A huge Art Gallery is in the works!…….

A huge Art Gallery is in the works!…….

523763_4635878825437_1487222274_n Buffalohair -Jage Universe 7 http://buffalohair-jageuniverse7.weebly.com/ A huge Art Gallery is in the works! Yes, Buffalohair is busy making a huge Gallery for artists to rent spaces for showing and selling their works of Art to the World!

On two large city blocks which will be named after the ….. Legendary Burmese Activist/Artist Sitt Nyein Aye!
Where he will also have his own, First Class Gallery!

Yes, every thing will be First Class when Buffalohair is done creating his own work of art with this Gallery !




Artist/Activist Sitt Nyein Aye’s Gift to His Comrades in Burma – Remember The Heroes of 8-8-88

Artist/Activist Sitt Nyein Aye’s Gift to His Comrades in Burma – Remember The Heroes of 8-8-88


From Sitt Nyein Aye to His Comrades in Burma

Buffalohair: ‘From Asia With Love’/ Renowned Artists Fumio Sawa / Sitt Nyein Aye Call Trinidad Colorado Home

‘From Asia With Love’; Renowned Artists Fumio Sawa & Sitt Nyein Aye Call Trinidad Colorado Home


sddfdrfIn the 1800’s Arthur Roy Mitchell resided in Trinidad and capturing on canvas America’s rich heritage along the Santa Fe Trail. In the 21st Century renowned artists Sitt Nyein Aye (Burma) and Fumio Sawa (Japan) enjoy the afternoon, at Fumio’s Gallery in this historic community. Where Billy the Kid once roamed now strolls the Sofonisba Anguissola & Michael Angelo’s of the future.


There are many artists, artisans and imagineers within this region of the South West. Their genres are as unique as the art they evolve for there are no borders that restrict the flow of creativity that exists within this art colony. The mediums are equally unique as Mr. Sawa so described within the context of his work. He utilizes a computer as a medium but not to generate art. Finite details of his works reveal a very human element.


Classical Japanese paintings also adorn Fumio’s gallery including antique glass. I was amazed at the workmanship of the Bohemian Glass and other fine pieces. There was a story about one traditional Japanese bird painting (pictured above). Apparently Fumio was in the city with all the smog and dinginess when he noticed a gray and ash looking bird sitting on a ledge. Taken by the plight of this avian Fumio decided to honor the bird by painting him with his real colors in all it’s glory.


Then there is the enigmatic and reclusive Sitt Nyein Aye; Author, Artist Extraordinaire, Activist and Political Exile from Burma. Though he does not have a gallery at this time, he has presented some of his works in recent memory. With artistic provenance that intermingles with Burma’s turbulent past and present history, Sitt Nyein Aye also adds a hint of international intrigue to this eclectic collection of craftsmen, artisans, lovers and aficionados of fine art who call Trinidad home.


Fact is, this place is brimming with talent from a variety of genres that span the imagination. Small wonder Governor John Hickenlooper has an eye on this historic community. It’s as if a fog had lifted only to reveal a burgeoning Lilliputian community, teaming with life where anything can be an artfully creative medium, including your car. After all, this is the home of the Fabulous ArtoCade. Maybe you ought to see for yourself. No telling who you’ll bump into around here eh….


For More Information:


Fumio Sawa Fine Art

514 W. Main Street

Trinidad, Colorado, 81082

Tele: 719.680-8071




Sitt Nyein Aye


Burma’s Famous Natives




Gallery-Main/Trinidad Area Art Counsel

130 E. Main Street

Trinidad, Colorado 81082




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