Buffalohair / Medicine / June 2007


Guess I had to come to terms with my sister’s condition as well as the choices she made. So I’m an extreamest and go to great lengths and will do anything it takes to protect my family, anything eh. But I can only do so much, just pisses me off to. I got the “lecture” from my elders to, “You can’t do ANYTHING to your sister’s man” Sheepishly I agreed then I was washed in cedar smoke. But deeeeep inside of my pointed little head was a tiny tiny voice. And this is what it said;

“That @*&$%@ piece of @*^%#$&#$@ is one lucky @*&^%#$&%$@! He @*&^^%$%#$@ does not even @%&*%#$^#@# landfill in Jersey. Or maybe in a 55 gallon drum in my @*^#^$@ back yard, capice?”

There, I feel much better now. I am at peace with myself. But what the @^%$#$@ am I going to do with all this data I’ve compiled? Guess I’ll file it along with my last endeavor, PKK/PKL Disease. Like I’ve always said, for some reason I only deal with liver, kidney and some cancers. And it’s not like it’s everyday, just once in a while these come to me. For some reason the physical aspects of any disease are easy to deal with. It’s the mental component that throws a curve ball. Dem bad spirits don’t hold a candle to what a person can do to themselves internaly do to emotional issues. The addition of cancerous foods into our food chain has also added fuel to the matrix of so called incurable diseases. @(^%^$^#@ up huh.

I personally think absolutely every Skin within the America’s who are eating white man’s food and medicines should take Milk Thistle and Saw Palmento at the very least. With so much liver disease circulating in every quarter in life, you better heed this warning big time. Something as simply as a Hippy Dippy herb will actually save your life if you bother to focus on your liver. So even if you are jamming with booze or getting down with other forms of enlivenment. CLEANSE YOUR LIVER or you will simply die bright yellow with cysts on your internal organze or fluid collection of the pariatal tissue.

By the way, Tylonal in any form is like pouring acid on your liver. It’s bad news man. You are better off chewing a piece of red willow bark like asprin instead of that crappola boyz and girlz. It’s an old Injun trick eh.

Been there, done that so I know the drill eh. I had total kidney and liver failure and it got my attention. I turned it all around and paid attention to the successes and failures in my treatment. Now, it’s second nature for me to analize any foods I eat, carb, trans fatty, amino, blab, blab, blab. It’s all about nutrition and feeding the various parts of the body. Hopefully the spirit is not to beat up so healing can ensue.

OK OK OK, so you’re hung over and are reaching for an asprin (not Tylonal) Grab a Milk Thistle, I say 500 mgs a day at the very least, and toss that in your gullet as well. There, now that was not so bad.

At the very least you are conciously aware of your liver, if you’re going to abuse your liver. Clean it once in a while. When you drink all that cleansing tea and all them whizbang techniques to wash all the pot or whatever out of your blood system, you are cleansing the liver to some degree as well. There are many different herbs, but Milk Thistle is a good place to start.


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