This like any other Eurosaxon holiday is meaningless to me and my folks back on the Red Moon Agency. I’ve always worked on this and other so called patriot-psychotic holidayz. But the kids like to see them “things” pop and shoot fire. By nature, Native’s are always looking for an excuse for a social or gathering. My people use the heck out of our singers and drummers. We may not have much back on the rez but we sure enjoy our give-a-ways and dances. And we put on the feed bag. I was on location the last few dayz but when I called my folks back in Okie, I could hear the whistles and hear pops of them fireworks. I also heard Baily, my niece. She is such a dollie with them cute little chubby cheeks. She was so excited about “Firecracker Day”

LOL, my people don’t care if it’s day or night, just so there is noise, fire and smoke is all my people care about. LOL, gads we were doing up the sparklers last week during the day. Everyone was having a blast, literally. But it was high noon and we just had the time of our lives. Gawd, I get so lonely for my people anymore. It’s getting harder and harder for me to leave the rez. I just don’t get it.

As for Independents Day . Come on boyz and girlz, this is a no brainier. We Native People are still under siege and imprisoned for crimes we never heard of. We live, for the most part, in third world conditions and suffer third world diseases. Our youth is dying at a higher rate then our old buzzards these days. The food we eat is killing us off faster than Custer could. And my sister is dying of cirrhosis along with other brothers and sisters across the Native world.

Hell’s bell’s, at least many of us Skins are “FREE” thinking. We still look over our shoulder though. Yea just don’t know what them Conquering people are going to do next these days. Why back in the late 1800’s my ancestors were murdered, raped and dissected by the United States Army even though our chief had a signed document from the president of their country. Think it was called America, name after some Italian guy. What was that all about?. They even sliced my people up in small pieces and decorated their US Army issue uniforms and horses with our body parts. And you wonder where Hitler and the boyz got the idea of making Lamp shades from Jewish skin.

If you ever take the time to notice something about Native babies. They are born gun shy of outsiders by nature. One thing evolution did for our people was to give us inner fear and paranoia. You beat a dog enough. They will flinch even when you are not going to hit them. ARF

So don’t get me started on the joys of “ Independents Day” for it has no meaning to us. We just like the firecrackers and food. I have uncles that were in the Normandy invasion, decorated for valor, heroism etc. I will paraphrase what my uncles always say on the 4th or any patri-psychotic holidayz. “If we knew we would still be treated like filth after the war, we would not have gone”. It was this promise of making good for their nation that drive my uncles to fight and do their bit. Man, they have medals and other spiffy stuff. I lost 7 close cousins in Viet Nam. My cousin Rayburn was decorated in Viet Nam but he still could not buy a home with his GI Bill. I BOUGHT IT FOR HIM BECAUSE THEY BLEW HIM OFF!!!

Independents Day, Baugh Humbug! Celebrating that is liken to Jews celebrating April 20th, Adolf Hitlers birthday. SHIZA!!

Pssssssssst! Here’s a little secret, we are not free and soon the rest of you will be like just like us, “Imprisioned in the land of the free”

So shoot your firecrackers and eat that chicken. One day someone will pass a law banning firecrackers because it posses a potential risk that Al Queada might blow up Disney World. If not Al Queada, it will be another bad guy who lives far far away. Or it will be one of them damn wetbacks. After all, they single handedly destroyed our economy you know.


It’s sad to think that only a fraction of the population are gleeing a handsome profit from a war that is costing us billions. And sadly they are both Democrats and Republicans. It’s all a Ponzie scheme eh. Don’t you see it???

Here again, for the most part the big rip off is only hitting us Natives at the gas pump. We don’t have anything to loose anymore for we are a conquered people and are controlled unlike other races. So tell me how we are the same as you. Were is the equality? We have separate laws that govern us as well. Land Of The Free, give me a break.


Your Devils Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind


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