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After all the rhetoric about socialized medicine ole Hilary used to spout about, while garnering support for her initial bid for the White House. Ole Hillary said she was in support of “More Affordable” healthcare and was looking forward to working with both the insurance and health care officials.

So much for socialized medicine and one of the core tenants that attracted me to the ole broad in the first place. Again, healthcare is going to take a back burner as another president allows the insurance industry to extort trillions of dollars from the citizens and bankrupt Social Security.

And it does not matter who wins either. The insurance lobbyist has the big bucks like the petroleum industry lobby does. Fact is, many of our politicians on both sides of the fence are invested heavily in oil, healthcare, insurance, prescription drugs etc. You’d think this would cause a conflict of interest eh. Naw there is no way after all Dick Cheney used to be the CEO of Halliburton and there is no conflict of interest with Halliburton’s role in Iraq. It’s all a coincidence, forget about it.

As ordered by Congress, the IRS is doing more audits then ever before to shake down the public for more cash. Communities are increasing the fines of minor infractions as much as 100% not for the sake of safety but for increased revenue. It’s all about the money Paisan.

So now I feel bad for ole Hilary since it is obvious to me she was talked to about things as it were. And it might have gone down something like this;

Insurance CO. “Spokes Person”,

“We seem to have a failure to communicate and we find it necessary for the two of us to come to a meeting of the minds.


“No, it is you the insurance industry that has to heed my warning because I’m going to blab blab blab blab blab…”

Insurance CO.

“Hold on there doll face. You don’t seem to realize the situation you are in. If and when YOU become president YOU will only be OUR talking head. And YOU will do as we say, it’s as simple as that. If we do not come to a meeting of the minds you have two other alternatives”


“What are the other two options, pray tell?”

Insurance CO.

“1. You will simply be whacked while serving in your second year in office. Don’t worry it will be quick; we usually used several marksmen anyway. You won’t feel a thing, we’ll just Spackle your brains all over the Oval Office wall, Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom.”


“Holay, that’s a bit extreme. So tell me about option 2.”

Insurance CO.

“2. You will simply be tossed out of this window and plunge to your death 90 stories below on the pavement, splat, finito la musica.

Then we send out a press release stating how despondent you were when you discovered that Monica Lewinsky was going to have Bill’s love child. We even have pictures of you weeping over pictures of Bill, fake of course”


“Umm, is there something I have to sign?”

Now the Democrats want to impose a war tax???

It all boils down to the fact most of the top level officials of both the Republican and the Democratic Parties have invested heavily in health care, war based industries and oil. Occidental oil for example has Al Gore as a major investor. Follow the money folks and it will paint a picture of nepotism and corruption that is reprehensible.

So who is actually concerned about the war? Both parties at the top of this elaborate scheme fore they are racking in the dough-ray-me while all the while they are giving us that Orwellian axiom of “Double Speak”. Stocks are climbing like never before yet people are out of work and industries are heading to countries with cheap labor and no environmental laws. Corporations both top party officials are invested in big time.

There is an old street saying, “Money talks and B.S. walks”

And folks you are being filled with B.S. and feel good words while “They” are racking up the blood money. It’s all an elaborate pyramid or ponzi scheme. The Democrat and the Republican leadership arenothing more than Good Cop, Bad Cop as they both work for the same end.

In a way it places the average street hood in a more honest light. They are crooks and shy larks and don’t mince words about it. But the very people we entrust to guide us through timesof grate are leading us down the path of one of the greatest deceptions in U.S. history only to be out trumped by the wholesale murder of the Native cultures of the Americas.

To bad so sad fore now, John Q. Citizen and the rest of the non Native population can have a taste of what it’s like being Native in the so called land of the free. They can enjoy lie after lie, false hope after false hope as their people dying for nothing more than oil and stock values in the war based economy their so called leaders led them to.

LOL, it’s as if America has become one giant reservation and all the borders are designed more to keep us in rather than keep others out. With more spy satellites pointed at their own citizenry government officials have imposed new non Constitutional laws and restrictive policies. You have to wonder what’s next. That’s an easy one just look at all the prisons being built.

Any why, it’s all about the money, the flower of capitalism has finally blossomed.

Bada Bing, Bada Bang Bada Boom…………Capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate
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In researching the origins of Halloween I can’t help but notice how organized religions have made it a point to make sure everyone knows the Druids were Satanists and Devil worshipers. Fact is anything that did not follow the “party line” was labeled Satanic. I know many Europeans who don’t follow the prescribed dogmas of the land and they are as moral and just as can be. And in many ways, their traditions mimic our Native ones.

It’s always been my belief that all human beings, regardless of their pigment, used to have a clear understanding of true spirituality. From the Celtic’s to the Teutonic’s, Pagan religions all had a core of morality, truth and goodness. Their connection to the Creator was always festive and joyous a one filled laughter and merriment. Their G*D was loving and they honored him and Ma Earth plus everything in nature. Sounds familiar huh?

Charlemagne was the Custer of the European Traditionalist and murdered them in the name of this pissed off G*D. The Knights Templar was no better as they killed their way to the Holy Land reaping great wealth in the process. Ireland was the last stronghold and their struggle lives on. After the “Great Massacre” scribes put to pen the reasons these humble people were killed, their customs perverted and made to look evil and satanic. Their histories and culture forever destroyed as well as the true nature of these humble people. And Halloween was one of the victims whose real tradition was skewed and made a mockery of.

Then this cancer was shipped to the America’s as more innocent people were murdered in the name of this new angry and jealous G*D. Their gold was taken and their histories were destroyed. And yup, scribes began to re-write the history and facts about the Inca’s, Maya’s, the Aztec’s and the like. Libraries with millions of books were burned, only a hand full of documents was kept to show how evil these primitive people were. And it was only to justify the wholesale murder of innocent human beings. Provided they were not forgeries in the first place. The Vatican and the Church of England have their coffers filled with blood tainted riches of countless human beings all in the name of G*D.

There are countless theories about the origins of Halloween. I used the rule of thumb on this one. My rule of thumb is, anything that uses Devil, Satan or other garbage such as ghouls, goblins, spooks etc has a core in organized religion. It was these terms that were used to justify why people were murdered and their possessions taken in Europe, The America’s and everywhere else people are killed and their natural resources are gleaned, “In the name of G*D”. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds familiar. Its funny how history repeats itself.

Native’s in Mexico celebrate “The Day of the Dead” and honor those who crossed over. In an obscure piece I read that as long as 2000 years ago so called “Pagans” of Europe used to honor their dead as well on All Hallows Eve. Only when organized religions came to exist did the goblins, spooks and evil aspect of All Hallows Eve come to light as yet another sacred day of respect was made a mockery of.

Interestingly enough is the timing of All Hallows Eve and The Day of the Dead though. In Mexico it’s held on November 2nd. The ancient Europeans honored their dead on October 31st. So I don’t buy into the spooks and goblins aspect of this time of honor. I see it as yet another way to cast a negative light on the ancient traditions of murdered innocent people no matter what continent they resided in.

So I will stick to my gut instinct and honor the dead and not buy into the crappola organized dogmas fabricated to simply cover their ass in the books of history they write.

Your Devil’s Advocate…………..OK OK OK so I’m using the D word

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October 1st, 2007

From the Pine Ridge Reservation comes a product sure to be a treat, actually assist in the battle with diabetes and it was developed produced and marketed by one of our own. The Tanka Bar, the brain child of Native American Natural Foods a Native and owned and operated business, is a buffalo and berry snack bar that mimics Wasna a traditional Lakota food used during traditional ceremony’s and gatherings.   

It only makes sense that in order for us to combat diabetes is to return to the traditional foods we once thrived on before conquest. Poisons produced and marketed by corporate America, with the blessings of the FDA, fill the shelves of every store in America. Our people are beyond the point of distress as diabetes ravages our population. I just lost an aunt to diabetes and it’s surely not first my family member to die from this “civilized disease”. Who needs cholera infested blankets with corporate American is doing a fine job with the garbage they are feeding the population as a whole.  

Is it exploitive to target Indians? Well Hello Mac-Fly I dare not think so since it’s a NATIVE company who is addressing needs specific to us Natives by offering another source of nutritional intake other then the Killing Fields of Micky Dee’s and other processed poison. The Tanka Bar is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful alternative to the slop fed us by the outside world.  

This wonderfully Native food is sure to take hold as the world over embraces this new and innovative snack treat. And it behooves us as Native people to support Native American Natural Foods and their latest endeavor. Fact is there are many Native owned and operated companies that manufacture clothing, health care products and a wealth of other innovative products that address our issues and concerns as well. AND that green back does not end up lining the pockets of Wall Street the money goes back into the pockets of fellow Natives, for a change.  

It would be nice to see semi trucks brandishing a Native logo on the trailers as Native corporations get a foot hold in the world of commerce. Let us have a chance at the brass ring and taste the fruits of our labor, for a change.  

I venture to state it will be more a grass roots effort that gets the ball rolling since we have a steeper hill to climb. The Tanka Bar faces a world of national conglomerates that have gobbled up all the smaller companies and they don’t like new comers. But we as a consumers have a voice, sadly it’s the sound of the all mighty dollar. But it’s the only voice others know and respect. And yea know, we really need to put our money where our mouth is fore we can make a difference by promoting our people. 

By promoting our Native businesses we also build the communities surrounding these budding Native industries. We can stem the tide of poverty by providing work in places that never saw hope in the past.  

If we don’t support our people in the business world Big Brother Industries like Nike and others will simply steal our thunder as well as our heritage just to sell their wares.  

Before the time of conquest we had established trade routes from the tip of South America to the tip of Alaska. Commerce was not a new endeavor for us Native people. Only after conquest were we subjugated to reservations and borders that eventually separated the tribes of the America’s. The introduction of languages by the conquering people has further divided us into even more secular groups. Groups not of our design I might add. And this closed the doors to a once flourishing world of commerce within the Native world of the America’s. 

The Tanka Bar is not the cure all for all our social ills in life as a conquered people. But it’s a ray of hope as we begin to see that their just might be a sliver lining in the dark clouds that hung over our Indigenous Nations since conquest. We need champions and positive role models to inspire our youth and give them hope for the future. I was raised in a world with little to no hope for Natives back in the 50’s and I know of the many doors available for those who lost hope.  

October 5th is the date Tanka Bar will be unveiled at the 21st annual He Sapa Wacipi na Oskate (Black Hills Pow Wow) in Rapid City. So if you’re in the area it may be well worth stopping by and having a taste of the future. It might just be a 4 inch snack treat but it’s ours. 

Hu Ho! 




Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 4:00 pm

As Governor Butch Otter of Idaho makes a declaration of the state of emergency in the counties that border the Nevada and the overlapping Duck Valley Reservation and Governor Jim “All Is Well” Gibbons tosses matches at a tobacco store north of Vegas along I-15. The grass roots efforts of faceless human beings came to the aid of The People of the Paiute Nation. The Raft River Rural Electric Cooperative is shipping a 2,000 kilowatt power plant to the stricken community from Denver Colorado today. The Red Cross said they have been in contact with the tribe for a week now and have been aware of the situation. Great, then what were they waiting for?? Power official said it would be 3 to 4 weeks before power was back on, still leaving people without a place to keep their food or electricity to run. pumps. Why do people have to be dead and bloated on the streets before help arrives anyway?

While all this is going on, the cob webs of ambivalence from the main stream media coupled with their Orwellian axiom of double speak have yet to respond in earnest to what I consider a true breaking news event. Thank goodness for the Native Telegraph. Si Thomas, educator and member of the Paiute nation and I breathed a little easier as assistance began to come their way and the phones began to ring from the wonderful and caring people who’ve gotten wind of this potentially life threatening situation on the Duck Valley Rez.

By no means is the drama over but the good news is people are calling to first verify this plight exists. I don’t blam them since there are so many scams on the internet these days. So maybe when the next time my Native Telegraph announces another catastrophe or news item from out Native world, they will pay a little more attention.

As we all know we as Native people have become keenly aware of the lack of concern for our social issues and have followed the time honored practice of making false promises and not honoring their word. We’ve lived as a conquered people for a war we did not start and our oral histories are riddled with dead, betrayal and sorrow. So as the powers that be start to show face in light of our queries about our brothers and sister in Duck Valley, let it be known the Green Machine of our grass roots efforts made a difference since now “The eyes of the world are watching” and we know the truth of what transpired. No one cared till we did and it would not have happened if it were not for a little e-mail I received asking for help from a Native girl name Paz. Fore if it was not for her I would not have known, called the rez and ultimately find out the truth. She is a hero. You go girl………..

Si, Brent and the Smoke Eaters of the Sho-Pai Fire Station are also champions for their people and I am honored to be associated with them at this time of crisis. The two out-of-control fires have merged into one cataclysmic inferno so the struggle to survive presses onward. And fire crews are risking their lives to battle this blazing wall of destruction. The safety of the Fire Warriors on the line is always a concern and they have my prayers as well. I was a smoke eater and I’ve blazed a trail with my Pulaski a time or two and its hot grueling work with death just around the corner. I was also FEMA trained and certified at one time and believe me, there is nothing expeditious about how they do things now. I was an Emergency Management Director and worked in the Office of Emergency Management of the community I now reside. I was also a Level 6 Hazardous Materials Operations Coordinator so I don’t buy into any of the empty words from excuse making government officials who will no doubt have many fancy excuses and reasons why there was no assistance for the People of the Duck Valley Rez.


Keep them calls coming……………

Your Devil’s Advocate

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

A Hero for her people

The young lady who contacted CarlosPaz

Jul 27 2007 12:34A

Hey sorry I’m kinda late but thanks for the add and tyvm for the help!!


She is a Hero she helped her people!  LRD

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As the Duck Valley Indian Reservation struggles to recover from the devastating Murphy Complex Fire. Brothers and sisters from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians of South…

Tue Jul 31 09:55am MST

When Its All Said And Done

The Sleaze Returns


The Sleaze Returns



Well its back to garbage can politics as ‘The Clintons” wage a war of sorts to secure Hillary’s post as Secretary of State. The strategic “Leaks” and constant undertones from the Billary camp mean, “It’s more of the same” and we are bound to watch as Bill and Hillary sell more US secrets to China. The fact Bill is trying to hide his connection with countries who don’t like the US should be an indicator as to the true nature of this team of criminals are. What am I thinking; they will be in good company. I venture to state Bill and his connection with totalitarian regimes will be exposed since info is all on the internet. But be rest assured his antics have been followed to some degree. Early trackings of Bill Clinton revel his involvement with computer technology firms in unfriendly nations who, of course, “donated” to his library. Hopefully there would not be a connection to the rash of internet assaults on Democracy and US Government sites and firms associated with Bill.





Clintons involvement with Alibaba inc, a company Human Rights groups identified as a company working with China in developing censorship through the internet, has been noted in the *LA times as well as a host of other questionable cozy relationships with firms in the Mid-East as well. This brings into question how Obama’s fine tuned Election Machine could have possibly over-looked such blatant un-American activities. Was it intentional or a simple mistake? The fact the Clinton’s have a special team of censors to clean up his many years of dealing with countries involved with censorship and human rights violations is a grave indicator. Did Obama know the Clinton’s were doing business with the devil or are they a part of this shameful and traitorous behavior?



The Oval Office had not seen true social reform since Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and its push to address social/educational opportunities and address issues dealing with the less fortunate back in the 60’s. It’s funny how the American Medical Association was so dead against the Social Security Act of 1965 though. Fact is, the 60’s was full of social reform and educational opportunities as the immediate predecessors JFK tried to mend a hurting nation from another bogus war, (Viet Nam) Corporations had their dirty hands in politics back then as well. We’ve yet to fully address those issues.



Since that era corporations, though lobbyists, has disassembled almost all the social changes that was afoot back then. If corporate interests had their way there would be no social programs, such as food stamps and the war on poverty. Civil rights would still be relegated to gossip and foolishness. The birth of the Wilderness act was also the birth of environmental awareness and of course industry was diametrically opposed to any regard for nature back then.



It’s been a long hard ride for corporatists to manipulate and buy into the US government since those foolish years of civil reform. Painstakingly they made advances one politician at a time through extensive lobbying efforts and deep pockets. Eventually social issues were placed on the back burner for the needs of corporate interests. Hitler and Mussolini’s dream of International Corporatism, a refined form of Fascism, has come into being. Social program after social program were axed while the media played into this by placing class in the mix distorting the issues. The poor were debased and assistance was considered throwing away money after bad, humanity took a major hit. Welfare Mama’s, trailer Trash and a host of ethnic slurs became common place when referring to the less fortunate. The rise of the culture of greed also spawned a new class of corrupt politician. It also bore a striking resemblance to Hitler and his rise to power. Like Martin Luther King once said, “Everything Hitler did was legal”



It’s already common knowledge The Billary’s have sold America to China and other nations not friendly to us, don’t you forget it. NAFTA, the love child of Bill sent American and Canadian industries to third world countries, that is the long and the short of it. In all reality it really does not matter how or who plunges us into the abyss of human rights and civil liberties violations for it was meant to happen. Totalitarian rule dressed like economical reform will be the demarcation point for a much more virulent Mother Earth. It will also mark the day Democracy was finally destroyed in America. When money becomes worthless all that was important will be meaningless.


Well, the Secret Service must be busy bolting White House furniture to the floor as well as securing the TV’s and DVD players. Since I can see Bill’s pick up truck parked near the Oval Office, it’s a sure bet he’s raiding the parking meters and Hillary is leaking information to the press. Knowing many Obama supporters and converts who ran from McPalin I hear the same thing.



“If I would have known Obama was in the Clinton’s pocket I would have voted for McCain”



Others go further;


“I voted for Obama specifically because I did not want “The Clinton’s” back in the White House”



There was more distain for Hillary and Bill than for John McCain, George W. Bush and Sarah Palin put together. It’s not like Bill’s antics are going unchecked. Fact is, I’m only voicing what I’ve heard and it makes me realize there are more people paying attention than I once thought. Again, I find a deep discrepancy in what I see in my travels. Usually the Zogby and other polls would be similar to the opinions from people I encounter. Then there are key political polls of critical public expression or voice. I’ve not found 50% of the public wanting Hillary even close to the parking lot to the Lincoln Memorial. It was more like 20% of all I encountered, including my fanatical Clinton supporter friends. And they are supporters unlike the other political factions. But it’s their right and other loyalists could learn a few things about dedication from them.



I never saw the numbers the media found with The Clinton’s by the way. From LA to Queens I just did not see these numbers. Course the people I’ve encounters are just regular folks. For the most part this election was a matter of electing the lesser of the two evils. Carving Hillary out of the heap was a major reason many McCain supporters voted for Obama. The backbone of Obama’s support base was hell bent on keeping The Clinton’s away from the White House as well.


Without pomp and flare the Obama Presidency was overshadowed by the triumphant return of the Clinton’s and he was not even in office yet. Maybe it was a set up all along.



Your Devil’s Advocate




“KA” Cirque Du Soleil

Buffalohair “KA” Cirque Du Soleil Nov 24, ’08 4:17 PM
for everyone

“KA” Cirque Du Soleil


Absolutely Fantastic

The other day I was in Las Vegas Nevada. I was invited to dinner and watch a circus act of some kind. Not much of a fan of circuses but a fan of free food I enjoined my friends on a culinary adventure. Our first stop was at the Rio Hotel and Casino. Being a fan of seafood this was going to be quite a treat for me since I’m a regular pigzilla when it comes to shell fish and other squiggly things from the depths of the ocean.

The Rio is known for its world famous seafood buffet and let me tell you, all the rumors are true. Not only did they have seafood, they had a killer Sushi bar and cuisine from around the world as well. There was not a bad apple in sight at this place. Fact is every food item was beyond excellent and to die for. I did my share of knocking down the stack of crab legs they had as well as all them mussels, clams and oysters. The seafood display alone was befitting of a king but it was the pigzilla dynasty that devoured all the creatures from the sea, moi. The buffet totally rocked and I ate myself into shameless oblivion and excess. Wish I took my Tupperware though. I gave the joint a 5 star seafood rating and plan to enjoin in glutinous fare in the future I might add.

Then since the show was not for a few hours we went off to my new hangout Jimmy Buffets “Margarita Ville” on the strip. I had the usual, a margarita or two. I like the place since it has the air of some dive in a banana republic a fitting place for an ole Krusty news man like me. We watched the people cruise the crowded streets of Vegas to kill some time before the next phase of my Vegas experience. I never saw so many heels and short skirts in my life. Holay, it was like watching a fashion show with the do’s and don’t all on one runway. Like the Star Wars Bar, there was every conceivable style and manner of dressing or almost dressing one could imagine. Well after all, this is Vegas.

Feeling full and lazy plus a little looped we went off to the MGM Grand for the show. I figured if the circus act was to boring I could just node off during the show. Boy was I in for the surprise of my life eh. From the moment we found our seats there was an air of excitement in the crowd. The fact the stage was belching massive flames should have been an indicator that this circus act was going to be a bit different. KA, Cirque Du Soleil was the name of the show and what a show it was. This was no circus act I ever saw before. This was an acrobatic act beyond imagination and I found myself on the edge of my seat for the whole show.

Breath taking is an understatement since the acts were totally unbelievable and truly an art form unto itself. The special effects were fantastic but the coordinated physical fetes by these talented performers were stupendous and magnificent beyond words. I was in awe throughout the performance.

Vegas sure has changed since I was young. The Vegas I remembered and loved was the Vegas where the headliners were Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Elvis the pelvis. I used to get this giant margarita at the Thunderbird Casino, play Barboot at the Plaza and party with associates at the Dunes and Crazy Horse Saloon. I remember watching B.B. King perform as an opening act to Elvis. Them were the good ole days but it is nice to know that Vegas has evolved into quite an entertainment oasis.

In any event, if you want to see a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, check out “KA” Cirque Du Soleil. It’s well worth the wait in line for tickets if they are not already sold out.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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Buffalohair “KA” Cirque Du Soleil

Comment from: jsabrinab
“Thanks so much for the nice write-up about KA, I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

Cirque du Soleil”

KÀ Cirque du Soleil

Prepare to leave the real world behind as you enter the KÀ theater. Part Mad Max, part Miyazaki, KÀ’s postindustrial theater design transports audiences at the new Cirque du Soleil show into an epic coming-of…