Plague or Plaguette /2007

Plague or Plaguette

Funny how we don’t hear much about the flesh eating strep after it was reported it was spreading westward. And it’s also odd that this new killer cold that was mentioned simple stopped being mentioned. Do yea think it has stopped? Naw, not a chance fore I know the strep has made its way to Colorado and I know person who have been infected. Imagine, our little country hospital may be infected as of this writing. From the initial reports of this plague like disease its origins are within the confines of hospitals. It’s incurable and there is no stopping it. Funny how “civilization” has managed to re-invent disease.

I would put money on the concept that if there was a cure. Pharmaceutical companies would more than likely distribute this wonder drug to the elite class of people well before the common folks knew it existed. The fact bomb shelters for the elite are located around the country is very telling indeed. Only the select classes are privy to these shelters in spite of the fact the whole nation paid for their construction. Like a form of selective genocide, money dictates who can receive special medical attention, live in shelters when “The Big One” comes, purchase foods when they become scarce and of course, buy gas while the masses walk.

Does anyone even realize how bad the situation is in Georgia? Water is a rare commodity these days as reservoirs turn into dust bowls. Global catastrophe has already landed and no one seems to care. I realize no one cares what happens to Eskimo’s in the Arctic as global warming takes its toll. After all, they are only Indigenous people and of no concern to most people anyway. But you’d think there would be more concern as other folks begins to suffer in the lower 48. Sadly, ambivalence has taken a new turn as non Natives begin to suffer now.

Talk to someone in the northern region of this country and they will tell you the weather is topsy-turvy these days. And there is no reason to be alarmed I suppose. Fact is, it does not matter where you go fore climatic change is all around us. Mankind is officially under siege and humanity is all but non existent. One more time boys and girls, Ma Earth is about to pop her cork and the chicanery of mankind will be nothing more than a pimple in the greater scheme of things. The Time of Change has already begun and soon you will know my words for truth. Mankind has become the disease or plague. Fortunately Ma Earth has a cure and it’s not going to be pretty. Is it the Elements of the Four Directions or is it the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? In any event, it will be time to break out the seal skin jackets and mukluks for its going to be a cold, cold ever after eh.

Like the Wooly Mammoth who was found frozen with food still in their mouths and mid stride. It was a quick freeze; the meat did not have a chance to spoil. The cold swept across the country side as the next Ice Age was ushered in. Just ask the survivors from the true story written by Aleksandr Sotzhenitsyn “Gulag Archipelago”. Oh it’s just a whimsical tale about forced labor in the former USSR. Point being, these people were starving to death in this forced labor camp and discovered frozen Mammoths whose meat was still very edible. They found prehistoric fish as well.

With this hard fact in mind I can envision some archeologist 20,000 years from now discovering my frozen butt sitting next to my computer. Maybe I’d be writing a review or doing my radio show. Poof, enter the next Ice Age and here I sit for millennia’s frozen to the core, my fingers still grasping the keyboard.

Moral of this story, always wear clean underwear, yea never know where you’ll be at when the end of the world occurs. Oh boy, I can hear the researchers now, “Looks like these ancient people wore color coded underwear, yellow to the front and brown to the back”

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