Spirit’sTheatre : Lets go in and watch a Video Movie! 7

documentary Standing Silent Nation


Honor Our Ancestors
A video Montage from NDN News

Pueblo Heritage (20 min)
1950s movie  traces the history of the Pueblo peoples from the Mesa Verde to the 50s.

Navajo Canyon country
1950s documentary movie of the Navajo Indians that reside in Arizona and New Mexico

**The Trail of Tears, A Cherokee Legacy
A photo slideshow of the new Rich-Heape film.

** The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder
Free online film about Chief Thunder’s artistry which captures the tragedy of his life, his painful isolation, the beauty of his work, and his creative process.

**The Invaders
Online 1912 movie about a broken treaty between Native American tribes and the US by encroaching railroad men.


*The Sacred Land Film Project
Reflections of Hopi, Wintu and Lakota elders on the spiritual meaning of place.

* New World, New Trailer
The teaser trailer for this latest cinematic retelling of the story of John Smith and Pocahontas.

Film Free Spirit

Its a flick I am working on as well. (Free Spirit) I’m Second Camera for this shoot. But it’s a interesting project since the flick is about a Lakota women whos body was found under a bridge in Denver Colorado in the mid 90’s.





Re: Collection of Videos Thursday, 6:10 AM

Floyd Red Crow Westerma n about Blood Quantums


The “Harlem Indian” interviews his Uncle from the Sisseton Wahpton Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Robert Upham from Fort Belknap asks … [more]


Harlem Indian- movie project


short trailer of assorted content and themes of Robert Upham’s “Harlem Indian” movie project about American Indian identity. The movie will … [more]


Muckleshoot Pow Wow


Harlem Indian attends Muckleshoot Pow Wow


University of Washington Pow Wow


Men’s Championship round at the University of Washington First Nations Pow Wow 2007


Keith Secola performing


Keith Secola performed recently visiting the Puyallup Indian Reservation for the first time. He sang the song – “This Land Is My Land”-his … [more]


Speakers at Peltier Rally


American Indian Movement veterans remember fallen Warrior, Joe Stuntz at Leonard Peltier Rally on Saturday February 11, 2007.


N. Scott Momaday on American Indian Identity


The “Harlem Indian” asks question of N. Scott Momaday about our American Indian identity.


Executions of Dakotas in Mankato


Floyd Red Crow Westerman speaks about the holocaust of the American Indian in the United States. He shares the history of the execution of … [more]



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