As the President and all our so called representatives of the people give horror story after horror story if we don’t buy into this bogus Bail-Out you have to wonder what people are thinking. The fact they added more Pork to the already expensive Corporate Bail-Out should be an indicator of exactly how corrupt our system of government has gotten. If you don’t see it, then you deserve what is about to happen in America, the death of Democracy.

Why are we allowing criminals to put a gun to our heads and force us to agree with this Bail-Out? They are ignoring the voice of the people in favor of billion dollar corporations. If they were actually sincere about saving the American public they would have offered a Bail-Out for US Citizens rather than Industry. They tell us how we will loose our retirements, stocks, homes, jobs and education if we don’t go for the Bail-Out, that’s pure extortion. We previously bailed out AIG to the tune of $85 billion. When did the insurance industry ever give us a break? Our politicians are more concerned for industry and not us? If these politicians were actually on the voting public’s side they would Bail us out, Democrat or Republican. Rather than a very select few gaining the bulk of the Bail-Out and stiffing the USA with bad paper our government should be helping us. Our politicians are not on our side and they are trying to save their personal fortunes. That is why they are united in saving this bogus Bail-Out. The new and revised pork filled bill is as “in your face” as it gets homeboy/girl.

My people have been in the grips of a war of attrition for over 500 years and we’ve weathered many storms as a culture of people tried to exterminate us. From fighting in the Colonial Wars for a budding young country to living in third world conditions with oral histories riddled with tales of betrayal, lies and murder, all this One World Economy/Order malarkey is old news for us. In all actuality this One World stuff is a revised form of Manifest Destiny. It’s more refined in that this version separates corporate from public concerns rather than by ethnicity. By forming a union with industry and government world expansionism would continue under the guise of economics. Silently countries would “evolve” into economic blocks. It’s the ole Trojan Horse routine. Guess the economic blocks would be more like reservations or reserves rather than nations. Maybe we all could wear uniforms made from Victory Cloth. I’ll have my own radio show and it will be up beat and I’ll play all the Victory Songs too. Only thing different would be an implant in my wrist that sends “positive” thoughts to my brain.

In reality, being a journalist I will most likely be defamed, arrested on trumped up charges and railroaded into one of many Gulags America has been building for the last few years. My work, computer and history will be erased and wiped clean. Chances are my family will be sent to different parts of the world never to see one another again. They will be “re-educated” and placed in one of many work pods around the world. One kid will work at a HUMVEE license bracket plant in Belize. Another child will be sent to an “Engineering Camp” somewhere in India, forced to work with other slave engineers in developing cold fusion or convert gold from lead. Their camp will be located along the Gage River and I doubt there would be much water skiing. My last kid would end up somewhere within the North American Union in the region formerly known as Canada. He would be a Zamboni operator. Hmm, at least there would still be Hockey eh.

With the media and both political parties abuzz about the passing of this bill there is no mention the vast majority of the country is against this criminal and unconstitutional bill. This is the greatest crime in US history, second only to the wholesale murder of millions of Indigenous people of the America’s. This is going to be a wild ride no matter who wins fore this bail-out will only delay the inevitable and not save a thing. The greatest casualty of all with be the death of Democracy but then again, maybe no one actually knew what Democracy was all along.

Ah but it is the Manifest Destiny of Corporations to have domain over the world. The needs of man will be determined by government and industry with respect to the corporate bottom line.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind


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