The Joys of a New World Order / 2008

The Joys of a New World Order

After the shock subsides and we face the fact we have become a one world economy and one world order it won’t be so bad. The world will have one currency so industry does not have to worry about the currency exchange rate. There will be no need for tariffs since Earth will be just one country. Industrial zones will have a carefree working environment. Wages will be set to offer maximum profitability for commercial enterprises. Unnecessary healthcare, incentives, vacation pay, retirement and environmental concerns will no longer haunt Industry with useless unprofitable laws and restrictions.

The elite class of corporate royalty will dictate to the newly founded Work Unit Association the regulations and restrictions workers of all classes must follow. After all, a good worker is a busy worker. Uniforms will be color coded to designate what class a worker may be. This will be most helpful when relocating workers to the appropriate region or commercial zones. High tech low pay technical workers will be moved to India while foundry and auto workers will be moved to Mexico. The United States and Canada will be dismantled so as not to confuse the multi-national super highways that span these former countries. Super deep water ports will open in the Arctic region since shipping has boomed after the Polar cap melted.

The citizens of both Canada and the US will flourish in their new role as Work Units while service industries dot the landscape. Truck stops and travel centers as well as auto and truck repair shops will keep America and Canada working. Hotels and restaurants will also dot the landscape along with casinos and brothels. The need for higher education will disappear as more and more potential workers find their nitch as they seek gameful employment in the New World Order.

Over population will cease as the central government culls excess non productive work units to preserve food and water. The essence of these work units will be reprocessed into bite sized chunks of edible protein. Select work units will be offered into servitude as porters, bellmen, cooks and entertainers to serve at the whim of the Elites. Unfortunately the need for a comprehensive eugenics program will come into focus as renegade work units fight for some delusional concept called Democracy or Freedom. The cancer of civil liberties and humanity will be treated at re-education centers and the appropriate micro-chip will be installed in the cerebral cortex to insure compliance. A GPS will make it easy to locate work units as well as the disobedient. Law enforcement will be handled by the central government from a master control panel that monitors every work unit on the planet. The Elite Class will be exempt form laws and regulations that govern the work unit. For every work unit on the planet there will be a monitor assigned to them from the central government. This will insure compliance and keep production at maximum capacity. The corporate bottom line will always be a priority and kept at maximum profitability. The families of loyal work units will sacrifice their lives to maintain a positive bottom line will be rewarded with a case of cheap vodka and a couple cans of Colt 45 Malt Liquor. Work units who work 80 hours a week till retirement at 75, will be rewarded with a retirement pension and not forced to be rendered into protein bars. They would be issues an inflatable George W. Bush dolls and be moved to a nursing home in Crawford Texas.

Now if you will excuse me, I will self medicate by sticking my tongue in the wall socket for my daily jolt of 60,000 volts. And possibly a shot of oily Victory Gin just to get my head straight.

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