A Message to Us at Spirit In The Wind / 2007

 Siyo Quattroc

It is as you can see a very sore open wound for me,though I tell you true there is no hate in my heart for People,no matter the color. You see there are and were good white People in this country,who cared then,and care now,that ANY are treated unfairly,in my own family,my grandfathers great grandparents, the grandmother was adopted by a white family who loved and cared for her when her mother died from the sweating sick,and her father was never again quite “right”,though our People honored him,the whites did not and mistreat him badly. The family who took his daughter,BOUGHT two young Cherokee boys,then allowed the older one to work and buy his and brothers freedom,this became then the great grandfather Jourdan Evans,who married Delia (Oobla lv Whitecloud)Reynolds .My family have the papers to this day where the sales were made.The only way these White Peoples could stay here in this country and JUSTIFY their right to do so,was to say WE were NOT human,if ever they admitted that we were human,not only could they not take the lands,but must even to this day return them to our Peoples and hope that we are of better heart than ever they were to us,you see? The reason they say their God gave them the RIGHT to take the lands was because these were “heathen” savages not truly humans,but once many of our Peoples in fear and confusion turned to their “religion” they were then frightened if we became “civilized” and “Baptized” Christians there was no more excuse to murder and steal from us,so we were NOT human! We,could not win,and still today the Genocide lives in this country,still today as LOUD as our JOINED voices would be,there is the fear,they STILL take our children,STILL teach lies in the schools to cause hate for our kind,STILL make movies that show us ALL as “Plains Indians”,that are ignorant,dirty, drunk,and superstitious. And when something like that “Scalp” comes forward and we get upset,they are clueless,or tell us “that’s all past” our ancestors did it,you lost,get over it! Uhnhuh,and just exactly how do we do that,and then they,scream to high heaven,lol, the Mexicans are INVADING their country ILLEGALLY! I tell them,hah ho,get over it,it just the Circle Turning! ROFL!

blessings granny

In a message dated 12/2/2007 9:19:41 P.M. Central Standard Time, quattroc   writes:

Oh, Granny, I am so glad you brought up the treatment of Natives in our

country, because that is indeed a case where genocide is the only,

appropriate term. In fact, it is the same as what occured in Europe.

Which makes my point even more so. When upper middle class white folks

like the two in the video start spouting off, I smell phonies!

The selling of the scalp on Ebay is further evidence of the neanderthal
mentality that still lurks in mainstream America. But facism is a
particular form of government– not a cultural mentality. To me the
greater concern is the inherent attitudes so many people hold about
those they consider “different,” whether they be Native, black, Asian,
gay…name it. Which is why I believe information is power; and the more
info Native people can get out there, the more power will follow.

It is poets and thinkers like yourself, Ann and Carlos–who will change
these attitudes. I really believe this. That’s why I have so much
respect for what you all are doing.

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