Welfare for the Rich / 2008

Welfare for the Rich

Never before in US history has such blatant criminal behavior been rewarded as it will be when the Bail-Out comes to pass. Bernake a Bush lackey has given Congress an ultimatum of sorts with tales of a grim financial future if Congress did not approve this latest act of extortion, the Bail-Out. King George was a very shrewd and manipulative task master as he led America down the path of financial ruin and you ask why.

From the very start GW has calculated every move that eventually bankrupted the nation. His callous and wrongful act of terrorism in Iraq has filled the coffers of his cronies ever since this war began while America was asleep at the wheel. Bush lied about the war, weapons of mass destruction and ignored the real cause of high fuel prices, the Enron Loophole that allowed for speculators to artificially raise the cost of fuel. It is funny how everyone forgot that tidbit of information already. The presidency has become nothing more than “The Liars Club” and all the new candidates are simply new liars.

So now John Q. Citizen will foot the bill for millionaires who’ve stolen billions from the American people already. Does not matter what kind of noble speeches all these criminal politicians make fore it is the corporate bottom line that will matter most of all. We will pay and pay dearly for generations while the mismanagers of the corporate world count their chips. “Crime does pay in America” will be the message we send out to the many budding democracies around the world. By our example leaders will follow suite and bankrupt their nations as well because it’s OK to lie to the public and it’s OK to steal from the public coffers. Thailand is already in a stalemate over Western Style Democracy and True Democracy. It is obvious Western Style Democracy is not actually Democracy but Corporatism in disguise.

Democracy does not exist in America as the founding fathers knew it. Though we claim to be free truly we are not fore we must pay just to sit under a tree. America was up for sale and no one had a clue as the architects of the New World Order sabotaged world economies and destroyed sovereignty in the free world. The current economical blocks around the world will soon blend into one as well. Already the main stream media is rallying for this One World Economy. The muse is that this will save the world from a recession. Hello McFly! We’ve been in recession for a long time now.

With millions of American jobs shipped over seas as well as Industries seeking environmental and labor law relief, there are few Americans who can afford homes. So who is going to benefit from this so-called Bail-Out? That’s a no brainer fore only the people who already have the money will benefit from the Bail-Out and they are the absolute minority. A select group of people and industries will reap the vast majority of the monies. John Q will be left in the dust while the rich get richer. All the eloquent speeches in the world will not cure the real suffering American’s will feel in the very near future. With both the Democratic and Republican leadership well into the pockets of the New World Order Americans have already lost and lost big time to corporate greed. In reality, it’s all over with, we lost and Fascist Corporatism won.

The American public has been duped and swindled in the most elaborate pyramid scheme in US history and it’s not done by a long shot. George will resort to starting another war if needed to distract the American public while the last remnant of the Constitution is obliterated. Welcome to the New World Order. The next round of handlers will undoubtedly enjoy GW’s executive orders giving them domestic and world wide power to do as they see fit. In all reality the lip service we hear from politicians who appear to be champions for the little guy are gleaning a handsome profit from the corrupt regime they claim to be fighting. They will say all the right stuff and endear the public with home spin ideologies and hope for America while pocketing the profits of corruption. How special. It’s a done deal eh, it’s part of the Earth Changes and there is no turning back.

Eventually there will be legislation restricting the flow of information. The reason will be for Homeland Security reasons. Journalists will be arrested for speaking against the state and the internet will be severely restricted. Civil liberties will have a price and the remaining journalists who are not tucked away on some island will become puppets of the state and part of the double speak multi-media propaganda machine. George Orwell was on target with his book 1984. Ronald Reagan was elected in 1984 and he planted the seeds of totalitarianism then began his assault on the poor. Don’t forget that it was Ronnie Ray-Gun who single-handedly destroyed Social Security. He also sent troops to Berkley to silence students of democracy or do you remember? Now his garden of corruption has blossomed into the New World Order. Ah but who is paying attention anyway? We will reap what we sow.

From an Indigenous point of view, it’s the same ole, same ole. The only difference is lines at the Food Stamp office will be much, much longer.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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The Joys of a New World Order / 2008

The Joys of a New World Order

After the shock subsides and we face the fact we have become a one world economy and one world order it won’t be so bad. The world will have one currency so industry does not have to worry about the currency exchange rate. There will be no need for tariffs since Earth will be just one country. Industrial zones will have a carefree working environment. Wages will be set to offer maximum profitability for commercial enterprises. Unnecessary healthcare, incentives, vacation pay, retirement and environmental concerns will no longer haunt Industry with useless unprofitable laws and restrictions.

The elite class of corporate royalty will dictate to the newly founded Work Unit Association the regulations and restrictions workers of all classes must follow. After all, a good worker is a busy worker. Uniforms will be color coded to designate what class a worker may be. This will be most helpful when relocating workers to the appropriate region or commercial zones. High tech low pay technical workers will be moved to India while foundry and auto workers will be moved to Mexico. The United States and Canada will be dismantled so as not to confuse the multi-national super highways that span these former countries. Super deep water ports will open in the Arctic region since shipping has boomed after the Polar cap melted.

The citizens of both Canada and the US will flourish in their new role as Work Units while service industries dot the landscape. Truck stops and travel centers as well as auto and truck repair shops will keep America and Canada working. Hotels and restaurants will also dot the landscape along with casinos and brothels. The need for higher education will disappear as more and more potential workers find their nitch as they seek gameful employment in the New World Order.

Over population will cease as the central government culls excess non productive work units to preserve food and water. The essence of these work units will be reprocessed into bite sized chunks of edible protein. Select work units will be offered into servitude as porters, bellmen, cooks and entertainers to serve at the whim of the Elites. Unfortunately the need for a comprehensive eugenics program will come into focus as renegade work units fight for some delusional concept called Democracy or Freedom. The cancer of civil liberties and humanity will be treated at re-education centers and the appropriate micro-chip will be installed in the cerebral cortex to insure compliance. A GPS will make it easy to locate work units as well as the disobedient. Law enforcement will be handled by the central government from a master control panel that monitors every work unit on the planet. The Elite Class will be exempt form laws and regulations that govern the work unit. For every work unit on the planet there will be a monitor assigned to them from the central government. This will insure compliance and keep production at maximum capacity. The corporate bottom line will always be a priority and kept at maximum profitability. The families of loyal work units will sacrifice their lives to maintain a positive bottom line will be rewarded with a case of cheap vodka and a couple cans of Colt 45 Malt Liquor. Work units who work 80 hours a week till retirement at 75, will be rewarded with a retirement pension and not forced to be rendered into protein bars. They would be issues an inflatable George W. Bush dolls and be moved to a nursing home in Crawford Texas.

Now if you will excuse me, I will self medicate by sticking my tongue in the wall socket for my daily jolt of 60,000 volts. And possibly a shot of oily Victory Gin just to get my head straight.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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The Great American Rip-Off / 2008

  The Great American Rip-Off

After listening to George W. Bush rant and rave about this illegal and unconstitutional bail-out I could not help but remember the speech he gave the United Nations earlier. The separation of church, state and industry are clearly defined within the Constitution of the United States, it’s as simple as that. So why was GW promising other countries that he would deliver the 700 billion dollars? Are these world leaders actually a part of this One World Order? Even the United Nations got into the One World act this week.

With Americans as well as Europeans out of work and loosing benefits to the corporate bottom line surely you see a major trend don’t you? Using the ole “Guilty by Association” technique it is not hard to see a clear picture of absolute corruption in all the nations who’s leadership snuggled up to GW. Seems King George has loyal subject that control the purse strings of Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. I know the good people of France are not having a good day. The news that mortgage lender Bradford and Bingley of Great Britain is trimming their work force should be a red flag indeed. I just find it coincidental that nations George W. Bush has courted are in a similar fix as us. Opps, Washington Mutual just went under, poof. I hate it when a bank closes shop before I’m done with a story, very annoying eh.

Why weren’t the American people included in all his behind the door chicanery, business deals, war making, selling of sovereignty and a host of absolutely criminal behavior. It’s plain to see he and other world leaders have or-castrated the greatest fraud against the people of their individual nations. They have conspired to keelhaul the current world economical system, basically sabotage the free market system and usher in a One World Economy. In essence they will have taken over the world. When King George was speaking to the United Nations, he was talking to partners in crime assuring them the payoff was in the bag. With both the Democrats and Republicans vying for a Good Bail-Out it’s obvious no party cares if this action was constitutional or legal. If they pull off this caper it could very well be the straw that broke the camels back for the American public. Then again, it’s been “In-Your-Face” corrupt politics all along. It is old news the hierarchy of both sides of the political arena are heavily invested in all these corporations. A Bail-Out would secure their fortunes, you know, that 20 to 35% loss you took on your investments this year. That money did not just disappear, it lined pockets.

From Paris France to Pittsburg Pennsylvania the corporate bottom line has prevailed at the expense of employee benefits, wages and working conditions. Humanity and the environment have taken a major hit as well. National leaders who’ve fallen for GW’s line have sent their nations into an economical tail spin while plotting a course to the New World Order. Nothing more than corporate minions, Gordon Brown as well as France’s Nicolas Sarokzy dutifully navigated their countries economical sovereignty to the brink of financial pandemonium. Through fear and extortion the only solution for this terrible situation is to form a One World Economical System, what a coincidence. Guess the new currency will be the Bush Buck eh. Imagine a dollar bill with GW’s mug on it. In any event we have a ring side seat and the show has only begun. There is no easy way out of this game. No matter which way this situation goes financial chaos will surely ensue. The only difference would be in the conclusion by who weathers the storm, us or corporate thugs who’ve already squandered trillions from the nations they represent.

Frantically Gordon Brown of the UK is struggling to show face to financial institutions of England as Bush’s game of extortion begins to come unraveled. I venture to state there will be more visits from other corrupt world leaders who come forward to beg for more of American Tax Payer Dollars. Eventually the people of the world will see clearly the scam that is being played in favor of the New World Order. From my perspective it’s as clear as a cold winter day. A select group of world leaders and an army of the largest corporations in the world are making their move and trying to get this One World Order started. Extortion and fear are their tactics now as they manipulate the media and even an election. Just so the world knows, we the people of America were never given a chance to vote on or agree with George W. Bush’s New World Order. And I know the people of Europe, South America, Asia or Africa did not have a say either.

The only cure for absolute corruption is to tighten out belts and let these thugs take their medicine. We’ve already lost our homes, jobs and retirement so that threat is meaningless to most of us by now. In third world countries people are systematically murdered for standing in the way of corporate greed. Their land denuded of all resources. We need to starve off the disease that has poisoned the planet with corporate greed. And no matter what, we will have to tighten out belts fore there is no easy way out of this blatant act of extortion. George and the New World Order Boys have been busy little beavers eh. Funny how social issues, healthcare and humanitarian concerns rarely get any government attention, let alone funding. It’s absolutely wrong and blatantly criminal for the United States to coddle industry over her citizens. But the clouds will part when big business and the needs of corporations come into focus. Regardless of their criminality the public is going to pay.

No one is paying attention or they choose to ignore what they are seeing. So it is inevitable we will reap what we sow. We will reward wealthy and greedy businesses for bad business practices while the very people they prayed upon foots the bill for their lavish squandering of corporate funds. After the public has paid dearly, corporate goons will cash out and we will be left holding the bag. The New World Economy will be the salvation of the economical world and rules will change giving the original thugs clemency of sorts. Corporatism and the New World Order will have taken over the world and nations will disappear. Remember what Benito Mussolini once said;

“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power”

The world is in the midst of an elaborate Fascist takeover and no one is paying attention. They took America and much of the free world over without firing to many shots, granted they blew it in South America. The weapon of choice was the “All Mighty Dollar” and Bush was the point man, this shift. Leaders of the free world who’ve allied themselves with Bush are clearly in on the takeover as well, just look at the financial turmoil their stewardship intentionally led their nations. Oh well, it was already prophesized in many dogma’s anyway. With food riots, famine and natural disasters at an all time high world wide I find it odd the American press makes no mention of it. One would be a fool to invest in the stock market now. The insurance racket is in peril as well as companies who’ve gambled on that industry. Mortgage lenders, banks and other institutions are on the verge of collapse on a grand scale world wide, what a coincidence eh. Oh well, it will all be better now. Someone is bound to come up with a bitchen speech and tell us what we want to hear, but in all reality it will be another rouse and the beat goes on.

“Die Neue Weltordnung über alles”

Your Devil’s Advocate
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This like any other Eurosaxon holiday is meaningless to me and my folks back on the Red Moon Agency. I’ve always worked on this and other so called patriot-psychotic holidayz. But the kids like to see them “things” pop and shoot fire. By nature, Native’s are always looking for an excuse for a social or gathering. My people use the heck out of our singers and drummers. We may not have much back on the rez but we sure enjoy our give-a-ways and dances. And we put on the feed bag. I was on location the last few dayz but when I called my folks back in Okie, I could hear the whistles and hear pops of them fireworks. I also heard Baily, my niece. She is such a dollie with them cute little chubby cheeks. She was so excited about “Firecracker Day”

LOL, my people don’t care if it’s day or night, just so there is noise, fire and smoke is all my people care about. LOL, gads we were doing up the sparklers last week during the day. Everyone was having a blast, literally. But it was high noon and we just had the time of our lives. Gawd, I get so lonely for my people anymore. It’s getting harder and harder for me to leave the rez. I just don’t get it.

As for Independents Day . Come on boyz and girlz, this is a no brainier. We Native People are still under siege and imprisoned for crimes we never heard of. We live, for the most part, in third world conditions and suffer third world diseases. Our youth is dying at a higher rate then our old buzzards these days. The food we eat is killing us off faster than Custer could. And my sister is dying of cirrhosis along with other brothers and sisters across the Native world.

Hell’s bell’s, at least many of us Skins are “FREE” thinking. We still look over our shoulder though. Yea just don’t know what them Conquering people are going to do next these days. Why back in the late 1800’s my ancestors were murdered, raped and dissected by the United States Army even though our chief had a signed document from the president of their country. Think it was called America, name after some Italian guy. What was that all about?. They even sliced my people up in small pieces and decorated their US Army issue uniforms and horses with our body parts. And you wonder where Hitler and the boyz got the idea of making Lamp shades from Jewish skin.

If you ever take the time to notice something about Native babies. They are born gun shy of outsiders by nature. One thing evolution did for our people was to give us inner fear and paranoia. You beat a dog enough. They will flinch even when you are not going to hit them. ARF

So don’t get me started on the joys of “ Independents Day” for it has no meaning to us. We just like the firecrackers and food. I have uncles that were in the Normandy invasion, decorated for valor, heroism etc. I will paraphrase what my uncles always say on the 4th or any patri-psychotic holidayz. “If we knew we would still be treated like filth after the war, we would not have gone”. It was this promise of making good for their nation that drive my uncles to fight and do their bit. Man, they have medals and other spiffy stuff. I lost 7 close cousins in Viet Nam. My cousin Rayburn was decorated in Viet Nam but he still could not buy a home with his GI Bill. I BOUGHT IT FOR HIM BECAUSE THEY BLEW HIM OFF!!!

Independents Day, Baugh Humbug! Celebrating that is liken to Jews celebrating April 20th, Adolf Hitlers birthday. SHIZA!!

Pssssssssst! Here’s a little secret, we are not free and soon the rest of you will be like just like us, “Imprisioned in the land of the free”

So shoot your firecrackers and eat that chicken. One day someone will pass a law banning firecrackers because it posses a potential risk that Al Queada might blow up Disney World. If not Al Queada, it will be another bad guy who lives far far away. Or it will be one of them damn wetbacks. After all, they single handedly destroyed our economy you know.


It’s sad to think that only a fraction of the population are gleeing a handsome profit from a war that is costing us billions. And sadly they are both Democrats and Republicans. It’s all a Ponzie scheme eh. Don’t you see it???

Here again, for the most part the big rip off is only hitting us Natives at the gas pump. We don’t have anything to loose anymore for we are a conquered people and are controlled unlike other races. So tell me how we are the same as you. Were is the equality? We have separate laws that govern us as well. Land Of The Free, give me a break.


Your Devils Advocate
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NativeVue] Carlos on….HIP HOP

NativeVue] Carlos on….HIP HOP 

There are many subcultures within the music world and Hip Hop is one that truly has come of age. Hip Hop has always been associated with inner urban life. It has become a musical snapshot of existence within the concrete jungle of major metropolitan centers across the country. Hard bitten and vulgar to some it paints a picture of the stark realities in an uncensored and raw style that gets the listeners attention. From the Ghetto, Barrio, the Rez, and the youth in general Hip Hop has become the voice of an angry generation.
 After listening to many up and coming artists within the Hip Hop world I must admit Hip Hop has a very real message. There are many critics of Hip Hop about its content, language and its influence on our youth. Well if you want my two bits on this whole kit and caboodle. Hip Hop is only a reflection of what our youth already see, feel and experience. All the concerns at this juncture is liken to closing the barn door after the horses got out, holay…>HIP HOP

Hip Hop is more a window a glimpse of reality that is much more intense then once thought. It’s more a diverse selection of ballads raw, stark and vulgar of life on the streets, perspectives, and questions no one bothers to answer. There are many urban Natives from LA to New York and all points in-between with many such tales. They tell stories universal to the younger generation caught in a world of tumult. In many respects, Hip Hop as a whole has bridged the gap culturally as cultures from around the world embraced this genre, Hip Hop Italiano? Yeppers eh.

Frankly our youth are way more observant to the world around them then we want to give them credit for. As our youth looked on we as a generation of adults have dropped the ball. Sadly we’ve dropped the ball in plain view of a dismayed audience. So called civilization has left this world in totally chaos as poverty, wars, racial hatred and greed have taken over the landscape.

The division between the ‘haves and have-nots’ has grown completely out of proportion. The new color of choice has become green as family values were determined by tax bracket. And we wonder why our younger generation is angry, confused and dismayed? “Do as I say and not what I do” is society’s message to our youth plain and simply.

Life has become a contradiction of sorts. Our generation has become the generation of the big lie. We’ve become the “blinders generation”, as I put it, while justifying wrong for a “greater good” in a superficial façade of morality and honor, paleeeeeeeeze!

Toss in inner urban concerns, like gangs, drugs, profiling, and ambivalence. Poverty and ethnic divisions are ever present as well as little opportunity. Forced to live and forced to die for ideals they do not understand or agree with. The youth of today don’t desire to live this life of contradiction. Complacency is just not in their vocabulary. And us old buzzards in general have grossly underestimated them.

Whether you like it or not Hip Hop is here to stay. If you had any sense at all you’d pay attention to what they are saying. Get off your hobby horse and don’t cast judgment on the language they use, but listen to the stories they are telling you. It’s a snapshot of reality and sometimes it’s much worse than you can imagine. Raw and vulgar? reality is raw and vulgar.

Kids are not born with a desire to be drug dealers, pimps gangsters and goons, they are placed in the situation. When drowning in the sea of despair you’ll grab the rope no matter where it came from. Great full you’re forever loyal to those who saved your life. Seems the good guys left you hanging eh. Disillusioned, mad and lost, it’s not hard to see why gangs have provided a small piece of sanctuary for our youth.

Think the one that gets me is how we as adults justify all these restrictive rules and regulations directed and our youth when we did everything we are restricting? Seems those peace love hippies who blazed on Acid and twisted a few Dobbies back in the 60’s are passing laws tossing kids in prison for years, just for a joint. I love the boneheads who outlawed “Cruise Night’s” across the country. Kids can’t gather at the park in the evening. Gads, what better place could there be? Better than in a sleazy apartment huffing gas or gold paint out of boredom. Better yet, puffing rock and watching their lives go up in smoke. Our youth is up against the wall and society put them there.

Hip Hop is an expression as well as a genre in that it describes both the good and the bad from a unique perspective. The song or ballad is performed from a vantage rarely seen or even known to exist. The underworld of street life is forever shrouded in mystery its secrets impossible to glean. Hip Hop offers a moment in time in the life of those who can already relate to the plight or circumstance sung by the performer.

As this genre evolves social issues are coming into focus. Lyricists are evolving as Hip Hop diversifies into yet other aspects of the human condition. Hip Hop has become a mechanism to send a message as well as tell stories of the realities effecting our youth. More groups are becoming civil minded in their content regardless of the language. It’s the content we should pay attention to. It’s a look into the magnifying glass. Hip Hop is the voice of a once silenced population. Hip Hop has finally come of age and now their messages are going to be heard.

Rock On……




Recently I read in a trade journal that oil companies enjoyed record breaking profits like they never seen before. And when asked about this and exec said it was a matter of what the market will bare. In another Oil journal it was mentioned that Oil execs though $3 a gallon was plenty good and looked forward to $100 a barrel. Well now we are almost a $100 a barrel and everyone is surprised. To bad so sad, you should have paid attention fore it was in black and white. This was intended and it was all about the money.

But if everything was as bad as Oil Officials said it was, then how could they have gleaned record breaking profits quarter after quarter? Is that not a red flag of some kind? It’s all about greed and corruption and it’s directly under your schnozola. But if you can’t see it, you deserve what you get fore you let it happen. Simple as that eh.

Before Bush came into office we never had such a weather and war influenced market with direct effects on fuel prices before. I lived through many natural disasters and stupid wars without all this speculation and price increase before. So why now?? We let it happen; just like a recent Executive Order giving Bush unbridled power to do as he see’s fit. Don’t mean nothing to me since I already live as a conquered people. And for the most part, if the stock market dropped to 0 I would still be here and not affected since I have no personal attachment for “stuff”.

What are American’s thinking anyway? Gawd, recently there was a debate (CSPAN) as to what kind of torture was expectable to do with prisoners. I could not believe the dialogue as our elected officials argued about the use of simulated drowning and the like as if it was second nature. Opps, excuse me, I guess it is. Just ask my relations the descendants of Sand Creek and the Washita Massacres or the descendants of Wounded Knee. But it must be the sign of the times eh.

Fact is, when fuel is priced out of site most of my people will still be walking, as usual. We will still be broke and making do. But in other parts of the country it will be raining people as folks leap to their deaths over material things. Just remember what the old timers told me, “A rich man will die in his sleep of starvation while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow”

And while this is all going on, there will be a select group of people counting their chips like they did on Black Tuesday. Not everyone was a looser back then. The lost money went somewhere you know. It did not just disappear. There were BIG winners on that dark day when the nation was bankrupt. They still are here waiting to gather the rest of the assets of this nation. Gads, just sit and think about it, for a change.

With a society that enjoys watching people get arrested, watch as people betray one another or simply suffering in all these Reality Shows. It’s probably best Ma Earth Cleans the slate so we can start over again. And maybe, just maybe we will get it right next time.

But like anything else, greeds day in the sun will soon be over. And these piles of green paper will simply be that, green paper that does not burn well. This is the time of change and it behoves a person to seek out their true spirituality, not the convenient ones that allow for poor behavior. The simple one where you make a covenant with the Creator and walk as best you can. So simple yet so hard for most it seems.

I’m far from a goodie two shoes and nowhere near perfect. But I’m trying to walk that Red Road. And believe me, it’s the hardest journey I ever encountered.

One more thing, this time of change is not just a Native thing, it’s a human thing. There are many paths to the Creator and no one path is better than another. Only man and his ego made the determination just to control the masses. And there is no such thing as a “Holy War” fore that is a contradiction in every sense of the word.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind