Learn how to ride a horse

Blog Entry learn how to ride a horse Nov 26, ’08 11:03 PM
by Ann for everyone
A priest decided he wanted to learn how to ride a horse so he asked one of his Native friends in a nearby reserve to teach him. The Native agreed and off they went. The priest soon learned how to get on the horse but was confused as to how to make it go. The Native guy said “just say Alleluia” so the priest did and the horse began to trot around. The priest said “how do I make it go faster?” The Native guy said “say Alleluia, Alleluia”. So he tried and sure enough the horse went faster. One more time and the horse took off, running like a race horse. The priest saw a cliff up ahead and yelled how do I make it stop and the Native guy said “Whooa” So the priest said “whoooa” and the horse screeched to a stop right at the end of the cliff. The priest wiped his forehead, relieved and yelled “Alleluia”!  

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