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Truly, I don’t know why I am still here. Frankly I did everything that would guarantee an early death. And for the most part, I was seeking relief from the toils of living here in an ambivalent world. I was just tired of being the odd man out in all that I wanted to do. I was not hell bent on suicide, whacking myself was just not an option though, it was just to noisy. Don’t get me wrong, I put the pistol in my mouth and planned to blow my brains out, but I could not bare the sound of the gun going off.

My choice was death by collections. I decided that if I was going to die young, I might as well get paid well before I was zapped. So I took on all collections and high risk jobs. Bikers, Wiseguys, Bankers and Political figures, no one was safe while I was still breathing. If you owed the “Ole Man” money, I was sure to collect it if the boss gave me the word. I had many close calls and suffered powder burns on my face as a result of me calling someones bluff. I never jacked up citizens and only focused on fellow greaseballs of opposing crime families.

When I played, I played for the big bucks. I did not care for the chump change petty crimes would glean. Armed robbery and other social crimes had to much risk for the profit to factor. And I would only be taking from other victims of this bogus society anyway. Ponder hitting an armored car for a few mill in quarters or zap an opposing crime family who was infringing on our turf, well that was nothing but a meat ball eh. Not all capers involved drugs and hookers, paleeze.

So I’m no cherry, I never claimed to be a goodie two shoes. I’m just a survivor in a world that has gone strange. I look to my past in order to understand what is going on in the world around us today. Sadly all I see are other crime families, Bush Cheney Runsfield etc, taking advantage of the public’s trust in their political icons. Industry thugs have taken over the country without firing a shot. And now they have the gun pointed at you.

The Rockefeller’s and Kennedy’s, just to name a few, all live on an amassed fortune that came from organized crime. Heroin and illegal booze were the flag ships of these socially correct families. But the money they live on is tainted by the blood of Innocent little people their forefathers crushed while making their empires. Check out Occidental Oil and their share holders. You will soon discover that both Democrat and Republican royalty are profiting from the rape and plunder by the oil companies. Al Gore and Dick Cheney are laughing all the way to the bank since they both have oil stocks and futures that are skyrocketing. You will discover that YOU have just been had by the very party you thought was on your side. There is no side, just us and them.

Yeah, I was a gangster in my heyday but I did change my ways and walk the path of Sweet Medicine these days. I know where I’ve been and definitely know the path I walk now. And I don’t walk with the axiom of material wealth or allow ego to dictate my day, anymore. I still have a few “issues” like PTSD and a slight anger management condition. And I’m learning to be more tolerant of others, gads people just piss me off though. Hmmmmm……

It’s all just a smoke screen, the political arena. Just an elaborate ponzi scheme. The sooner you resign yourself to the fact this is not the land of the free anymore. The sooner you will become like us Natives, just watching the show from your respective reservations. After all, we are a conquered people and soon you will be as well.

Imagine, someone taking your civil liberties away, my goodness!

Yea got to love it. Remember that age old saying?

“What comes around goes around”

Ciao Baby……….

Your Devil’s Advocate

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind


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