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Nothing like waking up in the morning to discover King George W. Bush’s plan for “Forced Americanization” of the world failed. Not only did if fail but now we are closer to thermal nuclear war then ever before.

Military experts and the would of intelligencia have verified Pakistan is half Taliban or supporters. Pakistan just so happens to be a nuclear power. Georgia, another nuclear power of sorts with nuclear war heads “just hanging out” is in total chaos do to King George’s meddlesome policy of “Forced Americanization”. And George thought he had a slight problem with Iran. Fact is, he has a major problem with Russian Prez Putin who gave Bush a dire warning if he “messed” with Iran. The poor people of France; in total chaos as well as their leader dabbles with “Forced Americanization” as he allies himself with a mad man. Do you actually think North Korea is going to toe the line with King George with big brother China backing their play? Not a chance buddy.

George and Dick’s lusting for war to fill the coffers of stock holders in this war based economy really did it this time. And there is a list of “quiet wars” that just don’t seem to make the mainstream media. The Philippines is just one of many “tiny wars” the USA is “advising”. I remember the US “advising” in a place called Viet Nam as well.

There is this bogus separation between the Democratic and the Republican parties. Barak Obama already is posed to attack Pakistan to keep nuclear arms in friendly hand if he is prez. Hillary depending on the time of day, supports beaming up Iran along with the rest of them talking heads. There is no difference in the bottom line since they are all heavily invested in the war machine George built.

History has a funny way of repeating itself as George W. Bush and the absolute minority of this nation gleans a handsome profit from the wars that he started and oil. Remember the Sudetenland George, Hitler’s last territorial demand? Well ole buddy how many wars are you going to start before the world is thrown into total pandemonium? Or is it already?

Forced Americanization of the world was a move towards world domination at best. Globalization was always destine to failure since there would have been a major standoff whence the nations dwindled down to the nuclear powers that be. And I truly doubt China or the “Secret Soviet Union” would buy into giving the USA the scepter or the key to the world. And I’ll bet jolly old England would have a few words to say as well.

Then there is this guy named Ron Paul who has gotten little to no media coverage and ignored by both parties. You have to give the guy credit since he and his rag tag group of supporters have gained ground in spite of insurmountable odds. Donations are flooding into his campaign and breaking records. His political platform, “The Constitution of the United States of America” the cornerstone of true democracy and freedom. You have to remember, George W. Bush was video taped saying to a reporter, “The Constitution is nothing but a G*D Damn piece of paper”

We need a new party since the Democratic and Republican Parties no longer represent the people of the United States of America. They represent the corporations who have lobbied with the big bucks for financial gain at the expense of a nation. George managed to declare war on minorities, senior citizens and 90 % of the American people.

Remember what Benito Mussolini once said;

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

Well boys and girls what do you think has just happened, right before your very eyes? Corporations have taken over America and they are posed to take over the world as we speak. But it’s not going to be a free ride since nobody is buying into it on a world scale. And it is going to get worse since the seeds of hate have already been planted by good King George. Forced Americanization has become a dismal failure at the expense of the Indigenous people of the world. It’s not just a Native American travesty anymore. I hear the bugler playing Gary Owen. Now the world will know what we have been dealing with for centuries. Thank you for sharing George W. Bush.

Well, I better get my lawn chair out and make me a pitcher of ice tea. It looks like the show is about to begin. I already know the ending since an old man with a beaded hat told me this story when I was young. Funny part is, this is only one chapter in the story of Ma Earths Changes eh. Wait till Ma Earth gets going. This will be nothing at best.

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