Dreams / 2006

Dreams by Buffalohair

Dreams are kewl if you bother to take notice of them. Either good or bad dreams have messages within my tradition. For me it’s a window of sorts. Some can be metaphorical, some can be memories and some can be premonitions. The ones that truly get my heart thumping are visions of the future. Well, I believe they are of the future and fortunately for me I have elders to consult. Surely I would not have had a clue about them 20 years ago when I was such an arrogant putz. Gads, back then I used to curse spirits and get down right nasty with them when they came to me. I used to blame them for the harsh childhood I had and all the horrors my people endured. Enough of that since I did finally, “get it” as my elders tell me.

But this week was one of them weeks where I could “see” why so many people were not going to make the cut. The race card played in to my scenarios since this card was tossed into the deck. And foolishly I managed to deal out this hand. Sure many people will simply not make the cut in the events that are already unfolding before mankind. But the division of who is and who is not going to survive these times of change will not be a racial one. It’s not a division dictated by dogmas or nationality either. The division will be a spiritual one. The kicker is we as humans will be the ones making this distinction within ourselves. So we can’t blame anyone else or the Creator with this on eh.

Once we got down off our hobby horse and come to terms with the reality that there is no race or gender within the confines of the spirit world. Then maybe we can come to terms with the petty hatreds and prejudices we’ve come to hold within ourselves. And we all have them, from a Krusty Native journalist, um like me to the tree hugging, tofu eating flower child; we all have our prejudices and hatreds. There are so many divisions even within ethnic groups it’s hard to differentiate between good and bad and right and wrong since all these sides are so opinionated with some convincing arguments. With all these “My way or the highway” dogmas and sects in this society it’s hard not to jump on any bandwagon and/or inadvertently pick up an axiom or two down the road.

Fortunately there is an awakening of sorts within all cultures as this time of change becomes more of a reality even to those Doubting Susan’s that think it’s all a bunch of poppycock. The realities of Ma Earth and her season are coming to light and can not be ignored. Though it is not so apparent at this juncture, people are scrambling to find a sanctuary that will take them safely through these troubled times. Ironically there is no sanctuary, safe haven or sects that will offer any safe passage in the coming times ahead. We have to be the stewards of our own vessel. We as individuals have to come to terms with ourselves and find our own personal covenant with the Creator. It’s as simple as that fore the reality is, there is no wrong or right religion.

I’ve talked about my near death experience when I was writing for a national publication, “Unknown Magazine” by my friend Chris Fleming who is now doing TV work both in England and the US these days. If yea ever find an old issue, no. 3 “Encounters with Angels” where I discussed what I saw doing this life changing event in my life. It will be an interesting read to say the least. Granted, I was not too thrilled with the intro to my article since I was labeled a “Medicine Man” because of the nature of my experience. We are all privy to the spirit world and we are all privy to the so called supernatural fore we are members of the spirit world first and our time on Earth is only a way stop, one of many and surely not our first. And we are spirits, only at this juncture we are hauling around a lot of meat called the physical form.

Gads, there is so much to tell when I had my NDE since it was like I lived a lifetime while I was on the other side. But this is the most important thing that needs to be said at this time. When I was “there” I was taken to a pow wow or fair grounds of sorts and within the confines of this place there was a major gathering. You could smell incense and music of all kinds. There were beings of all designs and everyone was happy and singing together. What was so kewl was the fact every religion I ever studied and I’ve studied many, and religions I never saw before were celebrating the Creator together in total harmony. Then it was told to me that the Creator sent messengers to all cultures of the universe to teach of right and wrong good and bad and the basic tenets of morality. All dogmas lead to the Creator. For mankind to use religion as the justification to fight and kill was not of the Creator, fore there is no such thing as a Holy War. To kill in the name of G*D is totally contrary to the Creators original teachings. Just remember the concept of a monotheistic religion was not for spiritualities sake it was to control the masses.

Hmm, I knew I would not be able to make this dream story short and sweet. So anywayzzzzz, last night I had one of the many recurring dreams or visions. And it was about the times of change fore I have many of them. But this was one of them “after” dreams. It was so beautiful since everything was surreal. The colors were like those within the spirit world, ultra brilliant. Only difference was there were only colors we are aware of. In the spirit world there are “other” colors as well. And for those who’ve also crossed over you know what I mean. It’s just to cool.

What was so dynamic about this dream was the fact I was reminded that there was no one race, culture or creed that was privy to survival. The survivors were a multitude of colors, races and creeds. There was no “side” or boundaries fore people came to realize they were all human beings. The secret to survival was to cast off ego and the pettiness that has engulfed mankind and to embrace the diversity fore we will have learned to be humble, once again. As it was said when I was in the spirit world “The old with blend with the new and mankind will go forward as a new people”

Funny thing about what I had just said. When I was on the other side, I did vow to tell all that would listen the messages I was given to say. And believe me, I am not the only one fore there are many messengers out there. And if we bothered to pay attention maybe we will be better prepared for the coming events that lay ahead. I believe through the arts, song, dance, film and books there is a multitude of messages that can enrich the spirit if we bother to take the time to listen or read. It does not matter if one believes me or not but at least the seed of knowledge has been planted, even to the most doubting soul.

When the crappola hits the proverbial fan and all them trinkets and doodads don’t cut the mustard during the coming events. Just drop a dime to the Creator within the context of your dogma and you will be humbled by the reality of true spirituality fore all religions point to the same dude. And if you don’t get it by then, to bad so sad. It’s not like you was not warned or made aware of things fore I have just told you. And there will be others as we approach the more turbulent times. The Creator sent many messengers and I’m only one of them. And believe me, I kept telling the spirits on the other side, “Man, you’ve got the wrong guy. I’m just a Wiseguy, a goon, not some holy dude” It reminded me of that Monty Python movie, “Life of Brian” when the one character thought G*D was talking to him rather then Moses. I just could not believe I was going to speak for the Creator let alone talking about Earth Changes. And if you don’t believe any of this, I could give a flying crappola anyway. I’m just keeping a promise. Rock On!

Your Devil’s Advocate


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