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With all the scientific date in, the water ways open in the Arctic, the US Government posed with a massive relocation of villagers along the Arctic rim. You’d think Rush Limbaugh would have had his ducks in a row when he blasted a young Siberian Yup’ik Eskimo girl for being a lackey for the Democratic Party.

Charlee Lockwood was part of a contingent of 10 youthful representatives of the Alaska Youth for Environmental Action who joined about 5,000 other youths in Washington DC. Organizers called the gathering “Power Shift 2007” a national youth summit to solve the climatic crisis.

Her crime in Rush’s eyes was her first hand accounting of the loss of fish and game as well as wild fruit they sustained their life with in her village. She told an impassioned speak to the US House Committee on Global Warming. It was already documented that change was afoot in Alaska already. So what’s the deal Rush? Why was it so important to disrespect a responsible youthful person who truly wanted to help her village, her people and others who are suffering these drastic changes to their eco system?

Well what do you expect from this Orwellian King of Double Speak and Republican puppet. Most likely he was “Rushing” on Oxycontin, his drug of choice. The sad part of all this is the fact he has an army of minions who follow his every world regardless of how incorrect it is. That is what is frightening to me.

I personally experienced the change in the salmon runs along the Kenai and my favorite place, Montana Creek. I’ve spoken with skippers who told me of unusual krill migrations as well. So I have no doubt this girl was only telling her story since this climate change is sure to decimate her culture since they will most likely be relocated from their ancient homeland. That would be so sad, I love the Eskimo cultures and know many people around Alaska and I ate my share of seal oil and blubber in my day eh.

You’d think Ole Oxycontin Limbaugh would have had his facts together before be lambasted a kid who did not even know who he was. What a way to show someone how this system works. To be verbally assaulted by this pin head of a talk show host. And besides, how did he buy his way out of his dope bust anyway? If it were anyone else, they would be pounding rocks in the joint.

Rush said;

“Really want to puke, I just want to throw up. It’s the Democrats exploiting a young child, ladies and gentlemen, for the advancement of a political issue that will grow the size of government and increase their control over everyone,”

Obviously Rush may have been high on his poor mans heroin fore this was truly off color for a national celebrity to sound off on an 18 year old kid. And she was a Siberian Yup’ik Eskimo who was living this on going disaster. But disrespect of Natives is quite common as well as the lack of concern for our issues. It is just appalling to me that puke like Limbaugh can get away with this kind of candor though. Sign of the times eh.

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