THE FLATULANT COW, sign of the times. / 2006


THE FLATULANT COW, sign of the times.

It’s just one of them boring news days. Every major financial institution in the free world is on the verge of collapse. Corruption is at an all time high as world leaders scramble to make a buck on a personal and Corporate Fascist note. Global Warming has been considered a boom to the shipping industry as coastlines disappear around the world. Oil and gas, lol don’t make me puke. Nature has already begun the revolt as gangs of killer jelly fish swarm fishing hostels. Plagues beyond epidemic proportions are spreading around the world. Human rights violations go unchecked and take a back burner for the sake of profiteering. While the world at large says nothing as the public is lead around by their noses in this Pollyanna rose colored vision of all is nice.

So what if scientists in South Korea cloned cats that glow in the dark. They would be easier to spot by rouge mice Japanese scientists genetically engineered with no fear of cats. Then there is NAFTA and the loss of millions of American jobs. Self sufficiency of this nation was replaced by dependants on other less than friendly nations. Like a monkey trap where the monkey refuses to release the banana in the bottle and is imprisoned by his own greed. The US was not hard to conquer, just let their greed lead them down the path to their own demise. What are we thinking eh. It’s all about the money anyway, Capice?

So the real headliner on this Monday is the Flatulent Cow of Edinburgh England. The back side of a mechanical cow was affixed to the Rowan Pub in old town. Literally, like clock work the cow breaks wind at 11:00 and 13:00 (GMT) with a complement of dry ice for visual and sound effects. It is a befitting statement of the times we live since most politicians give us hot air at best. At least the cow is dependable and does what it was intended to do.

Your Devil’s Advocate

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