Russia Gives “Finger” to Free World / 2008

Russia Gives “Finger” to Free World

Here are some observations on world politics from a street kid’s perspective eh. It is all but impossible to know the exact chain of events that lead to Russia’s move against Georgia. Propaganda masters on both sides of the Iron Curtain managed to skew all the facts by now. But one thing is for certain, Putin and his crew don’t give a flying crappola about what anyone thinks or says. King George rambled on in a feeble attempt to saber rattle. The United Nations got upset with Russia’s stroll through Georgia. The European Union got into the act with angry e-mails and public words of discontent. And while the free world sniveled and whined about all the naughty stuff Mother Russia was doing, Putin and the boys were toasting with premium vodka and plotting their next course of action.

Granted, George W. Bush managed to instigate and antagonize Russia for quite some time now. Through Iran, North Korea and other Soviet satellites past and present George has been picking a fight with the Russian’s. The placement of US rockets in Georgia so close to the Russian border was outrageous behavior for the leader of the free world. Surely it was not the will of the American people. According to some politicians in Georgia, they believe the USA instigated this action while others huddled around their new flag waiting for the US and the free world to save them. Then you have the other side of the coin, the old school Soviets who never assimilated western concepts and material ways. The fact the US and the free world were powerless to deal with humanitarian issues such as the wholesale murder of innocent people in Burma, Darfur or East Timor was a very telling sign indeed. We don’t walk our talk.

The US defended and protected with great success throughout history and got a pretty good name for them selves. Well, except for the wholesale murder of millions of Indigenous people, stealing the land, then lies about it. But when the US decided to become an aggressor nation they lost our medicine and they were out of our league. It’s a contradiction for a nation to be a Democracy, a bastion of freedom and human rights then to force our will on others while destroying their nation. It’s Totalitarian Freedom at its best, “You can be free but you have to be free OUR way”. Since when was it cool to march into some country, bomb it into the Stone Age then whack their leader? Then to discover Georgie lied about the whole thing was the ultimate national disgrace. Yet everyone just kept on trucking, everything was cool man. So we turn against our Cold War Allies, now that we don’t need them anymore, is the message we are sending. Saddam was only one of many rulers who assisted the ole USA in the fight against all them Pinko Commies eh. Yea wonder why those Afghanis are so tough? They were originally trained by the CIA and other military contractors back in the day when we just had to get them Ruskies.

Surely you remember the headlines about the CIA exaggerating reports about the Soviet threat during the Cold War don’t you? Well, the Cold War was good for business and many weapons of war were sold to fight Commie’s. In the process of saving the world from Communist oppression, the military arms industry gleaned quite a handsome profit for supplying our “friends” with toys of death. So here we are, the American public chomping at the bit to stop this bogus war. And George is about to pass the scepter to another corporate president. Just looks like a set up to me. It looks like George wants to piss off the Russians and get the Cold War up and running before the next guy takes office. This would insure that if the war in Iraq is finally stopped the military war machine can still move forward with the manufacture of war toys, all for the corporate bottom line.

With the lace removed from the Iron Curtain our relationship with Russia will soon chill to an all time low. This will usher in another Cold War era, if we are lucky. We’ve managed to alienate, incarcerate and even murder former allies from the last Cold War. We will be hard pressed to find freedom fighters that will trust us now. The seeds of conflict have already been planted. And no one is paying attention.

Since no one will address the “speculator issue” anymore. Soon they will have some fun with fuel prices again as Russia and her allies turn up the heat on Europe and the US. Don’t think for one minute Russia does not have allies and whence this situation with Russia festers we will be shocked by the numbers. The European Union fearful of loosing Russian oil and gas tempered any meaningful response to the South Ossetia issue. Russia has not bought into this New World Oder fore they have their own union, The Soviet Union, and their nation is self sufficient. So is China for that matter and here sits the free world, nations being stripped of independence with resources scattered throughout the globe. You realize that China holds the US economy by the short hairs don’t you? In essence they hold the free worlds economy as well. I call it the New World Order Domino Effect. Since The Clinton’s gave China Favored Nation Status she’s been busy buying up US stocks and Treasury Bills. Maybe you missed the sale. America was sold out from underneath us and corporatism is about to bite the free world in the ass, Comrade.

Ah but world conflict was also on the agenda as far as Earth Changes were concerned. All this stuff is just another sign. But who pays attention to all that poppycock anyway? From an Indigenous point of view it is a relief to know change is coming fore humanity can not live like this much longer. Whether or not I survive the coming events, either natural or man made, is of no consequence to me. I know where I will be going whence I cross back over. Just so you know; world conflict and human suffering in epic proportions will fill the memory banks of all who survive. Stunned by what they experienced they well note that mankind raised the gauntlet of wars and human suffering but it was Mother Earth who had the last say in man’s destiny.

After the Change is complete scribes will find nice rock surfaces to write down what has transpired. Some will write tales of the times of change and how to avoid the consequences our civilization endured. Others will tell the stories about greed and totalitarian rule. Survivors will want to warn future generations about what has transpired. Like the Petroglyphs in Chaco Canyon or the Mayan Calendar, the grave warnings of the future will go unheeded, again. And the beat goes on.

10,000 years from now some archeologist will decipher some of my work and ask his fellow scientist;

“What does “flipping the bird” mean?”

Your Devil’s Advocate

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind


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