Federal Government nominated for yet another Double Speak Award. / 2007

Federal Government nominated for yet another Double Speak Award.

In true Hollywood tradition FEMA Deputy Administrator Harvey Johnson tearfully accepted the coveted award for Michael “I Love Joseph Goebbles” Chertoff who was on vacation in the tinder dry South firing off bottle rockets in yet another Academy Award winning performance. Their latest production, “ASK ME THE RIGHT QUESTION, MY DEAR”, a story about a misunderstood federal agency, a boy and his toy pony. It’s the sequel to the smash blockbuster hit, “EL PRESIDENTE”, the saga of a boy, George W. Bush and his toy pony Regis.

Other nominees were;

Dick Cheney, in “WAR FOR PROFIT”, the Halliburton story.

The Oil Industry, in “LET THEM EAT CAKE”, the epic drama about their struggle to find a way to punish the American Public for not buying into George W. Bushes lies.

The Insurance Industry, in “YOU MUST PAY”, a crime drama about the extortion of a nation.

Congress, in “SHAKE THEM DOWN”, the true story about their decision to order the IRS shake down the public with more audits.

George W. Bush, in “I TRULY CARE”, a story about nepotism where he lines the pockets of industry cronies at the public’s expense while building a war based economy.

Al Gore, in “Turtle Island”, his epic struggle to appear like an environmentalist while gleaning a handsome profit from his holding in Occidental Oil. Watch as he struggles with millions of dollars in profits from oil, tobacco and military industries.

Ralph Nadar, in “GREEN”, this introspective piece where he discovers the real green in the Magellan Fund and oil profits while hugging trees.

Republican and Democratic Parties Officials, in “GOOD GUY, BAD GUY”, a musical comedy where two opposing party officials vey for public support while both of them are heavily invested in health care, weapons industries, oil/gas industries and other stocks. The conflict of interests is sure to warm the hearts of millions.

Democratic Party for, “WE FORGOT TO STOP THE WAR”, another slap stick comedy. Watch as they beg to control both houses so they can do the moral thing and stop the War in Iraq only to forget whence they gain the power needed.

All Presidential Candidates, in “TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR”, in this classic song and dance routine where they lie their way into the top job in a befuddled nation.

The only losers were;

The Constitution
The Bill of Rights
And the American People

The American Indian was not mentioned in the losers list since they did not qualify. Academy officials were quoted in saying, “They don’t count and they are not from India anyway. Beside they are a conquered people”

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