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In researching the origins of Halloween I can’t help but notice how organized religions have made it a point to make sure everyone knows the Druids were Satanists and Devil worshipers. Fact is anything that did not follow the “party line” was labeled Satanic. I know many Europeans who don’t follow the prescribed dogmas of the land and they are as moral and just as can be. And in many ways, their traditions mimic our Native ones.

It’s always been my belief that all human beings, regardless of their pigment, used to have a clear understanding of true spirituality. From the Celtic’s to the Teutonic’s, Pagan religions all had a core of morality, truth and goodness. Their connection to the Creator was always festive and joyous a one filled laughter and merriment. Their G*D was loving and they honored him and Ma Earth plus everything in nature. Sounds familiar huh?

Charlemagne was the Custer of the European Traditionalist and murdered them in the name of this pissed off G*D. The Knights Templar was no better as they killed their way to the Holy Land reaping great wealth in the process. Ireland was the last stronghold and their struggle lives on. After the “Great Massacre” scribes put to pen the reasons these humble people were killed, their customs perverted and made to look evil and satanic. Their histories and culture forever destroyed as well as the true nature of these humble people. And Halloween was one of the victims whose real tradition was skewed and made a mockery of.

Then this cancer was shipped to the America’s as more innocent people were murdered in the name of this new angry and jealous G*D. Their gold was taken and their histories were destroyed. And yup, scribes began to re-write the history and facts about the Inca’s, Maya’s, the Aztec’s and the like. Libraries with millions of books were burned, only a hand full of documents was kept to show how evil these primitive people were. And it was only to justify the wholesale murder of innocent human beings. Provided they were not forgeries in the first place. The Vatican and the Church of England have their coffers filled with blood tainted riches of countless human beings all in the name of G*D.

There are countless theories about the origins of Halloween. I used the rule of thumb on this one. My rule of thumb is, anything that uses Devil, Satan or other garbage such as ghouls, goblins, spooks etc has a core in organized religion. It was these terms that were used to justify why people were murdered and their possessions taken in Europe, The America’s and everywhere else people are killed and their natural resources are gleaned, “In the name of G*D”. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds familiar. Its funny how history repeats itself.

Native’s in Mexico celebrate “The Day of the Dead” and honor those who crossed over. In an obscure piece I read that as long as 2000 years ago so called “Pagans” of Europe used to honor their dead as well on All Hallows Eve. Only when organized religions came to exist did the goblins, spooks and evil aspect of All Hallows Eve come to light as yet another sacred day of respect was made a mockery of.

Interestingly enough is the timing of All Hallows Eve and The Day of the Dead though. In Mexico it’s held on November 2nd. The ancient Europeans honored their dead on October 31st. So I don’t buy into the spooks and goblins aspect of this time of honor. I see it as yet another way to cast a negative light on the ancient traditions of murdered innocent people no matter what continent they resided in.

So I will stick to my gut instinct and honor the dead and not buy into the crappola organized dogmas fabricated to simply cover their ass in the books of history they write.

Your Devil’s Advocate…………..OK OK OK so I’m using the D word

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