Sacred Land by Raven Hernandez – Raven Stands With Standing Rock – BRAVO!

Sacred Land by Raven Hernandez – Raven Stands With Standing Rock – BRAVO!

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Spoke with Raven Hernandez today and he’s all fired up over the injustice, big time. So I asked my bro what he though of it all,…………….. ………………………………………………………………and he gave me this song,…. Sacred Land. Raven Stands in Solidarity With His Brothers & Sisters At Standing Rock North Dakota, Turtle Island Rock On Raven! Buffalohair P.S. I think this tune is also appropriate at this juncture in time,…..…/sacred-land-by-raven-he…

Spoke with Raven Hernandez today and he’s all fired up over the injustice, big time.

So I asked my bro what he though of it all,……………..

………………………………………………………………and he gave me this song,…. Sacred Land.

Raven Stands in Solidarity

With His Brothers & Sisters At Standing Rock North Dakota, Turtle Island

Rock On Raven!



I think this tune is also appropriate at this juncture in time,….. Shooting Cowboys,

by Raven…………

Now That’s Shameless Promotions Eh……….

Dividere la Storia

Buffalohair: Rock the 9: A New Mexico Entertainment Review

Rock the 9: A New Mexico Entertainment Review

rockthe9aThe Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albuquerque is a 5 star event on anyone’s A-List. It’s an event where 10’s of thousands of Aboriginal people from throughout the Americas celebrate a weekend of multi-tribal events including food, song, dance and comedy. But there is another event of consequence in ABQ during the GON pow wow that is well worth a visit and that’s the ‘Rock the 9’ Native American Music Festival and this year it was held at the ‘Low Spirit Bar and Stage’. Ironically, the venue is reminiscent of the iconic Troubadour Club in West Hollywood for its unique multi genre format and the international headliners it attracts both on and off stage.


Brain child of JJ Otero & Rod Lacy, the *Rock the 9 Native American Music Festival has featured headliners like **Gary Farmer & The Troublemakers, ***The Jir Project Band and a host of musical & comedic acts including ****‘Another Indian Uprising’ and the list goes on. What might have been New Mexico’s little secret has come of age since Rock the 9 was truly a star studded gala. The entertainers were top shelf and well worth the trip to this venue in the Land of Enchantment. The ambiance of the establishment gave the audience more of an intimate experience with their favorite entertainers also. The drinks were cheap and the wait staff was eager to serve.

My ax-man friend *****Roger Cultee did mix it up with his guitar. Granted it was not blues but the crowd loved him, hmm nothing like a little shameless promotions eh. Rock the 9 had quality entertainment that just blew my mind. The event also featured some excellent comedians at this extravaganza and provided quality entertainment for even the most discriminating aficionado. From stand up comedy to blues that was out of this world, the crowds just loved every minute of it. To top it all off the food was excellent, provided you like Navajo Tacos and other traditional native fair. Well what do you expect during pow wow season in Indian country, Matzo Balls and Gefilte Fish?

I think the highlight of the event for me was the opportunity I had to meet with some of the performers. Though it was more like casting a butterfly net to reel in performers for interviews I did manage to snare a few and dutifully captured them on tape. Though our interviews ended up as zany as the entertainers I was interviewing I did get glimpse of something others don’t usually see and that is the driving passion these folks have for ‘the people’ and mother earth. Through the laughter and through their smiles I could see and feel their pain over the injustices that persist not only for us indigenous types but for all of humanity. ‘Behind the clowns smile is a river of tears’ and for Eric Owens, Jim Anderson and Jim Ruel, this axiom is no stranger.

 As for Low Spirits Bar and Stage I’m no John Taffer but this venue could be classified as a 5 star dive bar and entertainment portal with unlimited possibilities. Not only during the GON pow wow does this place have spectacular entertainers to tantalize the audience but they have great shows throughout the year. There is no question Rock the 9 Native American Music Festival was not in completion with the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. Rather, this musical presentation was a complement to this national event. The ******Low Spirits Bar & Stage was the perfect venue for this festival and the entertainers were truly world class. And last but not least, this was also a traditional culinary adventure that was good to the last bite. Those Navajo Tacos were the best.








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Rock The 9 Native Music Festival is an annual rock and roll music showcase to be held in Albuquerque, NM from April 26 through April 29,…

Rock The 9 / Your guide to the Native music festival



Derek MillerDerek Miller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rock The 9 / Your guide to the  Native music festival


PO Box 27542, Albuquerque, NM, 87125, US

Get directions

Bio: Rock The 9 Native Music Festival is an annual rock and roll music showcase to be held in Albuquerque, NM from April 26 through April 29,…

Rock The 9 Native Music Festival is an annual rock and roll music showcase to be held in Albuquerque, NM from April 26 through April 29, 2012. The festival has featured the music of many aspiring Native American musicians and bands as well as some of its most distinguished visionaries which have included Derek Miller, Keith Secola, Red Earth, Gary Farmer & The Trouble Makers, The Plateros, Gabriel Ayala, Shakti Hayes, Michael Bucher, Tracy Bone, and JC Campbell just to name a few.

In its fifth year, this four night event will be held at Albuquerque’s best roots music venue, Low Spirits Bar & Stage, the home to a great stage, sound system, and excellent staff. Banking on the success of four great years in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we are looking forward to this year’s event.

###### Rock The 9 – Thursday Night
12:00 – Twice As Good
11:00 – DelHell County
10:00 – Garry Blackchild
9:00 – Li Chii
8:30 – Another Indian Uprising (Comedy)

###### Rock The 9 – Friday Night
12:00 – Leanne Goose (Headliner)
11:00 – Rocking Horse
10:00 – Chucki Begay & Mother Earth Blues Band
9:00 – Twang Deluxe
8:30 – Another Indian Uprising (Comedy)

###### Rock The 9 Saturday
12:00 – Plateros
11:00 – The Old Main
10:00 – Saving Damsels
9:00 – The Jir Project
8:30 – Another Indian Uprising (Comedy)

###### Rock The 9 Comedy Roast of Harlan McKosato
10:15 – Close, Another Indian Uprising
10:00 – Intermission
9:00 – Roast of Harlan McKosato
8:30 – Another Indian Uprising (Comedy)

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Buffalohair: Kathina Festival, Sadimon Jeyawdi Buddhist Temple, Amarillo Texas 11-25-12

Kathina Festival, Sadimon Jeyawdi Buddhist Temple, Amarillo Texas 11-25-12



The Buddhist Burmese Community of Amarillo Texas is a cultural bastion that adheres to ancient customs and traditions brought from Burma by political exiles and refugees who fled tyranny, torture and death by the hand of the Military Dictatorship. The community thrives within their culture and religion in spite of the fact their beloved homeland is thousands of miles away. And this story is about a thriving community that conquered the issues of assimilation and has excelled in ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’.

The Kathina Festival was held at the Sadimon Jeyawdi Buddhist Temple under the stewardship of Ashin Nanda Vamsa. Kathina. It is a time of giving and showing appreciation where the people bring gifts and robes to the monks. The ceremony is also a time of fellowship and feasting combined with traditional entertainment. I was fortunate to be invited to this hallowed event by my friend Kyaw Hein and frankly, I had a great time and enjoyed some of the finest Burmese cuisine I had ever eaten. It was heartening to note that Amarillo as a whole has embraced these humble and hard working people as members of their community proving that everything truly is bigger in Texas including their hearts.

What really impressed me about this cultural event was that the younger more Americanized folks were participating along side the older more traditional people in total harmony. The younger generation has embraced their culture, language and religion in such a way there is no question the spirit of Buddhism & Burma will continue to live and flourish for generations to come. The Buddhist Burmese religious & civil leaders have managed to build a healthy and thriving community that should be the envy of other communities that face divisions between generations.

Of course I must thank my interpreter, Madam Butterfly, who introduced me toBurmaand her culturally diverse people. With her priceless assistant I managed to explore the Burmese culture where few have ever delved and in the process I also ate some real good food. Being the foodie that I am, I enjoyed every scrumptious moment. Exploring and experiencing the peaks and valleys of these refugee/political exiles has offered me greater insights on their epic human challenge and happily I must report that this journey to Amarillo Texas is one of the highlights of my Burmese experience, so far. But then again, I’ve had many richly rewarding experiences with these ancient culturally diverse people from the Far East.

In all fairness it must be noted the videos produced do not include all of the brilliant performances but rest assured the ones I did miss where just as vibrant, culturally rich and colorfully entertaining. In some way it was as if I was taken back in time when Burma was still the ‘Land of Alaungpaya’. Within my tradition we believe everything comes in cycles and there is no question that one day Burma will regain her rightful place as Asia’s ‘Jewel of the Orient’. ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ has been complemented with priceless glimmering emeralds, and they are the Burmese people.

Video Links:

Kathina Festival pt 1

Kathina Festival pt 2


For more information contact:

Ashin Nanda Vamsa

Sadimon Jeyawdi Buddhist Temple

7301 Amarillo Blvd

East Amarillo,Texas 79107

Ph; 806 290 8017


Your Devil’s Advocate


© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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Spirit’sTheatre : Lets go in and watch a Video Movie! 7

documentary Standing Silent Nation

Honor Our Ancestors
A video Montage from NDN News

Pueblo Heritage (20 min)
1950s movie  traces the history of the Pueblo peoples from the Mesa Verde to the 50s.

Navajo Canyon country
1950s documentary movie of the Navajo Indians that reside in Arizona and New Mexico

**The Trail of Tears, A Cherokee Legacy
A photo slideshow of the new Rich-Heape film.

** The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder
Free online film about Chief Thunder’s artistry which captures the tragedy of his life, his painful isolation, the beauty of his work, and his creative process.,107

**The Invaders
Online 1912 movie about a broken treaty between Native American tribes and the US by encroaching railroad men.

*The Sacred Land Film Project
Reflections of Hopi, Wintu and Lakota elders on the spiritual meaning of place.

* New World, New Trailer
The teaser trailer for this latest cinematic retelling of the story of John Smith and Pocahontas.

Film Free Spirit

Its a flick I am working on as well. (Free Spirit) I’m Second Camera for this shoot. But it’s a interesting project since the flick is about a Lakota women whos body was found under a bridge in Denver Colorado in the mid 90’s.





Re: Collection of Videos Thursday, 6:10 AM

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Harlem Indian- movie project


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Muckleshoot Pow Wow


Harlem Indian attends Muckleshoot Pow Wow


University of Washington Pow Wow


Men’s Championship round at the University of Washington First Nations Pow Wow 2007


Keith Secola performing


Keith Secola performed recently visiting the Puyallup Indian Reservation for the first time. He sang the song – “This Land Is My Land”-his … [more]


Speakers at Peltier Rally


American Indian Movement veterans remember fallen Warrior, Joe Stuntz at Leonard Peltier Rally on Saturday February 11, 2007.


N. Scott Momaday on American Indian Identity


The “Harlem Indian” asks question of N. Scott Momaday about our American Indian identity.


Executions of Dakotas in Mankato


Floyd Red Crow Westerman speaks about the holocaust of the American Indian in the United States. He shares the history of the execution of … [more]


“KA” Cirque Du Soleil

Buffalohair “KA” Cirque Du Soleil Nov 24, ’08 4:17 PM
for everyone

“KA” Cirque Du Soleil


Absolutely Fantastic

The other day I was in Las Vegas Nevada. I was invited to dinner and watch a circus act of some kind. Not much of a fan of circuses but a fan of free food I enjoined my friends on a culinary adventure. Our first stop was at the Rio Hotel and Casino. Being a fan of seafood this was going to be quite a treat for me since I’m a regular pigzilla when it comes to shell fish and other squiggly things from the depths of the ocean.

The Rio is known for its world famous seafood buffet and let me tell you, all the rumors are true. Not only did they have seafood, they had a killer Sushi bar and cuisine from around the world as well. There was not a bad apple in sight at this place. Fact is every food item was beyond excellent and to die for. I did my share of knocking down the stack of crab legs they had as well as all them mussels, clams and oysters. The seafood display alone was befitting of a king but it was the pigzilla dynasty that devoured all the creatures from the sea, moi. The buffet totally rocked and I ate myself into shameless oblivion and excess. Wish I took my Tupperware though. I gave the joint a 5 star seafood rating and plan to enjoin in glutinous fare in the future I might add.

Then since the show was not for a few hours we went off to my new hangout Jimmy Buffets “Margarita Ville” on the strip. I had the usual, a margarita or two. I like the place since it has the air of some dive in a banana republic a fitting place for an ole Krusty news man like me. We watched the people cruise the crowded streets of Vegas to kill some time before the next phase of my Vegas experience. I never saw so many heels and short skirts in my life. Holay, it was like watching a fashion show with the do’s and don’t all on one runway. Like the Star Wars Bar, there was every conceivable style and manner of dressing or almost dressing one could imagine. Well after all, this is Vegas.

Feeling full and lazy plus a little looped we went off to the MGM Grand for the show. I figured if the circus act was to boring I could just node off during the show. Boy was I in for the surprise of my life eh. From the moment we found our seats there was an air of excitement in the crowd. The fact the stage was belching massive flames should have been an indicator that this circus act was going to be a bit different. KA, Cirque Du Soleil was the name of the show and what a show it was. This was no circus act I ever saw before. This was an acrobatic act beyond imagination and I found myself on the edge of my seat for the whole show.

Breath taking is an understatement since the acts were totally unbelievable and truly an art form unto itself. The special effects were fantastic but the coordinated physical fetes by these talented performers were stupendous and magnificent beyond words. I was in awe throughout the performance.

Vegas sure has changed since I was young. The Vegas I remembered and loved was the Vegas where the headliners were Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Elvis the pelvis. I used to get this giant margarita at the Thunderbird Casino, play Barboot at the Plaza and party with associates at the Dunes and Crazy Horse Saloon. I remember watching B.B. King perform as an opening act to Elvis. Them were the good ole days but it is nice to know that Vegas has evolved into quite an entertainment oasis.

In any event, if you want to see a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, check out “KA” Cirque Du Soleil. It’s well worth the wait in line for tickets if they are not already sold out.

Your Devil’s Advocate


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Buffalohair “KA” Cirque Du Soleil

Comment from: jsabrinab
“Thanks so much for the nice write-up about KA, I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

Cirque du Soleil”

KÀ Cirque du Soleil

Prepare to leave the real world behind as you enter the KÀ theater. Part Mad Max, part Miyazaki, KÀ’s postindustrial theater design transports audiences at the new Cirque du Soleil show into an epic coming-of…