I am done with some of the exterior shots and some of the interviews for the flick Woodpecker Waltz. I am schedualed to do more interviews in a much better setting in August. The first series of interviews went well, but it could have been better since my crew and I had no time to prepare the lighting, sound or anything else other then barely getting my tripod up and shooting. Gads, I barely got my white balance done when the first person to be interviewed sat down. Nothing like a tight schedule with NO ITINERARY…………

So anyway, I will have the opportunity to set the stage so to speak. With the likes of Robert Perske and Micheline Keller to interview, I want everything tit’s up for the shot. There will be more interviews, but gads I still have no idea as to who. I like to have my interviewer briefed well in advance so she can evolve questions specific to our guests. Typical chaos eh.

Just for grins, check out the site below. Its a flick I am working on as well. (Free Spirit) I’m Second Camera for this shoot. But it’s a interesting project since the flick is about a Lakota women whos body was found under a bridge in Denver Colorado in the mid 90’s.

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind


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