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In all actuality, there is no real news these days when you consider the corporations that control the mainstream media. The fact the media at large disallowed presidential hopeful Congressman Ron Paul to be heard or mentioned, speaks volumes. The bogus bantering between “recognized” political parties should be a major red flag since they are all pointed in the same direction. It does not matter if you like this Ron Paul or not. Fact is, the media is leading the public by the nose and only offering politically correct politicians who follow the Corporate Party Line.Corporations rule the roost in all facets of our culture anymore. The very idea there are “lobbyist” in the first place should have been a red flag in the first place. No matter who the lobbyists were, they reeked of special interest since that’s all they represented, special interests. The more money you have, the more lobbyists you can afford to wine and dine the political affluent or was that effluent. Either way, they both stink.

Capitalism has reached its dubious glory since not only the indigenous people of the America’s fell pray to this axiom, now all cultures and the world have been brought to their knees. The new color of race is green and not the environmental green. It is the green of money, and the lusting for it.

The rising cost of fuel was sad enough, but to discover other nations have not been hit as hard as us makes me wonder. I just read how fuel suppliers in Canada are rushing to match the USA with comparable costs to the public. But why would oil companies target the USA first? That’s a no brainer since the green light was given from the greatest traitor to this nation and the Constitution of the United States of America. Not since Benedict Arnold has this nation seen such a treasonous man like George W. Bush, the father of “Contemporary Corporate Fascism”

Throw away the notion there is a true hopeful in the coming presidential election since it is now known even Hillary Clinton is related to Dick Cheney and Obama. Then there is the rest of these incestual nepotismatic cronies who reap the profits from corruption. With the media safely in their corporate pockets other hopefuls don’t have a chance, let alone be heard. There is no side other than us and them since race is no longer a factor. And I’ll venture to state; if you follow the money you will also find the rest of this exclusive herd who are getting filthy rich at the expense of the vast majority of this nation. The world is next with this axiom of “New World Order”. It is a thinly veiled attempt to rule the world and you better pay attention, no matter what country you reside in.

You would think lessons were learned from the onset of the French Revolution. But alas, I guess not and I can hear Dick Cheney drinking his favorite wine on the veranda. When asked about the population of the United States of American suffering from the high cost of fuel, he would respond,

“Let them drive HumVee’s”

“Viva Le France”

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