Nobel Foundation Presented Coveted OGM Award

Nobel Foundation Presented Coveted OGM Award

Posted in Satire with tags , , , on October 11, 2009 by buffalohair

>Butt Prize

The Nobel Foundation is presented with the Osculatus Gluteous Maximus (OGM) award for lowering the standard and pandering to political rhetoric. In an era where eloquent speeches matter more than substance it is heartening to note the Nobel Foundation has followed suite and presented this once prestigious award for absolutely nothing. In light of sacrifices made by previous award winners and the multitude of achievements that were accomplished for mankind it is clear they endured for not.

Future award winners will no longer be encumbered by unnecessary and time consuming objectives. Thanks to the Nobel Foundation the only prerequisite will be a well versed and politically correct essay. This will give an equal opportunity to those who do nothing at all a chance to be an exhausted Nobel Prize recipient. Truly, words will speak louder than action as we face a bold new tomorrow.

In regard to this award I have but one query;

How Far Beyond Stupid Are You?

Your Devil’s Advocate



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