Buffalohair Living near a Galactic Burger Joint

Buffalohair Living near a Galactic Burger Joint

Friday, 4 December 2009 at 00:05

Living near a Galactic Burger Joint

Posted in Paranormal and Bump in the Night with tags Alien Encounters, cattle mutilation, Earth Changes, Paranormal, Spirit World, supernatural, Time of Change, UFO’s on December 3, 2009 by buffalohair

For many people living in the southern reaches of Utah and Colorado the news of cattle mutilations comes as no surprise. Since the 60’s accounting’s of animal mutilations has been common among ranchers. Along with a wide variety of encounters by stellar visitors this region has always been a hot bed of phenomena’s of all kinds. From abductions, sightings, mutes and a gambit of other types of encounters, I’ve heard myriad of tales and experienced a few of them as well.

The bottom line is, yup space dudes are out there and they have been for centuries. Apparently some of these celestial vato’s have chummed around with some earthlings for quite some time now. From medieval paintings and accounting’s apparently they have chosen to ally themselves with the so called elite class including kings and rulers. It is interesting to note European rulers and elite class kept the common man separated from this wealth of knowledge for centuries. On the other hand tribal people from around the world have known of space travelers both good and bad since time immemorial. Much of the Earthly populations are still kept in total darkness about this reality these days making them a perfect target for some slick talking stellar being in a shiny ship. Imagine some space dork telling you he is your G*D or something. He ain’t my G*D and it would not be the first time I told one of them ego based life forms the contrary.

I know there are many different visitors, some are good and some are not so good. But for the most part they have the same quagmire of emotions as us. Ego, greed, love and compassion are just a few of the attributes they share with their Earth Bound friends. Granted they can fidget with atoms and zip through worm holes with their fancy gadgets but it’s all mechanically explainable and not from the realm of the supernatural or the spirit world. Their “magic” is nothing more than a blend of mechanics in future tense. Manipulating brain waves as well as advanced technology are really nothing more than parlor tricks in the grand scheme of things. So they have cool goodies that zip them from one galaxy to another. Oh boy, they know the secrets of the universe. Actually there are not secrets, we are simply too primitive to utilize or understand them. That’s all we need is for a corporation to discover the so called secrets of the universe only to find a way to make a profit from it. Humanity would continue to take a back seat proving exactly how primitive we really are. Planet Earth, ruled by the Money G*D, oy vey!

Experiencing what I have over my lifetime I can safely say there are two types of so called paranormal accounts. One is with space dudes and the other is with spirits. Space dudes are much like us since they are only as privy to the spirit world as we are. Spirits within the realm of the spirit world are a completely different entity and no matter how much advanced technology space people use they are still not privy to the spirit world. Some space travelers are very well aware of the spirit world and walk in a good way while others are solely into technology. In reality from a tribal point of view, there is no paranormal in the first place since we walk with the spirit world on a daily basis. Space guys are bunched up in the same heap as us humans since they are no better than us and wracked with the same ills and frailties. They just have fancier toys.

Stories from all tribal cultures speak of both good and bad space folks and medicine people have dealt with them and spirits with great success. Kings and rulers have coveted their connection with space dudes solely for the purpose of world domination likened to the new world order we are experiencing today. There is no question these rulers have sided with travelers who were less than noble at best. If these alien beings were so benevolent then why did they side with tyranny and material lusting fools? Surely if these guys were “all that” they would not have shared technology with these petty kings and presidents. So I venture to say when the time comes that governments reveal their connection with alien beings I will not be impressed since I already know they are hanging out with “Boneheads from Space”.

After speaking with professionals from various nations it is clear I am not the only one who is totally aware of this alien deal though. Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of Japans prime minister had the courage to speak out about her abduction by stellar travelers. From Marine Corp fighter pilots to first responders I’ve heard stories that would wow the imagination by the intensity of their alien encounters. Locals in my region experienced many different encounters but for fear of ridicule by the press they say little in the public sector. Fact is most of what we see and experience is rarely shared with the outside world. A few months ago a *friend had one of his cows mutilated not 100 miles from the latest mutilation in the **San Luis Valley, Colorado. That garnered national attention though. The first mutilation I saw was in 1977 and no one said a word since we were experiencing a rash of mutilations but did not want to be labeled as crack pots. Funny part about these mutilations was the fact there were no flies or coyote tracks around the dead animals. They rotted away without any animals eating on the carcass.

The reality of this alien invasion should be a no brainer since they have been here for thousands of years now. There are way more beings than the standard gray’s and brown’s I might add. Many are poised here on Earth for an event that will definitely get non believers attention. This is the message I was given on more than one occasion and I know others were given this tidbit of info as well. Funny part about all this is the fact it’s all been recorded and prophesied over the millennium by many ancient cultures and is a very real part of traditional teachings in coping with good and evil. In accepting the fact there is visitors from other worlds, dimensions or whatever here on Earth one must realize that they come on all shapes and sizes. Some even look like us. Most important issue should be if they are good or bad, not if they exist. A district judge came up with another theorem that I found intriguing since he was convinced these people were not from space at all. His contention was that they were from Earth, possibly an advanced civilization from several ice ages ago. Regardless of origin there are good entities and bad ones. If they actually are from Earth that does not change the fact they are still Boneheads if they chose to share their technology with corrupt people.

Knowing we are living in the time of change it is easy to draw a conclusion that the dynamics of world change will take on a new dimension as we come to realize we are not alone. As nature revolts while Ma Earth cleanses herself of all that causes her discomfort it is heartening to know that good also has its allies (space or Earth bound) to assist mankind when the crappola hits the fan. The harbingers of world domination and greed who’ve allied themselves with beings of an equally fetid nature will ultimately be defeated for it is written, “The meek shall inherit the Earth”. In my culture it is said after the Earth has cleansed herself of all that causes her discomfort a new tribe will emerge from the ashes of humanity past. So don’t be too impressed by space or any other dudes sporting spiffy junk since they will be in the same pot as us during the time of change. The good guys will be doing good things for those who can see while the bad dudes guide their followers down the path to their own demise. After all, this is prophecy.

Personally I could give a flying crappola where these guys come from since evil is evil regardless of their mailing address. In a way I can see the judges’ point since why would any truly benevolent being want to hang out here with us buttheads anyway? We lie, steal, rape and continue to murder people for material wealth and land in a thinly veiled mask of religion or patriotism. Surely an advanced culture from a distant star would not care to stop in and share their knowledge with the likes of us. So just maybe these so called stellar beings did come from a distant civilization in Earths past. That would explain why they have not evolved past war, ego, pettiness and greed that prevailed for the last few thousand years. It would explain why they chose to share their technology with bogus kings, rulers and presidents for they are no better. But if by chance they traveled a zillion light-years to visit our hopelessly corrupt planet you have to ask them, “How far beyond stupid are you?”

And one more thing while I’m thinking about it,

“Go to Burger King eh”

* http://pravda.us/society/anomal/27-11-2009/110…

** http://www.chieftain.com/articles/2009/11/26/n…

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