China’s Corporate Chamber of Horrors /2008

China’s Corporate Chamber of Horrors


As the corporate world fawns over China and her wealth of cheap forced labor take a long hard look at the victims of China’s brutality. Simply for practicing a form of meditation called Falun Gong that emphasizes a high moral standard. These people are being arrested and placed in Slave Labor Camps. With an axiom of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance the Communist Party decided this ideology resembled a religion hence the need to arrest and torture these innocent people to death. It is estimated at least half the population in Chinese forced labor camps are filled with Falun Gong practitioners. Subject to absolute brutality, rape and death, these human beings are the backbone of western entrepreneurs who’ve invested in China’s cheap and expendable slave labor work force. Couple with a supply of workers and no environmental laws it is clear why China earned “Favored Nation Status”



With no regard for the lives of healthy Falun Gong prisoners the Chinese medical community “harvests” human body parts as needed. With impunity doctors remove the needed organ leaving the person to die a horrific death depending on the organ removed. Ms. Gao Rongrong was systematically tortured with electronic batons for hours totally disfiguring her face in the Longshan Labor Camp when this picture was taken. Eventually she died in captivity and from the other pictures I’ve viewed; she died a horrific death like so many prisoners do in China’s forced labor camps. And this is the country our leaders sold our country to. Now China owns at least 25% of US treasury securities thanks to unscrupulous American politicians who are nothing more than traitors to this nation.



Next time you read “Made in China” remember the pretty young woman named Gao Rongrong who was eventually tortured to death in one of many Slave Labor Camps across China. Maybe then you will realize what you are financing. While you are at it, take a long hard look at the politicians who boast about the lucrative Chinese investments they made. Maybe you will see past the smooth talk and charismatic manner and see him/her for what they truly are. Anyone who condones or does business with the Devil is evil personified.



Your Devils Advocate



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