Those funny guys at Anton Bauer were at it again when they sent me the brackets for my camera eh. Holay, I did not think so many screws could come with a couple pieces of bent tin, but they did. And please, I’m not that mentally challenged, I don’t think. From what JVC and them mad men at Anton Baur said, they have not gotten all the brackets figured out for my GY-HD250 and the new and kewl stuff, like the 7 inch monitor, recorder and sound. Oh boy…

Rolling past lunch time, it became apparent to me that I was assembling something short of a mini van on the back of my camera. Boy it sure looked fancy and all. So I decided to load the battery, the recorder and the sound equipment to the back of the cam. Hmmm, seems nothing wanted to fit like the instructions said. But the picture on the box clearly showed all my kewl high tech stuff snugly and securely on the back of my camera. The lady on the box was even smiling.

Needless to say, my tech found a good reason to send me on my way. Far, far away from the toils of camera assembly, far, far away from the frustration that was building deep within my persona. My tech sent me far, far away and I was gone for several hours.

I’m better now. But I still can’t figure out why the lady on the box was smiling. Maybe she knew these little chunks of aluminum and a hand full of screws would drive me totally insane. Maybe she is “one of them”, you know. Hmmmmmm, that would explain why the eyes on the box seem to follow me all over the room. Sometimes she talks to me.

“Carlos, Carlos” she would whisper as I burned muir in her honor. She would animate off the label from which she was imprisoned. Her holographic image would dance a sensual rhythmic beat. Her gyrating translucent form would light a fire of desire only she could titillate and pleasure.

Then as quickly as it came, my erotic escursion vanished into thin air. Then reality struck hard and deep as I queried,

“So if this doll face can drift all around dancing and shaking that thang. Then she can dance her butt right on over to my camera and make all them expencive pieces of scrap fit like on that frigging box!”

Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with a @*&$^$#@ bracket with this @^%#^&@ hammer!

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind


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