Winds of Change, or is it Flatulence / 2008

Blog Entry Buffalohair:Winds of Change, or is it Flatulence Aug 10, ’08 9:22 PM
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Winds of Change, or is it Flatulence   With change swirling about on many levels of existence it is getting harder and harder for conventional wisdom to ignore. Living with ones head in the sand will not make it go away. All the material wealth in the world will not buy you an exempt ticket either. Science is fast discovering change can occur in a matter of moments; just ask a wooly mammoth who was frozen instantly while chewing his food. Surely you remember the late Alexander Solenitzen’s Gulag Archipelago, the true story of life in the Russian forced labor camp  system. In short when these slaves discovered frozen mammoths they were starving to death. The meat of the animal was still fresh when defrosted and they dinned on 20,000 year old burgers. Yaba Daba Doo!

Scientists and Eskimos in Siberia have dined on the meat noting its remarkable freshness and quality. It had to get pretty cold in a very short period of time to preserve a massive elephant like creature, like dipping the beast in liquid nitrogen. Bet the ole Frigidaire in the garage can’t freeze meat that well. Imagine, something that massive frozen for a bazillion years and microwave ready. Wonder if they detected freezer burn. Don’t think your fur lined boxers will help much if and when we experience that anomaly again. Science from many disciplines discovered that we are poised for a series of once in a zillion year events in nature or do you pay any attention to all that rot? Any one of these events could completely destroy modern society in one fall swoop, ah but who cares? Funny how science has proven what ancient teachings have been telling us all along yet we still ignore the warning signs. Like a game of “Let’s pretend” we pretend all is nice.

Just one of them mini ice ages we had in the Middle Ages would completely wipe out the world economy. Fact is, these mini ice ages completely changed the course of history and reeked havoc on civilization as a whole in a matter of a year. Famine, war and death were the byproducts of this natural cataclysm. When the ole Pineapple Express shuts down, you better break out your trusty seal skin boxers and learn to live on whatever you can find fore it’s going to be a long hard winter eh. What was once thought important will give way to surviving. It will not matter if you were a Rothschild, King of the Illuminati or even a space dude. Finding an open Denny’s or Howard Johnson’s would no longer be an option as the gears of modern society ground to a halt. Wonder if that applies to Tim Horton’s?

Though the main stream media makes little to no mention of it, famine is spreading across the globe at an astronomical pace. Water is in short supply and it’s not getting any better, not by a long shot fore Earths Changes have only begun. We are still in the denial stage and no I don’t mean that river in Egypt. One day money and material wealth will buy you nothing and you will be pecking with the chickens for a scrap of meat or some green leafy substance, if there is any. In the grand scheme of things it is not a matter of IF we will face the challenges mentioned in myriads of prophecies in this lifetime. It’s a matter of HOW we are going to survive the more turbulent times ahead. Humanity has become infected with disease spiritually. The cure is going to be quite painful and it’s going to take a long time to heal. But it is going to heal and I don’t care what some of these boneheads say. Granted it’s going to be a tad bit different around here. Survivors will be humbled beyond words as they enter a new era in the human experience. I think that part is bitchen.

Researchers said this warm period has lasted better than 10,000 years which is longer than many of the previous warm periods between glaciations/ice ages. It is well known within the scientific community we are primed for this and other anomalous events of potential epic proportions. The magnitude of these events will far outweigh the pettiness of man’s greed and ever present lusting for control. It’s going to change the face of existence as we know it for a long time. The good part is, we have a front row seat. It’s going to get worse before it gets better though. We have not hit bottom yet, not by a long shot. Hmm, dealing with the supernatural aspects of this change will be a dozy for some people to grasp. But within the supernatural lies a key to surviving. Man and his indomitable desire to rule the world and have all the stuff will keep providing war, tyranny, death and subjugation, another sign. Nothing like an epic human drama to spice up the day I always say. It beats the heck out of cable that’s for sure.

On the other side of the coin the only change that will occur is that shorelines will change and transoceanic travel will be ice free over the Northwest Passage year round. Bananas will grow in what’s left of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia after the sea rises. With an encroaching sea, government and industry will retreat to an established high ground and rebuilds harbors, ports and total infrastructure in the largest construction project ever undertaken by man. Many costal countries will simply disappear. And the planet will have about a half billion people less. The coastline will be forever altered but reconstruction efforts successful. Infrastructures will be back in place in newly reestablished communities on newly formed islands teaming with life. Floating gardens would be seen covering the ocean for miles. Massive tug boats keep the giant sections of floating sod together. The vessels would also desalinate water from the sea for the vegetables and fruit growing in the sod floats. Workers would scurry about in boats from one floating dock to another. Wow and there I am sitting on the dock fishing.

Yup, I can see myself all right. I’m sitting with my legs hanging off the side of the dock. I’m smoking my favorite macanudo cigar, hopefully its Cuban made. Gawd, I can already taste it. Mmmmmmmm. And I’m drinking a giant margarita with an umbrella sticking out of the glass. Come to think of it, I don’t even have a line in the water. The pole is just lying on the dock next to the tackle box. Mesmerized by the oceans sway and the pitch, I hear the sea gulls as they sing throughout the day. Dousing me with sea water an orca reins me into reality as a pod of these magnificent beasts swims ever so close to the dock. Hmm, I think I like that one better than the first one.

Think I’ll go fire up the old Barbie and bean up a chunk of animal remnants. Might not be wooly mammoth but with a dash of garlic salt I can pretend. Winds of change, ah forget about it.

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