The Sleaze Returns


The Sleaze Returns



Well its back to garbage can politics as ‘The Clintons” wage a war of sorts to secure Hillary’s post as Secretary of State. The strategic “Leaks” and constant undertones from the Billary camp mean, “It’s more of the same” and we are bound to watch as Bill and Hillary sell more US secrets to China. The fact Bill is trying to hide his connection with countries who don’t like the US should be an indicator as to the true nature of this team of criminals are. What am I thinking; they will be in good company. I venture to state Bill and his connection with totalitarian regimes will be exposed since info is all on the internet. But be rest assured his antics have been followed to some degree. Early trackings of Bill Clinton revel his involvement with computer technology firms in unfriendly nations who, of course, “donated” to his library. Hopefully there would not be a connection to the rash of internet assaults on Democracy and US Government sites and firms associated with Bill.





Clintons involvement with Alibaba inc, a company Human Rights groups identified as a company working with China in developing censorship through the internet, has been noted in the *LA times as well as a host of other questionable cozy relationships with firms in the Mid-East as well. This brings into question how Obama’s fine tuned Election Machine could have possibly over-looked such blatant un-American activities. Was it intentional or a simple mistake? The fact the Clinton’s have a special team of censors to clean up his many years of dealing with countries involved with censorship and human rights violations is a grave indicator. Did Obama know the Clinton’s were doing business with the devil or are they a part of this shameful and traitorous behavior?



The Oval Office had not seen true social reform since Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and its push to address social/educational opportunities and address issues dealing with the less fortunate back in the 60’s. It’s funny how the American Medical Association was so dead against the Social Security Act of 1965 though. Fact is, the 60’s was full of social reform and educational opportunities as the immediate predecessors JFK tried to mend a hurting nation from another bogus war, (Viet Nam) Corporations had their dirty hands in politics back then as well. We’ve yet to fully address those issues.



Since that era corporations, though lobbyists, has disassembled almost all the social changes that was afoot back then. If corporate interests had their way there would be no social programs, such as food stamps and the war on poverty. Civil rights would still be relegated to gossip and foolishness. The birth of the Wilderness act was also the birth of environmental awareness and of course industry was diametrically opposed to any regard for nature back then.



It’s been a long hard ride for corporatists to manipulate and buy into the US government since those foolish years of civil reform. Painstakingly they made advances one politician at a time through extensive lobbying efforts and deep pockets. Eventually social issues were placed on the back burner for the needs of corporate interests. Hitler and Mussolini’s dream of International Corporatism, a refined form of Fascism, has come into being. Social program after social program were axed while the media played into this by placing class in the mix distorting the issues. The poor were debased and assistance was considered throwing away money after bad, humanity took a major hit. Welfare Mama’s, trailer Trash and a host of ethnic slurs became common place when referring to the less fortunate. The rise of the culture of greed also spawned a new class of corrupt politician. It also bore a striking resemblance to Hitler and his rise to power. Like Martin Luther King once said, “Everything Hitler did was legal”



It’s already common knowledge The Billary’s have sold America to China and other nations not friendly to us, don’t you forget it. NAFTA, the love child of Bill sent American and Canadian industries to third world countries, that is the long and the short of it. In all reality it really does not matter how or who plunges us into the abyss of human rights and civil liberties violations for it was meant to happen. Totalitarian rule dressed like economical reform will be the demarcation point for a much more virulent Mother Earth. It will also mark the day Democracy was finally destroyed in America. When money becomes worthless all that was important will be meaningless.


Well, the Secret Service must be busy bolting White House furniture to the floor as well as securing the TV’s and DVD players. Since I can see Bill’s pick up truck parked near the Oval Office, it’s a sure bet he’s raiding the parking meters and Hillary is leaking information to the press. Knowing many Obama supporters and converts who ran from McPalin I hear the same thing.



“If I would have known Obama was in the Clinton’s pocket I would have voted for McCain”



Others go further;


“I voted for Obama specifically because I did not want “The Clinton’s” back in the White House”



There was more distain for Hillary and Bill than for John McCain, George W. Bush and Sarah Palin put together. It’s not like Bill’s antics are going unchecked. Fact is, I’m only voicing what I’ve heard and it makes me realize there are more people paying attention than I once thought. Again, I find a deep discrepancy in what I see in my travels. Usually the Zogby and other polls would be similar to the opinions from people I encounter. Then there are key political polls of critical public expression or voice. I’ve not found 50% of the public wanting Hillary even close to the parking lot to the Lincoln Memorial. It was more like 20% of all I encountered, including my fanatical Clinton supporter friends. And they are supporters unlike the other political factions. But it’s their right and other loyalists could learn a few things about dedication from them.



I never saw the numbers the media found with The Clinton’s by the way. From LA to Queens I just did not see these numbers. Course the people I’ve encounters are just regular folks. For the most part this election was a matter of electing the lesser of the two evils. Carving Hillary out of the heap was a major reason many McCain supporters voted for Obama. The backbone of Obama’s support base was hell bent on keeping The Clinton’s away from the White House as well.


Without pomp and flare the Obama Presidency was overshadowed by the triumphant return of the Clinton’s and he was not even in office yet. Maybe it was a set up all along.



Your Devil’s Advocate





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