Buffalohair / MAT-SU VALLEY BLUES / July 2007


Can’t help but miss Mt. McKinley the Grand Dame of the Mat-Su Valley eh. She would greet me at the start of every day. Oh how I miss the eagles that fill the skies and moose that roam the infinite wilderness of Alaska.

I must admit, I still can’t figure out why people jog along the rim of the interior without a pistol though. There they are in hot pink jogging cloths and a Walkman, oblivious to the realities of Alaskan living. We always pack, even going to the outhouse. The bear still rules the roost and keeps man ever so humbled. But gads, the “jogging path” along the Glen Highway is nothing more than a buffet for discriminating bears on a diet of “City Slickers”. Treadwell Burgers anyone?

Interesting sidebar though. My friends in Nome tell me it’s unusually warm these days. It’s like a “Great Thaw” a Yup’ik friend told me. So I don’t think the coming Ice Age is far behind. It will be in this lifetime and it will humble mankind. It will get way warm and things will thaw quicker than ever projected. The “Pineapple Express will shut down with this rapid influx of cold fresh water. Then the climate will change forever and we will be thrust into the next Ice Age as Mother Earth “Resets” her clock. Simple as that. Save your money on books of the future, this is it….lol

Moe ain’t worried, Nuk Nuk Nuk

I welcome the end of this era of greed, deception and hate. And I’m not worried if I don’t make the final cut either. If I pass during the turbulent times ahead, and it’s going to get way worse before it gets better, I really don’t mind since I will be back in the land of the Creator anyway. And from what my visions tell me, many people will not make the cut and will cross with me if I go. LOL, they will luck out if they pass with me fore I’ve been there before. I no longer have a fear of death since there is no such thing. Only the physical form is discarded as we move forward.

I can see it 10,000 years from now. Someone will find my frozen intact body in an ice field. I will be wearing some LL Bean clothing as well as a few plastic bags FROM WAL-MART on my feet to help keep the moisture out. I will be frozen instate, clutching my JVC Camera video taping a rapidly approaching glacier. I would become the next “Folsom Man”. At least I’ll die with fashion sense. Maybe I should put a note in one of my pockets for the scientist who finds me.

Imagine how excited the scientific community of that day will be as they decipher my cryptic message tucked neatly in my pocket. I know they will send their findings to scholars to find the true meaning that was penned so many years ago. I doubt they will figure out what the “true” meaning of my words would be though. What inner meaning can you get from a phrase, “Pull My Finger”, now really?

Hmmm, is this a PTSD day or simply a psychotic episode? Not sure yet but I have this compelling desire to sharpen my ax, again.

Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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