Caroles comments about Carlos and I? / 2008

Blog Entry Caroles comments about Carlos and I? Jan 11, ’08 12:17 PM
by little_running_deer for group lrdjournal /Spirit In The Wind Groups
Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 5:38 pm Post subject:

Wowzers, Ann. You and Big C are rockin!!! I gotta check this one out tonight… headbang


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Sure, Thanks a bunch, Carole! salute



It looks like 08 is going to be a big year, don’t you agree? I’m so impressed with what you both are doing!!! cheers
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I do think it is going to be an interesting year, Carole! With lots of big changes across the board, with more people bravely stepping on board with the good changes for their peoples. Realizing they can really do it!Like this Web TV Casting is getting under way, even if some taped Videos fit better with Indian Time;-) Hey it works! lol

For each of us? Well, we will see.

I do believe/or see Carlos is turning into a big Star already! He is going places this year!

Around the World ! 🙂

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