Playing With Fire, Sweat Lodge Deaths /2009

Playing With Fire, Sweat Lodge Deaths

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Ray Foot Dis

With a myriad of people grasping Indigenous cultures left and right it was only a matter of time before someone was hurt or killed. Latter Day Healers and so called Sweat Lodge practitioners have filled the classified columns promoting their New Age connection to spirituality. With many people being poisoned from the misuse of herbs to the deaths of two people in a *sweat lodge this weekend in Arizona, there is a price for playing with something that is not of your tradition. From an Indigenous point of view these deaths are more of a sign and not a good one at that. The sign is, “the medicine was bad”.


The commercialization of ancient traditions has gone on for years. In quest of the all mighty dollar entrepreneurs used props and gadgets and bastardized Native American traditions. For the most part they don’t have a clue what they are doing. It was a horribly tragic event that transpired at the Angel Valley Retreat Center and there is no question people of all paths have offered prayers for the dead. But what was this guy Reverend James Arthur Ray thinking? It is obvious to me he was thinking of money and now two people are dead and 14 hospitalized from obvious greed.


Mixing medicine (or traditions) has always been verboten with all ancient traditions including the main stream dogmas. So why was it OK to dilute and bastardize Indigenous religions for fun and profit? I rolled my eyes when I learned this monstrous lodge was packed with 60 or so people. This was commercialized and billed as a “Spirit Warrior Retreat” guaranteed to change your life. In this shameless exploitation by **James Ray International, ancient tradition was used for monetary gain. Now two are dead but it was only a matter of time because it is incomprehensible for me or my people to mix our medicine.


The mixing of medicine is likened to have little or no faith in a dogma one purports. Walking into a home and finding icons from a bazillion religions shows little faith to any of them. And for the most part this is quite scary when someone’s home looks like the inside of a New Age Shop. There is no way one could have absolute faith when they follow the combined axioms of a zillion dogmas and spend half the day praying too many entities. Bet the smoke alarm gets plenty of use from all those incense burners. James Ray would profit from the sale of fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and DVD players with his “Million Dollar Mindset”.


In a time when people are trying to make sense of what is going on in the world opportunists have taken full advantage of this quest for spirituality. James Ray International is just one for there are many, all possessing the “Key” to spirituality. Hungry for direction innocent people buy into all their gadgets, DVD’s, incense burners and meditation mats, holay. Spirituality can not be purchased for it is something that is gained. When you follow a path or religion you must have absolute faith, not have “extra” dogmas in the wings when you think the other one does not have your back. It does not matter if it’s the Christian Faith or the Path of Sweet Medicine; all dogmas follow this basic rule of thumb. Exploitation has its consequences and there will be more events like this as others exploit religions for their corporate bottom line.


Taking advantage of innocent people seeking out their personal spirituality is an accepted lucrative business these days. But from the Indigenous point of view it’s a sacrilege with dire consequences. The event’s that transpired in this spiritual retreat exemplifies the cause and effect when one chooses to play around with ancient customs for monetary gain. Shame on you James “Schlock” Ray for the murder of these innocent people for you have blood on your hands. You had no business playing around with our customs and traditions for cash. Now two families have been destroyed from this bold and callous act of greed packing 60 people in a lodge. Basically it’s your entire fault for you were nothing more than a child with a loaded shotgun and you pulled the trigger. If a person wants to sweat go to the people who’ve practiced this cleansing for generations not a snake oil salesman.






Your Devil’s Advocate


Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes in the Grips of Tyranny / 2009

Cheyenne Arapaho Tribes in the Grips of Tyranny

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Nothing like getting a call from home only to discover that corruption has taken a nasty toll on your elders. That is what happened with me the other day when my cousin called and described what I thought to be the most reprehensible act of government meddling in tribal affairs. Imagine having an election where clearly a person was voted out of office only to discover the Supreme Court has decided to side with the looser. In this case the person was hopelessly corrupt, Darryl Flyingman of the Southern Cheyenne Arapaho Nation.


I know first hand about all the lack of care for my elders for this person canceled hot meals for the elderly as well as other critical aid for my clan as well as our village. This was the case across our rez as this person played favorites at the expense of our elderly and the suffering. I personally was paying for meals for my elders since the tribal government had ignored my village on more than one occasion. My other cousin with a big family was constantly denied aid and assistance for his kids forcing him to scrounge to survive. But on our own rez? Flyingman along with his select crew always pointed aid in the other direction. It was unbelievable that my cuz would be forced to come up with proof he was a tribal member by people he was blood related to. This was nothing more than an excuse not to give him aid.

What really torques my shorts is the fact this Flyingman refused to relinquish his position as chief even though the tribe voted him out of office. My elders went down to Concho Oklahoma to complain when they were forced to turn around at Cherokee. It is unclear if they were forced off the tribal bus or that they were told to turn around. The news is just breaking as of this writing and I was just informed that Dennis Banks, Russell Means and the Crazy Dog Society from Lame Deer were heading down later this morning in a show of solidarity for our plight. With CNN heading down as well I hope the issue of sovereignty is addressed since I believe the Supreme Court over stepped its authority. And if they get away with this they will pull the same crappola on other reservations.


One thing is for certain, there will be a peaceful demonstration held at Concho today (Nov 20) and the world wide press will be there to cover this event. Senior citizens from my village will be there so I can only pray they will not be ruffed up by this corrupt and morally bankrupt politician and his goons. Hopefully with the press there things will not go violent hurting my elders. But what was the Supreme Court thinking anyway? With what authority did they have to cancel legal election results from a sovereign nation? Truly this is an abuse of the bench and should raise some major questions about the ethics of the court. It’s been long since rumored that Flyingman had this federal judge in his pocket for quite some time.


Is this change we can depend on or more of the same old crappola from the non Native community? Why is it that the government would rather do business with corrupt and shady criminals rather than the traditional folks in the first place? This is more common than not in Indian Country and maybe this will offer more focus on the plight of us and other tribal nations across the US. Canada shares in this travesty as well I might add. The have’s continue to have while the have not’s continue to live in abject poverty. The outside world makes nice with examples from people who have all the loot saying all is well in Indian Country when in actuality it is not. There is greed and abject poverty on many nations and it is perpetrated by corrupt officials such as Flyingman. At least this dark secret of tribal life is out in the open now. But to be fair, not all tribes suffer this kind of corruption and there are honest and moral chiefs who actually do the bidding of their respective nations. Sadly this is not the case on my rez though.


With regard to “Turkey Day” my cousin had a more appropriate title for the coming holiday, he simply calls it, “Dog Day” since we will theoretically eat dog again for the holiday season since tribal funds were squandered leaving our village with only the dogs on the streets to munch on. Thanks Giving? Forget about it since what do we have to be thankful for? A US Government who sides with corruption? Oh boy. In any event I will have a blow by blow accounting from my people later on today. Hopefully peace will rein on my rez but truthfully I fear things will get much worse before they get any better. Hey Obama, how about fighting for human rights here in Oklahoma?


Your Devil’s Advocate



Flyingman’s Can of Worms /2009

Flyingman’s Can of Worms

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Have We Forgotten

Tribal politics aside the situation in Concho is a very human crisis. On one side there is a tribal governor who consistently ignored many of his own constituents. On the other side are the elderly who took a major hit by Darrel Flyingman over the course of his tenure. In the case of my village the elderly were left to fend for themselves since funding for their only hot meal a day stopped. Other types of aid were also canceled with little or no notice as well. I personally know this for a fact since I was supporting some of my people in the interim on the assumption assistance would eventually come to my relations. I also funded meals for my elders with the same assumption. The only response to our needy from Flyingman was the sound of Gary Owen echoing across the grasslands.

Eventually the proverbial well went dry as the economy assisted in draining my finances. Sadly no assistance ever came to my relations. Homes that were scheduled for repair were simply stopped. Tarps remained on roofs to keep the rain and snow out during the harsh Oklahoma winters. I’ve witnessed with my own eyes as my family struggled to find the basics to feed our nieces and nephews while trying to make ends meet. I would do all I could to ease the suffering but the magnitude of neglect my people had to endure was overwhelming and beyond my financial capability. I still felt guilty for not being able to contribute more especially when I look into the faces those chubby cheek babies.

Why did these human beings have to endure such ambivalence while others lived in the lap of luxury? How could anyone be so callous as to simply ignore people from their own tribe? At the very least the US Cavalry gave the people flour and grease to weather the winter months. It boggles the imagination to think that someone could be so cruel to their own people. The politics behind such tyranny simply does not fit into this equation for we all are descendants of survivors of genocide. But what is most striking about this event is the over riding fact the US government has encroached on the sovereignty of this nation. Flyingman managed to side with outsiders in an attempt to regain control so he could finish robbing the coffers of the tribe. In a correction to the previous news report it was not the US Supreme Court Justice who granted Flyingman access to tribal funds and business. It was other usual government entities who willfully ignored the will and the traditions of the people by their obvious support of Flyingman. Is Flyingman a traitor to his people? That is up to the folks back in Oklahoma to decide but it is obvious he chose to use the power of the US Government to force his will on these humble people at the expense of tribal sovereignty. Invoking the powers of the federal government over tribal law can be viewed as treason in many opinions. My relations call him Veho.

The issue that needs addressing is this nation’s sovereignty as well as the sovereignty of all tribes. Flyingman opened up a can of worms with his total disregard for the will of his people. Are we to expect the feds to march into any rez when there is an election that booted a corrupt politician? Frankly the USA has shown itself to be poor stewards of the ballot box with the Iraq’s hopelessly corrupt politicians which the US backed. President Zelaya of Honduras was ousted from power with little more than an impotent condemnation. It should be noted he was a favorite of the Indigenous people over industrialists who robbed land from the natives and murdered their chiefs. Burma is another classic failure of the US to recognize the duly elected officials in the case of Daw Aung Suu Kyi. Now this beleaguered nation is about to have another election regardless of the fact the people voted for democracy overwhelmingly. The US simply became an enabler of a corrupt military dictator (Gen. Than Shwe) who continues to murder the ethnic minorities within his nation. Gen. Than Shwe is Asia’s version of Gen. George Armstrong Custer for his soldiers rape and murder ethnics at their leisure while the free world looks on. Dare I mention that these villagers are being murdered for the natural resources that lay on their tribal land? To the joy of international corporations I might add. Sounds familiar eh.

With a multitude of articles promoting a new policy dealing with the Indigenous population of America I fear that ultimately sovereignty will be on the chopping block in the near future. Just so you know, with the arrival of the new world order we all will loose our sovereignty regardless of treaties and national boundaries. Under the guidelines of these economic unions that are popping up around the world there is a clause that allows any nation or industry to go into sovereign soil and glean natural resources. The European Union and our NAFTA are to the benefit of international corporations not the nations who subscribe to this global initiative. The Indigenous populations are of absolutely no concern. Globalization is colonization and as we all know the Indigenous populations of the America’s were colonized hundreds of years ago. We are told that we must forgive the history of the past and to move forward but it is hard to forgive when we are still under siege.

Flyingman is only a microcosm of the cancer that is raging around the America’s and the world. Traditional people are placed in a position of ridicule in some cases while others are simply overlooked and live in abject poverty. Tribal officials drive around in Town Cars and Navigators while their electorates scrounge for spare change to buy Duct Tape. Those are the lucky ones since throughout Central and South America tribal people are murdered if they stand in the way of corrupt politicians. Africa is another holocaust in motion. It’s a pandemic of greed that has changed the landscape not only in Indian Country but around the world. And if for one second you believe that world politics is of no concern to Indian Country you are sorely mistaken. The culture of greed is a global initiative and we as Indigenous people and our sovereignty are on the chopping block.

Your Devil’s Advocate


The Paranormal Side of Earth Changes / 2010

The Paranormal Side of Earth Changes

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It is almost comical to witness sign after sign as the Earth Changes count coup on civilization. Ma Earth has begun her “season” or cleansing cycle while mankind tries to find an angle to capitalize on the growing cyclic natural events, both political and financial. Predictably technology will soon become mankind’s Achilles Tendon as solar and stellar events take precedents over known science. And all the politicians on the planet can concern themselves about is political correctness while pandering to the International Monetary Fund and the New World Order or Globalization. Dare I mention they’ve also betrayed their electorates in the process? How far beyond stupid is that? But alas this was meant to be as foretold many generations ago.

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It is almost comical to witness sign after sign as the Earth Changes count coup on civilization. Ma Earth has begun her “season” or cleansing cycle while mankind tries to find an angle to capitalize on the growing cyclic natural events, both political and financial. Predictably technology will soon become mankind’s Achilles Tendon as solar and stellar events take precedents over known science. And all the politicians on the planet can concern themselves about is political correctness while pandering to the International Monetary Fund and the New World Order or Globalization. Dare I mention they’ve also betrayed their electorates in the process? How far beyond stupid is that? But alas this was meant to be as foretold many generations ago.

Prophesies from around the planet have foretold of how man would try to control the world in the final days of this cycle. The era of the “Pied Piper” and false prophets has come to pass. People, like lemmings, scramble from one sweet talking politician to another while told elaborate bold faced lies, but they sound good. Presidents and Prime Ministers are only mouth pieces who take their marching orders from corporate oligarchists, plain and simple. From the Orwellian point of view “Big Brother” and the time of double speak has already arrived. Naomi Klein’s concept of “Disaster Capitalism” and the “Shock Doctrine” has marched forward completely unabated on every continent on the planet. Economies around the world have been strategically crippled while international corporate terrorists introduce a “Global” solution to our financial woes, the final nail in the coffin of national sovereignty. Like it or not people would rather hear a sweet lie instead of the hard truth and this will be their death nil. Oh well, to bad so sad. That was in prophesies as well by the way. On the bright side this is only a “sign” provided you are paying attention. When material wealth becomes meaningless the Oligarchy of the New World Order will be in the same boat as us as we enter the “humbling times”. According to visions even the star people will be stunned by the dynamic of this time of change.

There is much talk these days about the physical aspects of change and that is a good thing. But there is not much word about the supernatural or paranormal side to this time we live though. The truth of the matter is the spirit world or “the other side” will also interface with our plain or level of existance. What was once relegated to only a few folks such as medicine people, soothsayers and psychics will become privy to all of humanity. For some this will be a G*D-Send to others it will be a pariah and for a few it will be the last straw and push them over the edge. Frankly I believe the “interface” has already begun and there is no psychotropic drug in the universe that will silence the “voices” in people’s heads. 

Within my culture we’ve always had a deep connection with the spirit world and have been quite aware of the other spirits that are around us. From space dudes to spirits who speak telepathically the voices in ones head are very real. Unfortunately some people can’t cope with our true reality and simply loose their minds or become subservient to the “voices”. The excuse for some of the most egregious crimes in history was “the voice in my head told me to do it” and that is just plain stupid. Granted, the voice was real and some bonehead spirit told a person to hack his family to pieces. Then the idiot turned around and whacked his family. How far beyond stupid is that? I don’t care what a spirit or voice tells me to do, if it’s stupid, it’s stupid. And I could give a flying crappola about the lame threats they usually make when you “disobey”. I’ve been threatened with all kinds of stuff including the deaths of my poop-butt kids by angry spirits I defined. Been there, done that. It’s all a matter of perspective and the sooner people come to terms with the “voice” and the reality of the spirit world the better. Take it or leave it.

There is no secret to dealing with spirits and their pesky voices. The instruction manual is written within all the dogmas of the universe. The supernatural aspects of our reality did not stop in the last story of the Bible or other sacred script. The spirits who tormented people in these texts are still floating around and causing havoc to civilization and now they’ve gone into hyper drive. But on a good note so are the good spirits who walk with the Creator. Call it a spirit war if you will but we are knee deep in the middle of it and if we plan to survive this aspect of the time of change we better get over our fear of the supernatural. Knowing which spirit’s are good or bad is the key to surviving the future. If you get all ga ga over simply seeing or hearing a spirit then you are putty in the hands of this bonehead. And if this joker is a bad spirit then you will most likely make headlines for some stupid mass murder of some kind. At the very least you would be manipulated in a very negative way. Get over the fact there are spirits and focus on if they are good or bad. Just cause some spirit can float you a Pepsi or shows you some fantastic parlor trick does not mean a cotton picking thing. Look within your dogma and you will learn to differentiate between the good guys and the bad. It’s really not a secret and your life will depend on this knowledge in the very near future paisan.

In my tradition we ask for verification from the Creator if a spirit dude is good or not. And when we get our answer we either pay attention to their words or tell them to go away, after all we still have the gift of free will. But never are we intimidated by any spirit or spook for fear is the fuel evil thrives on in many plains of existence. Space guys are treated the same way since there is both good and bad guys in their ilk as well. It is really quite simple whence you get over the fact they do exist. There are people who would go ga ga over the sight of a spirit and possibly think they were G*D’s of some kind, paleeze. If some spirit told me he was a G*D and that I had to whack my kids or murder someone I would laugh my ass off at this bonehead but there are others who would simply comply. It would appear people are already “following” the commands of some butthead spirits. The rash of child stabbings in China is a classic example of woefully misguided people I do believe. It’s bound to get much worse throughout the planet as we interface with the spirit world more and more. Time is the task master and that is running very short.

Your Devil’s Advocate


The Plight of the Western Shoshone / 2009

The Plight of the Western Shoshone


As Barrick Gold of Canada rips into sacred Mount Tenabo on Nevada’s Shoshone sovereign land, it is not hard to see why we’ve been cursed or plunged into this financial nightmare. Call me old fashion but it’s the age old “what comes around goes around” axiom that is coming to pass. With total disregard for treaties, boundaries and concern for the environment the quest for the funny yellow metal that makes the white man crazy has gone into high gear. Of course the concerns for the Indigenous population was not a consideration or a factor in the decision making process. Treaties? Forget about it!


Barrick Gold has a long track record in Africa for buying leaders of third world countries to steal land from the population to make open pit environmental disasters filled with toxic slug. They’ve destroyed water tables; farmland and their private armies murdered scores of innocent villagers who struggled to save their way of life. With Bill Clinton and George HW Bush as their ally and lucrative business associates Barrick has become unstoppable in their quest for gold around the world. Bush and Clinton groomed national and international policies strictly for corporate interests at the expense of indigenous populations.


Little was said by the mainstream media about the utter shock and dismay the good people of many African nations felt as the “White Devil” Hillary Clinton was made Secretary of State. Though the African population looked to Obama for hope and salvation, the appointment of this jackal spelled the death nil of their cultures, let along the ire of his party. The stripping of Africans natural resources and total disregard for the citizenry of this beleaguered continent has gotten a green light while death and land grabs will continue. Up against the wall with nowhere else to go it’s a small wonder revolution are widespread. Call it the Clinton/Bush Death March since the voiceless majority is not being heard, sounds familiar. Of course China is up to its elbows with human blood in Africa. After all, their lackey Bill Clinton and his bride Hillary are back in the saddle thanks to Obama. For all intents and purposes Africans feel betrayed. Read a news feed or two and learn the hard facts. Clinton’s so called non profit efforts are only a smoke screen, just read his list of donors. It reads more like a “who is who in world tyranny”.


Like a fox watching the hen house, Hillary Clinton takes oath of office for Secratary of State. What are you thinking Obama?


South America is also plunged in the Clinton/Bush Death March as Barrick Gold, disguised as Pacific Rim Mining Corporation or Pacific Rim Cayman LLC., destroys farmland, and the way of life of Indigenous people as well. This was a most enlightening endeavor for it also exposed tenets of the North American Free Trade Agreement as well as Central American Free Trade Agreement that allow foreign countries to sue a nation so they can strip the land of natural resources. These so called business agreements side stepped the will of the people of any nation who subscribed to them. The US is one of these nations who subscribe to both of these criminal agreements. Sadly we drafted them both with help from of the Clinton’s and Bush’s for this was their baby, lock stock and tomahawk. Ironically Barack Obama has followed suit regardless of some opposition he showed earlier or should I say, before he was elected as President of the United States of America. It’s of no surprise America is hated like no other country in the world and it’s by people who used to love and admire us. And we-the-people had nothing to do with this abhorrent criminally unconstitutional conspiracy.


Mexico had to shell out $15.6 million in damages toCalifornia based Metalclad Corporation for it’s refusal to give permission for this company to build a toxic waste dump in the middle of an ecological reserve. Barrick Gold aka Pacific Rim plans to sueEl Salvador for untold millions if they don’t get their way and build toxic sludge ponds. They will be filled with thousands of tons of cyanide and other deadly chemicals. With no concern for the long term effects on the environment it is clear water tables and rich farmland will be destroyed. The means by which these Indigenous people live and survive will be taken away from them. Likened to slaves farmers will be forced to work in these mines or starve. With no labor, health or environmental concerns the Clinton/Bush Death March will advance unencumbered as profits fill their coffers.China, their bedfellow, enjoys millions of slaves with the blessing of the World Trade Organization. This is the raw facts of Globalization and the One World Order. Now how far beyond stupid have we become? Or is in OK since it’s “down there” and not on US soil? Remember the Western Shoshone Nation of Nevada? As I recall, Nevada is still a part of the contiguousUnited States. The Clinton/Bush Death March continues.


Your Devil’s Advocate




Voices from Africa /2008

Voices from Africa

In researching stories in Africa I found it hard to find an objective news source. With the mainstream media exercising something like a news black out in certain regions of the globe it’s hard to imagine millions and millions of people are starving to death as well as suffering inhuman conditions. The corporate seed of dissention had long since been planted in the Continent of Africa and hatred has taken over where humility once stood.

Only through the efforts of humanitarians such as Mia Farrow and a host of other humanitarians has the true story of Darfur been reveled. Of course the ears of the world fell deaf as stories from human were reveled. Out of the depths of human suffering comes the anger it spawns. It would appear Africa, rich in minerals and oil is suffering needlessly as international mining interests strip the continent of her natural recourses while the people live in squalor and abject poverty. Killing fields exist in abundance throughout this rich and massive continent.

I was contacting by a news group based in Africa. It’s a collective or news from all quarters in Africa. Though I do not share some opinions I find it rich in information and observations from an African point of view. What I found hair raising is how intently this continent followed our elections, details about our elected officials and our politics as a whole, we should be so informed. Though Obama would be considered a favorite in Africa it would appear there are stark divisions in opinions. Sadly the divisions are between the people and corporate interests. They see what Americans fail to notice, there is no change afoot since Obama is rehiring people from failed administrations. With financial holdings in a Canadian mining company the choice of Hillary Clinton was a dark day according to several news feeds within the continent. It is funny how Indigenous people from around the world have no love for the Clintons in spite of all these non-profit organizations he’s started. Many people in the third world speculate the Clinton’s only use their philanthropy as a store front for corrupt business ventures. The list of contributors reads more like a who’s who in human rights violations. That should have been a red flag. The conflicts of interest go on and on yet Billary will rest at the helm of corruption once again. Guess we learned nothing from the Dick “Haliburton” Cheney debacle.

China being the top of the list of The Billary’s conflicts of interest has taken all awards for its human rights violations as well as the cruelty award for its inhuman treatment of its own citizens. Liken to Hitler’s Germany the population lives in darkness of their regime. If only they knew the millions of slaves who work and toil for American and European superstores or the harvesting of human parts from healthy slaves. In any event, I am providing a new link for my viewers explore. It’s a window into the Africa we are not aware of. Like all my news feeds, I don’t necessarily agree with the news stories but it gives me a perspective or viewpoint. Take it with a grain of salt or research further. Here are a few stories that caught my eye from a feed called Pambazuka News;


Daniel Volman

Daniel Volman gives us the history and reasons for the creation of Africom, and why it will have disastrous consequences in and for Africa. He looks at Obama’s likely support for Africom but also calls on us to engage Obama over the future of Africom.

Patrick Bond

Patrick Bond in this essay argues that while Obama was elected on a platform of change, his cabinet and advisor picks point to a return to domestic Clintonian policy, and an extension of Bush’s foreign policy. Even though Bond acknowledges that “Obama may not run as extreme a militarist regime as Bush/Cheney or as McCain/Palin would have” still, being less militaristic while pursuing a neo-liberal economic agenda does not bode well for the third world.

Your Devil’s Advocate