After posting the last piece about dog as well as bazillion typos I was hoping this would get more media attention. First off I was elated to find an alert Native journalist (West Wind Dancer) who managed to capture this story in the first place since I simply don’t have correspondents in Hawaii, yet. And I applaud her efforts on this story. Getting the news out, that’s what I’m talking about eh.

What I hated the most about his stupid show was the fact he used religion to sell his show in a thinly veiled act of morality. Don’t matter what religion it is, you don’t whore your spirituality for monetary gain. Religion and the use of the Creator’s name is a sacred thing. A dogma is something to honor not to vehicle to sell some silly gadget and toy filled act of retrieving bond skips. It is sad the show was so popular in the first place since it says volumes about this culture at large. Think about it, here are television viewers watching people in the lowest point in life and this pinhead make a show of their misery. Now that’s entertainment? Cops was obscene in many ways but at least it was police officers who were making the arrests, not some bozo dressed like Tinkerbelle wearing every legal defensive gadget available in the Police Supply Catalogue.

Reminds me of the 80’s movie called “Running Man” a flick about a futuristic Reality Game Show where convicts are hunted down and killed to the joy of the audience. It was basically a movie about a morally bankrupted society. Hmm…………

I just so happen to have a link to an article about Doggie and it revels yet another side to this bogus human being. And possibly this will be the death nil of his career of playing like the great avenger in his act of moral flatulation.

Don Imus was booted for a racial slur and lost his popular show “Imus in the Morning”. Ironically Imus was philanthropist and helped kids of all races over the years at his ranch in New Mexico. Check this link out eh.

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