December 10th, 2007 by admin

pheonix radio bannerI’ve managed to  get myself involved in an independent online radio station called Pheonixradio. With pocket change, robed piggy banks, rolls of Duct Tape and people with a vision on two continents we managed to create Pheonixradio. The sole purpose of this station is to air and promote unsigned, unlabeled and unknown artists. From the Maori to the Macedonians and from the Celtic to the Cheyenne, we are on the air worldwide.

It’s always been my contention that Native artists should not be place in some small restrictive corner. Our people should be mainstream and playing alone side other talented artists. How could we possibly hope to hit the big time and have a wide audience when we place ourselves in this artificially restrictive position? Why settle for less when there is a world filled with potential fans who would love to hear your tunes if only they heard you perform.

We have literally thousands of artists world wide including Native artists from all genres. From blues, rock, classical, Hip Hop and a myriad of different beats and of course traditional music as well. With affiliates around the world we give exposure on a grand scale that is sure to develop a fan base never before thought possible. No more do we have to settle for less since the world is at our finger tips. I thought it was bitchen since so many talented artists of all races never seem to have an equal playing field against the all powerful established recording companies. Artists don’t have the freedom to follow their art since their contracts are very restrictive. I’ve talked with many entertainers who share this common complaint.

For my sins I have a show now. It airs on Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 12midnight (EST) 2007 I play smooth music from jazz to classical with a rich mix of Native and Non Native unsigned artists that surely are world class entertainers. And now I have the privilege of playing and promoting these fine entertainers on a grand scale, world wide. So drop on by and take a listen to or sign up for a world wide experience and expand your horizons. Let the world have a chance to hear your music, tell your jokes or do your thing since all genres are welcome.



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