Facts / Maps about Radioactive Fallout in Canada, US, The World / 2011

Facts & Maps about Radioactive Fallout in Canada, US, The World

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In a civil society governments would be more forthright about the current fallout conditions that DO exist on the planet today. Unfortunately people must hunt down facts through a myriad of sites or read stacks of complex  data since the mainstream media are completely detached. Frankly, they appear to be living on another planet for that matter. But there are sites on the web where Americans have deciphered and explained AVAILABLE CURRENT DATA about the continued world wide nuclear disaster in Fukushima. And I applaud their noble efforts.

Current Charts and Maps Here:

It should be clears as the schnozzola on your face that this disaster has turned political. Nuclear pundits, investors, including politicians on both sides of the isle and financially involved scientists sugarcoat catastrophe. The media as a whole are owned by parent corporations who vey to capitalize on nuclear energy. Just follow the money and you will discover who is who in the world of nuclear energy and ironically, globalization. So it is up to you the forgotten citizen of what every county you reside to seek out the truth so you can protect your family. There are solution to this crisis and they are very affordable since all one would have to do is avoid precipitation and pretty much stay indoors. One could also wear a mask and long sleeved clothing if one needed to venture outside. All you would need to do is study the radiation disbursement charts provided by existing sites to plan your day. Sadly, this will eventually be a part of daily life as change continues to encroach on humanity.

Current Charts and Maps Here:

Then there are people who simply want to ignore it all and pretend all is nice. That is OK too since this is still a free country. After all, there is nothing man can do to alter the fact our environment will be much more radio active than before. It is also only a matter of time before governments  increase the levels of acceptable radiation in the environment. Sadly they have no choice because all days would be “Radioactive Fallout Days” if the bar was not raised. Unlike petrochemicals, radioactive contamination lasts forever as far as our lives are concerned. The deadly plumes that are coming out of Fukushima are contaminating Asia at an alarming rate and the ocean will soon bare cancer causing fish from the thousands of tons of radioactive water that has already spewed into the once pristine sea. It is a done deal boys and girls, we are beamed up with radiation and soon new cancers will arise from this latest transuranic event.

Current Charts and Maps Here:

Take it for what it’s worth but I am shamelessly providing a site that has some very valuable information, charts, projections and current data you can plan your day with. The animated charts reveal the reality of our exposure and the various radioactive contaminants that DO exist and DO pose a critical health issue. Hopefully this site will not disappear like so many others have in the past. None dare call it censorship, just another coincidence. But like always, this is only a sign of the times we live because it was prophesized in many dogmas that every aspect of life on earth would be effected by change during this era we live. With some common sense this and other disasters that are poised to strike mankind are survivable. It was also written that people would survive Ma Earths cleansing and I plan to be one of them, don’t you?

Current Charts and Maps Here:

We are in the midst of a nuclear catastrophe and there is no sugarcoating the fact our environment will be much more cancerous than before when and if Fukushima is finally put to rest. Just remember, the full extent of contamination from Chernobyl was concealed from the public and is still the subject of debate and cover-up. A few more nuclear disasters and we will need to wear *Tyvek suites just to go to Zellers or Tim Horton’s for a cup of java because radiation does not go away. Raising the level of acceptable rediation does not cure a thing other than show face to the nuclear industry.  Radiation sickness is already masked by the medical communities and pharmaceutical companies are already gearing up for the next rash of new “cancers” that are set to plague mankind. But what do I know since I was only trained by the EPA and FEMA. I also worked in radioactively contaminated parts of the country left behind by Union Carbide. I know I glow in the dark and I know nuclear pundits are lying their well dressed asses off as well.

I would rather know the truth and live rather than live in lies and die.

* http://www.disposable-garments.com/products/Tyvek_Suits_c42/

Current Charts and Maps Here:

Your Devil’s Advocate


“Fallout Foods” Are Your Best Defense

The safest, smartest way to protect yourself in our current situation is to boost your consumption of foods that are rich in natural iodine.

I call these “fallout foods” because they pump up your body’s iodine supply, making you less vulnerable to any radioactive iodine in the air.

Even without an iodine supplement, you can protect yourself and family from the increased radiation overhead by getting more of these fallout foods into your diet.

The best of these iodine-rich foods come from the oceans far from Japan, Pacific ring of fire, — and topping the list is seaweed and other sea vegetables, the leading food source of iodine on the planet.

Seaweed and sea veggies are a mainstay in the Japanese diet (they consume more of it than any population on Earth), so they’re getting as much protection as these foods can provide.

But if you’re like most Americans, chances are the only seaweed you’ve ever swallowed was wrapped around a sushi roll.  And you probably couldn’t tell kombu from kelp if you’re life depended on it.  But that’s about to change.

Beefing-Up Your Seaweed Savvy

Here’s a rundown of the most popular types of seaweed available…

Kelp has an amazing 12 mg of iodine per teaspoon of granules. Sprinkle it onto any meal—salads, soups, and whole grains.

Kombu is a type of kelp that comes in strips. Add one 5″ strip to every pot of soup, grains and beans you cook (iodine is not affected by heat). It’s painless and flavorless, and you can remove it after cooking so squeamish family member won’t have to see it.

Dulse and wakame are other good sources of iodine — but, alas, nori is the iodine-poor member of the seaweed family. You can still get plenty of iodine in your sushi by adding kelp granules to the sushi’s rice, and/or cooking the rice with kombu.

Sea Veggies Remove Radiation from Your Body

In addition to protecting you from radiation, sea vegetables also pull radiation out of your body.  According to a 1964 McGill University study published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, kelp reduces the intestinal absorption of radioactive strontium-90 by up to 80% (thus it passes through the body instead of sticking around where it can do damage).

Indeed, there are so many health benefits associated with seaweed that adding it to your current diet just makes good sense – whether fallout from Japan becomes a major health concern or not.

Curious to see how we could make “seaweed snacking” more appealing to Western taste buds, we’ve been experimenting with new recipe ideas in our My Healing Kitchen Test Kitchen.  Here are the winning favorites as voted by our Taste Panel…

Nori-Wrapped Crab Rolls with Wasabi and Roasted Red Pepper

Seaweed Cucumber Salad

Seaweed is definitely catching on in the health-conscious sectors of America. Seaweed snacks now populate entire sections of shelf space at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. One of my favorites is Annie Chuns Seaweed Snacks which is available in sesame or sinus-opening wasabi flavors. Both are big favorites around the MyHealingKitchen offices.

Other Radiation-Blocking Foods

No way, you say, that you’ll ever, ever eat seaweed?

Okay. So you’ll be happy to know there are several other foods that pack a big iodine wallop, including asparagus, garlic, Lima beans, mushrooms, sesame seeds, soybeans organic, spinach, summer squash, Swiss chard and turnip greens. (Just realize that these veggies are nowhere near as potent as the sea-faring sisters.)

And forget that urban rumor about getting your iodine from iodized salt. You’d have to swallow a half a cup of salt to get a scant 13 mg — and your blood pressure wouldn’t appreciate that one bit.

Put More Cancer-Blocking Foods on the Table

Radiation causes cancer by creating free radical molecules that damage DNA. So it makes sense to eat more foods and supplements that are rich in antioxidants these days — and research backs this up.

Choose foods loaded with the antioxidants vitamin C (papaya, kale, red bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries organic and kiwis), vitamin E (sunflower seeds, almonds, olives and spinach) and selenium (Brazil nuts, salmon Alaska wild, shrimp and turkey, and brown rice).

All of these are cancer-blocking heavyweights. And it’s easy to identify them. Just let your eyes guide you: Fresh, brightly-colored foods tend to be antioxidant treasures.

You also should consume more whole grains, especially brown rice. Whole grains are rich in fiber, phosphorus, antioxidants and selenium, all of which help escort toxins from the body.

And don’t forget rosemary. Spanish researchers published research in the British Journal of Radiology demonstrating that nothing fights the free radicals created by radiation like this aromatic herb. Since rosemary’s essential antioxidants are fat-soluble, they provide critical protection in areas water-based antioxidants can’t reach.

Other supplements that may be protective against radiation damage are vitamin D and vitamin K. Both support cell apoptosis, which is the programmed death of cells that accumulate various DNA errors (due to radiation and other causes). Vitamin D also supports DNA repair.


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