Buffalohair’s Interview / 2008

Buffalohair’s Interview

About me

I’m a Native American Journalist/Poet, Documentarian, Indie Film Maker. Spiritually oriented, walk a good path and not anal about it. Educated, articulate and passionate about all Aboriginal causes through out the Americas and the world. I Travel extensively throughout the Indigenous communities sharing and discussing issues and visions with those who are truly aware. I also volunteer my skills as a writer to people who want or need a voice in this ambivalent world we live. Avid hunter/fisherman and outdoors man with many traditional skills. I survive in a complex world and look forward to the Time of Change. I’m the happiest in life when in a snowy cabin in the woods.

Some day this world will change and I know in my heart that it will be for the better. I call it, “The Humbling Times”, And I yearn for that time when the human experience will focus on family and the basics once again. I do not fear death fore there is no such thing, we just move onto the next challenge.

I am the voice of the voiceless and forgotten from all cultures of the world. Give me your stories and I will tell the world.

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