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With all the hoopla over the raging fires in California I can’t help but remember the plight of the good people of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation on the Idaho/Nevada border. The fire raged on with no help from any state or federal assistance. Though the population was not as large it was still a critical situation with the elderly and the young as water and electricity was not available to them. People on dialysis and medications needing refrigeration were in peril. It was not an affluent community and the people were not movers and shakers. Just humble people who live off the sea. Out of sight and out of mind? Or is it because they were ONLY Natives? And the beat goes on……………

Human suffering is not expectable no matter what color your skin is. The situation is grave for the people who’ve lost their homes in Cally, there is no question. The response to this disaster was admirable to say the least as thousands of volunteers came to the aid of their countrymen. State and federal resources and fire fighting planes from Canada came to the rescue. And that is a good thing.

The Republicrates and Demopublicans throw barbs at one another even while the fires rage on for political consequence. Ironically each saying the other party is politicizing this horrific event. Shame on the both of them for human suffering should be a neutral humanitarian effort where we all lay down our swords for the sake of the people. Katrina was a classic example of political rubbish from both parties and this is reprehensible to say the least. And those citizens are still lost and without homes. They had no insurance since most of them were impoverished as it was. This is a national shame in contrast to the response California had. And it’s a cop out to say, “Well, we learned from Katrina” for that is BS as well. Other Hurricanes did not have this absolute disregard for human suffering. And we had a couple before Katrina if my memory serves me correctly. The only lesson learned in Katrina was, “YOU CAN’T DEPEND THE GOVERNEMENT IF YOU ARE A MINOROITY AND ARE HIT WITH DISASTER” It’s as simple as that. Unless your color is green.

And I’m still dismayed since with all this talk about global warming, all these summits and conferences there is little assistance for the villagers who are under direct assault in Alaska. Why do our concerns take the back burner to others? Why with all the data and confirmed reports of the on going disaster in Alaska is there nothing being done?

Alaska is a part of the United States of America as well. It is only obvious since its natural resources are robbed so the lower 48 can drive their HumVee’s and speed boats. Ironically the indigenous populations there can’t afford the high cost of fuel oil to warm their homes during the long dark winter months along the Arctic Rim. Oil that was taken from their original tribal land incidentally. Like they say, “Fair went out in the 30’s” and it’s totally unfair that these honorable people have to suffer in light of this in the first place. But again, it’s all about the money.

One village is in dire need of relocation since they soon will be under water. Do they have to be bloated and floating in the Arctic Ocean before help comes? Maybe so since bodies will clog the newly defrosted shipping lanes. It’s been known that they needed relocating since 2000 yet no help has arrived. And here is our news media, doing nothing as usual and they follow the axiom of double speak and ambivalence when it comes to Native’s in general.

Commerce professionals boast about the open sea lanes in the north do to the defrosted Northwest Passage. The gleefully boast of a quicker trade route to the east but the human toll goes unchecked and told. Only small articles appear in obscure places in the press. If I did not know people in Alaska I would not realize the extent of their plight. With all the information available you’d think we would offer more focus on the needs of the Natives who are in harms way from this catastrophe. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah lets save the bears. I’m sickened by all these do gooders who select “Noble” and “Humanitarian” causes. I lived in Alaska, someday I will return and I know our brother the bear will survive. But what about the Siberian Yup’ik, Inupiaq, Inuit, don’t they deserve to live as well?

The responce in California is just such a blatant contrast to the responce to disasters that involved minority populations. And it’s in our face. All that is needed now is for someone to spit on us as well.

I praise the fire fighting and humanitarian efforts in California, but shame on you American for ignoring us in our hour of need.

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