Learn how to ride a horse

Blog Entry learn how to ride a horse Nov 26, ’08 11:03 PM
by Ann for everyone
A priest decided he wanted to learn how to ride a horse so he asked one of his Native friends in a nearby reserve to teach him. The Native agreed and off they went. The priest soon learned how to get on the horse but was confused as to how to make it go. The Native guy said “just say Alleluia” so the priest did and the horse began to trot around. The priest said “how do I make it go faster?” The Native guy said “say Alleluia, Alleluia”. So he tried and sure enough the horse went faster. One more time and the horse took off, running like a race horse. The priest saw a cliff up ahead and yelled how do I make it stop and the Native guy said “Whooa” So the priest said “whoooa” and the horse screeched to a stop right at the end of the cliff. The priest wiped his forehead, relieved and yelled “Alleluia”!  


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by Ann for everyone


  • for their ability to play rez ball, take care of 20 kids, and manage to make sandwiches at the same time when at a basketball tournament.

  • for any reason to say “Aye!” at the end of a joke.

  • for their ability to cram 20 people in one room at the Super 8 motel during a powwow.

  • for their ability to make commodity food taste like a 4-star culinary feast.

  • for their ability to make those breakfast/lunch/dinner burritos that we all love so much.

  • for their ability to expertly point with their lips at that fine grass dancer with the long braids.

  • for their ability to make a rez car look good.

  • for the ability to change a tire, the oil, a spark plug, or anything on the car.

  • for those little hairs that always seem to stick up no matter how much hairspray applied.

  • for their ability to work wonders with bailing wire and, of course, duct tape!!

  • for their ability to keep sweat pants fashionable no matter what occasion.

  • for their ability to make that all-tourney t-shirt and shorts into the one and only Indian “swimsuit.”

  • for their ability to stay out all Friday night at the Indian casino and still hit the early Saturday morning yard sales.

  • for their ability to lead all the round dance songs at Gathering’s 49.

  • for their tendency to want to bead every clothing item of the entire family.

  • for their ability to give one “look” at their man to shut him up.

  • for her ability to go to the store with those infamous pink rollers in her hair with not one hint of embarrassment.

  • for their ability to pee on the road side or behind any shrub no matter how small.

  • for their ability to somehow get her husband to ask for some of his money out of his own paycheck.

  • and last but not least for their wonderful ability to sneak 10 extra drumsticks of chicken and biscuits into their Tupperware from the buffet in town to later feed the family.


Larry Redhouse, World Class Jazz /2008

Larry Redhouse, World Class Jazz

June 23rd, 2008 by admin

It’s been a very busy year and work has piled up at my desk to astronomical proportions. Thumbing through a stack of media kits I came across one from Larry Redhouse so I decided to play this particular CD and what a pleasure it was. Though I was swamped with news and reviews I had to take a time out and listen to this wonderfully articulate jazz trio “The Larry Redhouse Trio”

trio museum

Contemporary Jazz at its finest is the only way I can describe his CD “Spirit Progression” fore I could not stop listening. From the first piece Spirit Progression to the last Understanding I was mesmerized and totally captivated by this wonderfully talented trio’s musical repartee. Small wonder they opened for the likes of Chick Corea, Terrence Blanchard and Donald Harrison.

Performances at the Smithsonian, The Kennedy Center, The Steinway Peace Piano Concert and the Grenoble Jazz Fest in Grenoble France are a testament this trio’s ability to captivate even the most discerning music aficionado. But don’t take my word, listen for yourself and I guarantee you will enjoy this musical journey.




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February 8th, 2008 by admin

OK boys and girls now for some shameless promotions. Here is a request to promote and play your tunes on a grand scale, worldwide. The theme of my show is Smooth Tunes. I play classical, cultural, jazz and other genres that carry this theme. I feature top Indie and Unsigned artists such as Tima Montemayor, Yanosh Mickie, Rick Dakotah, Andrea Menard, Mario Metzovarra and other quality world class performers. You would be in good company. There are no borders or cultural barriers on my show. Artists from around the world are welcome to join in on a qualitative promotional experience. I do not place artists in ethnic boxes. I offer an equal playing field to all entertainers. The only race  is the human race.

From Native American to Native Croatian, all artists are welcome.


 the World’s Radio Station in…………..2008

My show airs on Fri, Sat and Sun from 7 pm to 11 pm MST 2008 if you’d enjoy checking out my shows. I script everything and blend a musical show that complements the artists and offers my listeners a quality musical experience. I have a worldwide audience that demand world class entertainment. It don’t get better than that eh.

Media Packet info;

Buffalohair Productions
PO BOX 118
Hoehne, CO., 81046-0118

719.845.0066 message
719.369.6703 cell
818.361.6606 L.A.
972.986.2372 Dallas

Internet info;

noveho@yahoo.com Personal
buffalohairproductions@yahoo.com Business

Carlos aka Buffalohair

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ANDREA MENARD, Métis Magnifique /2007

ANDREA MENARD, Métis Magnifique

December 12th, 2007 by admin

rabbit fallsIn writing this interview I was poised with two options. I could write about this beautiful award winning actress/ playwright/ singer and the many accomplishments and awards she has earned. Andrea, with the help of her producer and co-writer Robert Walsh, have taken Canada by storm as this songstress forged a trail to fame with her enchanting voice and acting prowess. Most recently, her new TV series Rabbit Fall  has become a favorite on the Aboriginal People’s Television Network with a second season on the horizon. I’ve viewed the show and am quite jealous that we don’t get APTN here in the States.

I could write about all of this, but there’s more to Andrea Menard beyond what you see on stage and screen.

Born in 1971 in Flin Flon, Manitoba from humble Métis roots, she reflected back to a time when she was a little girl. Her father was lovingly known as “The King of the Kitchen Party” since it was the norm for Métis families and friends to sing and enjoy the day; her mother was a singer as well with little Andrea singing back up. Andrea holds dear these memories of her youth and credits her family for planting the seeds that have blossomed into her rewarding career.

It was never her intention to become a singer since she never considered music as an occupation or something to get paid for. Music and singing was simply a part of her childhood and a very real part of the Métis way of life. From serving in the Canadian Army to being voted “Saskatoon’s Sexiest Female” by readers of Planet S Magazine, Andrea has come of age. She’s performed before His Royal Highness, The Earl of Wessex Prince Phillip; His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales; and yes, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth just to name a few. Not bad for a little Native girl from Flin Flon eh.

As we discussed her career it became obvious there was yet another story or as I mentioned earlier, another option. I came to know her not only an accomplished performer but a driven woman. The love of her people became most apparent to me as she shared the inner Andrea Menard. Simply put, she had something to prove to the world. Though her career was in full swing, she had an agenda that many others would not have considered—she wanted to show the world that Native people were not relegated only to stereotypes and restrictive roles. And prove she has. Andrea has shattered this myth since she has excelled in genres never considered possible. The stereotypical Tontoesk imagery of “tom tom beating” Natives has forever been cast afoul.

Like concert pianist and music maven extraordinaire Rick Dakotah, Andrea has shown that Native people can achieve and excel in genres once not considered possible or allowable. Her talent has broken the constrictive mold cast around Native entertainers since time immemorial. In Canada, she has managed to cross the invisible racial barrier with her sultry jazz singing and breakthrough film, The Velvet Devil.  Canadians of all ethnic origins and skin tone have come to love this wonderfully talented Métis girl. She truly has become a world class artist and the pride of the Métis Nation.

andrea as "velvet devil"

Ah, but there is more to this articulate songstress. As we enjoyed our conversation we began to share the innermost aspects of our personas. We began to share concepts of life and our spirituality. Truly aware of the times we live, Andrea was more than forthcoming about her desire to help humanity through her art. The lyrics of many of her songs tell stories of the realities within Native life. From tales of her childhood to ballads about the human condition, Andrea has become a messenger of hope and healing in the troubled times we live.

We joked about the contrast of the two of us. Andrea, the messenger of love and healing then me, the crusty hard bitten journalist—yet we share the same vision. She has called me her brother in spirit and after this interview I must agree. We are dedicated to making a positive difference within the First Nation and humanity as a whole. It was once said Andrea Menard was the Good Will Ambassador of the Métis Nation. I contend she is the Good Will Ambassador of Humanity.

As for me, I’m The Devil’s Advocate..lol

“I’m a jazz singer and a folk and country singer. But lots of people still don’t know that Aboriginal people touch every single genre of music. We’re not in one little category.”  Andrea Menard


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Savage Family Hosts Fundraiser for Northwest USA Flood Victims / 2007

Savage Family Hosts Fundraiser for Northwest USA Flood Victims

December 10th, 2007 by admin

With no aid in site, thousands of US citizens are in dire need of assistance. Homeless, clotheless and foodless, men women and children are fending for themselves while politics rules the day. With foul weather afoot and lives at stake, I have been approached to spread the word of their dire need for assistance. Knowing some of the victims has further motivated me to push for help because of the magnitude of this disaster in the state of Washington. And after interviewing them I’ve come to know exactly how serious the conditions are.

You would think the Land of Milk and Honey would have responded to their cries but as usual the mainstream media has only touched on only a fraction of the conditions that exist in this region. But with a track record where dead bodies must be floating in the gutters before aid finally gets to the needy people have to take their fate into their own hands.

Thankfully there are human beings that are trying to put a dent in this catastrophic event. The Savage Family has taken it upon themselves to make a stand for humanity for the people in this region. They are organizing a benefit fundraiser in an effort to help the flood victims and bring attention to their plight.

The people need clothing, blankets, food, water all the essentials of life since absolutely everything is destroyed due to massive flooding. As we well know disease is soon to follow if the bare basic needs of these human beings are not addressed. It is absolutely appalling that this could possible be happening in a land that boasts about stock prices and sending billions to China simply for a sporting event. Bear in mind thousands of human beings are homeless and without anything at all. Their children are in a state of shock and the realities of loosing everything they once owned comes to light. Are we to wait till there is a body count similar to the Katrina’s? What does it take to get help when disaster strikes in this Land of Plenty? How destitute must human beings be before anyone takes this horrific event seriously?

Don’t listen to the talking heads in the mainstream media circus or these so called signed orders for assistance sine I just talked to people in the afflicted region and there is no help in sight, PERIOD. Go to the horse’s mouth and ask for yourself. Here is a note from the Savage Family who is on the scene as I write this report and judge for yourself. I am asking the world for assistance since it does not seem anyone is home in Washington DC.

A note from the hip hop musical group Savage Family camp. Please take the time to inquire for yourselves…














EMAILS:  paxindigena@gmail.com or savagefambam@gmail.com

This is not just a Pow Wow or gathering. This is a humanitarian grass roots attempt to save lives and absolutely anyone who reads this should contact them via these contact points they have provided me. They will provide the added information needed is you are sending donations or supplies since everything is needed at this juncture. There is no excuse for the human suffering that is occurring at this time in the United States of America, none what so ever. But this drama is unfolding before the world’s eyes and I hear their cries. I implore the world to take a long hard look at what is happening to these families. You have now been informed; their fate rests in your hands. Maybe if there was oil in this region they would get assistance.


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