Voices from Africa /2008

Voices from Africa

In researching stories in Africa I found it hard to find an objective news source. With the mainstream media exercising something like a news black out in certain regions of the globe it’s hard to imagine millions and millions of people are starving to death as well as suffering inhuman conditions. The corporate seed of dissention had long since been planted in the Continent of Africa and hatred has taken over where humility once stood.

Only through the efforts of humanitarians such as Mia Farrow and a host of other humanitarians has the true story of Darfur been reveled. Of course the ears of the world fell deaf as stories from human were reveled. Out of the depths of human suffering comes the anger it spawns. It would appear Africa, rich in minerals and oil is suffering needlessly as international mining interests strip the continent of her natural recourses while the people live in squalor and abject poverty. Killing fields exist in abundance throughout this rich and massive continent.

I was contacting by a news group based in Africa. It’s a collective or news from all quarters in Africa. Though I do not share some opinions I find it rich in information and observations from an African point of view. What I found hair raising is how intently this continent followed our elections, details about our elected officials and our politics as a whole, we should be so informed. Though Obama would be considered a favorite in Africa it would appear there are stark divisions in opinions. Sadly the divisions are between the people and corporate interests. They see what Americans fail to notice, there is no change afoot since Obama is rehiring people from failed administrations. With financial holdings in a Canadian mining company the choice of Hillary Clinton was a dark day according to several news feeds within the continent. It is funny how Indigenous people from around the world have no love for the Clintons in spite of all these non-profit organizations he’s started. Many people in the third world speculate the Clinton’s only use their philanthropy as a store front for corrupt business ventures. The list of contributors reads more like a who’s who in human rights violations. That should have been a red flag. The conflicts of interest go on and on yet Billary will rest at the helm of corruption once again. Guess we learned nothing from the Dick “Haliburton” Cheney debacle.

China being the top of the list of The Billary’s conflicts of interest has taken all awards for its human rights violations as well as the cruelty award for its inhuman treatment of its own citizens. Liken to Hitler’s Germany the population lives in darkness of their regime. If only they knew the millions of slaves who work and toil for American and European superstores or the harvesting of human parts from healthy slaves. In any event, I am providing a new link for my viewers explore. It’s a window into the Africa we are not aware of. Like all my news feeds, I don’t necessarily agree with the news stories but it gives me a perspective or viewpoint. Take it with a grain of salt or research further. Here are a few stories that caught my eye from a feed called Pambazuka News;


Daniel Volman

Daniel Volman gives us the history and reasons for the creation of Africom, and why it will have disastrous consequences in and for Africa. He looks at Obama’s likely support for Africom but also calls on us to engage Obama over the future of Africom.

Patrick Bond

Patrick Bond in this essay argues that while Obama was elected on a platform of change, his cabinet and advisor picks point to a return to domestic Clintonian policy, and an extension of Bush’s foreign policy. Even though Bond acknowledges that “Obama may not run as extreme a militarist regime as Bush/Cheney or as McCain/Palin would have” still, being less militaristic while pursuing a neo-liberal economic agenda does not bode well for the third world.

Your Devil’s Advocate



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