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by Ann for everyone
Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 10:19 pm    Post subject: Oyate Native Books


Oyate is a Native organization working to see that our lives and histories are portrayed honestly, and so that all people will know our stories belong to us.



Oyate. You may find an interesting book, video or CD in the catalog. We are a Native American/American Indian advocacy and education organization that

Just a few of the Authors on the book list:

From Sherman Alexie (Spokane/Coeur d’Alene)

From Philip J. Deloria (Lakota)

From Vine Deloria, Jr. (Lakota)

Deloria, Vine Jr. (Lakota)
Daniel Wildcat (Muscogee)

Dunn, Anne (Ojibwe),

Dunn, Carolyn (Cherokee/Choctaw/Muscogee/Seminole)
Carol Comfort (Cherokee/Choctaw)

Fawcett, Melissa Jayne (Mohegan)

Fife, Connie (Cree)

Frank, Della (Diné)
Roberta D. Joe (Diné)

Harjo, Joy (Muscogee)
Gloria Bird (Spokane)

From Allison Adelle Hedge Coke (Cherokee/Huron)

From Linda Hogan (Chickasaw)

From Thomas King (Cherokee)

From Winona LaDuke (Anishinaabe)

From Simon Ortiz (Acoma)

From Delphine Red Shirt (Lakota)

From Wendy Rose (Hopi/Miwok)

From Greg Saris (Kashaya Pomo/Coast Miwok)

From Haunani-Kay Trask (Hawai’ian)


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