There is no secret to surviving the times we live. There is no need to buy volumes of books, beads, bells, incense and learn tongue twisting incantations. At one time all cultures had a traditional grasp of the times of change. If we were to actually read the sacred works of any particular dogma we claim to practice we’d already know how simple survival really is.

Whence one realizes that the times we live are simply symptoms rather than the “whole ball of wax” we can better prepare for the inevitable events that have already begun to transpire. Seems everybody is rushing around pretending and/or making excuses for politicians and world events around them. Acting like the attorneys who’ve managed to fill our books with laws and double talk, society has lost contact with reality. The truth of our reality and destiny has been relegated to the “opinions” file down the hall.

Once we focus on what is real and important we come to realize not everything going on in society really matters and there is actually nothing we can do to change things. We are living in the time of false  prophets and charismatic leaders, prophets who will guide humanity in to the toilet of totalitarian rule. Corporatism has already taken over the world with promise of economical wealth and prosperity. The Earth has already begun the cycle of cleansing and there is no stopping her. All the kings’ men and all the kings’ horses will not be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

The fact industry is split over the effects of Global Warming is a very telling sign. Absolute contradictions and bold face lies are fed to the public ad nauseam. On one side of the coin Industry claims there is nothing wrong and on the other side of the coin are industrialists who are welcoming the change since it has opened up the Northwest Passage in the Arctic Circle. But bare in mind nature has a bigger plan than mankind’s petty quest for the gold.

The only real way to prepare for the times we live is spiritually. Nah, you don’t have to find a monastery and pray till you puke, though prayer is a good thing. Just try to read past the offering plate of your particular dogma. Don’t take anything for granted but read the works yourself and let your religion “talk” to you. Listen to the ancient warnings of the times we live and connect the dots. I find it interesting that many dogmas tell the same tale but nobody seems to get it eh. Your connection with the Creator is a personal one and that is something many people still need to know. There are no secrets when it comes to personal spirituality and there is no need for a middleman. That middleman will be completely involved with his/her survival when the Crappola hits the fan anyway. So you better sharpen up your spiritual skills for sure. Imagine what a pickle Moses would have been in if he could not find his liaison to G*D when angels came to him. How would he have known who was from the Creator and who was a fraud? He would not have known to get lambs blood and mark the entrances of homes when death came to Egypt.

All too many people will most likely huddle in a corner in total fear whence a spirit comes to them with dire warnings eh. Since very few people even want to grasp the supernatural it’s easy to see who will not make the cut. With no eyes for the spirit world the most critical survival link will never be made. I can see it now, an ancestor comes to a person to warn him/her about an impending dam break or tornado. Just the fact a spirit came in the first place would drown what message they brought. Whether it was a good or bad spirit would not matter since the person would either rush to the Enquirer or run screaming into the night. Oy Vey!

If ever there was a time people should seek out true spirituality it is now. From a Native perspective we know the Creator sent out messengers to all cultures to teach of right and wrong and of the time of change. Therefore the answers people need are already written in their respective dogmas. By establishing a dialog with the Creator now you will know who you can trust spirit wise. At the very least you will be done with all the Ga-Ga over talking with spirits in the first place. Hopefully you did not decide you’re a medicine man or something just because you saw the supernatural, gawd that is so lame. Just remember, we all are spirits as well. Only difference is, we have to haul around this sack of meat called the human form. From what I’ve learned, the human body is only a space suite of sorts designed to sustain the spirit while on Earth. Surely you know life on Earth is not the hear all and be all of existence don’t you?

So what have we learned today? Everything that is bombarding us at present, world domination, economy, and environment, are actually only signs of a more ominous human event that is yet to come. There is no altering the prophesied turn of events fore it was meant to be. In a vision spirits said that “Spirits from throughout the universe would stand in awe of the power of Mother Earth and the Creator during the time of great change”. So if governments are banking on their secret connections with space guys, forget about it. Space guys may seem all tricked out with their gadgets and technology but in all reality they are no better than us, some are good and some are puke. Course you must be past the “We are the only life forms in the universe” kick before you can grasp that concept. And the secret to survival is already written down on the pages of every dogma on Earth. But it is up to you to establish the link with the Creator not a middleman. Just remember, your covenant with the Creator is a personal one and with absolute faith you will survive impossible odds. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, Capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate



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