greed. And no matter what, we will have to tighten out belts fore there is no easy way out of this blatant act of extortion. George and the New World Order Boys have been busy little beavers eh. Funny how social issues, healthcare and humanitarian concerns rarely get any government attention, let alone funding. It’s absolutely wrong and blatantly criminal for the United States to coddle industry over her citizens. But the clouds will part when big business and the needs of corporations come into focus. Regardless of their criminality the public is going to pay.

No one is paying attention or they choose to ignore what they are seeing. So it is inevitable we will reap what we sow. We will reward wealthy and greedy businesses for bad business practices while the very people they prayed upon foots the bill for their lavish squandering of corporate funds. After the public has paid dearly, corporate goons will cash out and we will be left holding the bag. The New World Economy will be the salvation of the economical world and rules will change giving the original thugs clemency of sorts. Corporatism and the New World Order will have taken over the world and nations will disappear. Remember what Benito Mussolini once said;

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power”

The world is in the midst of an elaborate Fascist takeover and no one is paying attention. They took America and much of the free world over without firing to many shots, granted they blew it in South America. The weapon of choice was the “All Mighty Dollar” and Bush was the point man, this shift. Leaders of the free world who’ve allied themselves with Bush are clearly in on the takeover as well, just look at the financial turmoil their stewardship intentionally led their nations. Oh well, it was already prophesized in many dogma’s anyway. With food riots, famine and natural disasters at an all time high world wide I find it odd the American press makes no mention of it. One would be a fool to invest in the stock market now. The insurance racket is in peril as well as companies who’ve gambled on that industry. Mortgage lenders, banks and other institutions are on the verge of collapse on a grand scale world wide, what a coincidence eh. Oh well, it will all be better now. Someone is bound to come up with a bitchen speech and tell us what we want to hear, but in all reality it will be another rouse and the beat goes on.

“Die Neue Weltordnung über alles”

Your Devil’s Advocate
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