Sam Bradford, Pride of the Cherokee Nation / 2009

Sam Bradford, Pride of the Cherokee Nation

January 6th, 2009 by buffalohair

If you’re anywhere near Tahelquah, Oklahoma you might be lucky and get a free Sam Bradford tee shirt. It will bare the University of Oklahoma logo, Sam’s number on his jersey and his name proudly written in his native tongue Cherokee. Native American, Sam Bradford has won the exalted Heisman Trophy and the hearts of Oklahomans across the state and abroad with his sizzling performance on the football field.

In a time where the daily news if filled with gloom and doom it truly is a special occasion for me and other Native American journalists to boast about our own. Truly a positive roll model, Sam has accomplished and exceeded above and beyond his dreams, the Heisman Trophy. He has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that dreams can come true is we try. He is a hero on many levels and the pride of his nation as well as Native American’s across the America’s.

An inspiration to both Native and non Native youth, Sam is the ray of hope and promise that is so desperately needed in the times we live. With few heroes in this era we live, it is a proud day for all Native Americans that one of our own Sam Bradford has stepped up to the plate and forged a path for other kids to follow. He proved we can do anything if we decide to take the challenge. He showed we could be champions.

There is no question me and fellow Okies will be watching with intensity the BCS National Championship game at Dolphin Field in Miami this Thursday. I’ll have my OU shirt, Cap and all the goodies on while I gorge on hot wings, beans and fry bread while slugging down my ice tea. I will cheer on my beloved OU team and of course my hero and champion Sam Bradford, our Native son.

Hu Ho!!

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